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Hey Sofia, where are you?

16 January 2011

Ok, so my wonderful, loyal and joyful readers are emailing & tweeting wondering where I am and what’s up.

Well, if you have been reading AlwaysCatholicBlog the past eleven months, you might know that I have had some annoying health issues. Now, I am pleased to say that I am hanging in there fighting tough, getting better everyday.

Sometimes,however, the schedule gets a little tough and if I am not exactly at the top of my game, the blog takes the hit. When I am feeling well, I get the posts out and your response is so overwhelmingly positive!

December 26th was one of the good days (healthwise-yes…blog-well,kinda yes). Two posts, one about my Christmas experiences as a child and a piece on The Twisters had such a tremendous response that we crashed for lack of bandwidth. As a good friend said to me..”that’s not a bad problem to have, LOL!”

That is true…To look at it with with the “glass half full” outlook, people are reading us! So, work had to be done to get us back up and luckily we have two fantastic people here, Mary (@AncientSoul) and Sean (@Commonpatriot) worked hard together to get us back up. Without them..Always Catholic wouldn’t be up.

I would like to take this time to thank Mary our Website Designer for clocking the long hours and Sean (my better half to be) for running the point. Now, originally I had hoped to use the time directly after Christmas to get the blog where I needed it to be…for it to be worthy of our readers.

I had made all of you a promise that we were going to be on a daily blog schedule and some subtle but important changes (…just really organized and fresh content everyday) I had said we would do this by January 1, 2011. As you can see I couldn’t make the deadline I set for myself.

Living now in a Long Term Care and Cardiac Rehab Center until I am well enough to resume life in the world ( and I will be!) should tell me something. But nooooooo! I act as if I am able to work sixteen hour days sleep four and pray the other four. Guess what? Hasn’t worked. I am battling an illness that I can live with as long as I don’t act like I am invincible.

God has provided opportunities for me in obedience and humility that I have ignored along the way. Saying that, I have a story I heard from a very good friend who is a priest and most of you have probably already know. Indulge me as I share this with you.

There was a priest who was a pastor of a church in a small town. One spring, the rains were heavier than normal and the town was in the middle of a flood.The waters had risen so fast that the priest had no time to get out of the church to higher and safer ground. He climbed up on the roof of the Church and began praying for God to save him and God assured him that he would be rescued. A short time later a man came along in a row boat and offered to take him to safety but he refused. He told the man in the row boat, “I’m fine, God’s going to save me. Don’t worry.” So the man in the row boat left. The man kept praying but the waters continued to rise. A few hours later some men in a speed boat came along and offered to take the priest to safety. Again he refused and said, “I’m fine, God’s going to save me.” The men in the speed boat left and the waters continued to rise. The man kept praying and a few hours later a helicopter appeared over the church which was now almost completely submerged under the flood waters. The helicopter crew lowered a ladder for the priest to climb up but he waved them off and shouted “Don’t worry, I’m fine, God’s going to save me.” The waters kept rising and a few hours later the priest drowned. When he got to the Pearly Gates he began complaining to St. Peter that God had told him that He would save him but hadn’t done it. St. Peter asked him who he thought had sent the man in the row boat, the men in the speed boat, and the helicopter…

Hmmmm…. God has sent me the row boat, I refused to take the help. He has sent me the speed boat and again I refused the help…Finally, the helicopter has arrived and I decided, hmmm, maybe I should take this ride.

The helicopter is coming in the form of a young student that could help us get the blog rolling on a schedule and providing the type of regular content all of you have supported since our inception in March 2010. Always Catholic will have the services of an intern who will help us get up to par with WordPress while we write the articles.The young lady will get to add to her portfolio while we get out our best to you.

I would love to say that I promise we will be ready in the next couple of days, but I cannot. I will tell you though, that we will post as much as possible during our “mini-renovation” time. I will promise that we will work hard to get AlwaysCatholicBlog producing as it should everyday except Sundays & Holy Days of Obligation (unless of course there is a special Mass to post for those days…we will post those events the evening before).

I promise to be obedient to Our Lord and take care to be well for His work.Given that, I promise to listen to my Doctor, rest and not work like a workaholic. I promise to pray for all of you everyday and ask that you pray for me in return.

I promise to do God’s Will and accept the helicopter ride because it’s the right thing to do and I’m not Superwoman. All I ask from you, our loyal and devoted readers, are your prayers and your continued loyalty.

Today I am here with
(Sarah) working hard to get us ready for our new intern.

Only great days ahead when you do God’s Will!

God Love you,

Sofia & Company

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