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Time is running out!!

Call Your Senators Now and Ask Them to Support the Pence Amendment to Defund Planned Parenthood

Posted By Lisa Graas on March 2, 2011

Call your U.S. Senators now and ask them to support the Pence Amendment to defund Planned Parenthood. Watch this video from Life Report for more information.

Go to LisaGraas.com to see this important video…hurry, time is running out! Click here…

Lisa Graas is a convert and a single mom of four living chaste-for-life. She has worked in crisis pregnancy counseling for the Archdiocese of Louisville and as a legislative consultant for Kentucky Right to Life Association. Lisa is a Passionist Oblate Associate and a member of St. Augustine parish in the Diocese of Owensboro. She works for the David Horowitz Freedom Center as a writer at NewsRealBlog, Discover the Networks and Front Page Magazine. Lisa is also a contributor at The American Catholic and Wise Republic. Please go to these sites to support Lisa and to her Facebook page here… and of course follow her @LisaGraas on Twitter.
We are proud to have Lisa share her writings here at AlwaysCatholic as they are published at these prestigious blogs. Thank you, Lisa!

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  2. Time is running out!! http://dlvr.it/J65gH via @alwayscatholic

  3. Time is running out!! http://dlvr.it/J65db @alwayscatholic

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