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Sofia's Review of "TheCatholicViewforWomen" on EWTN: It's a Rave! BUT…

Just when I think that no one thinks like I do, the Lord reminds me it ain’t about me.

As my readers may know and the rest of you will know now, I am a traditional Roman Catholic woman with little in common with the secular world except lovin’ the NY Mets and a perfect French mani-pedi. Other than that, I’m a Summorum Pontificum (for those of you from Mars, that’s the Encyclical from our Beloved Holy Father Benedict that has made the Traditional Latin Mass an “in” thing) kind of gal. Break out the Latin and smell the incense and well, if you don’t like it…oh wait…charity, always charity!

Okay, getting back to the point! Nothing in common with the secular world and particular nuttin’ in common with secular media. Usually if the TV is on it’s Food Network, HGTV, EWTN or The WeatherChannel checking out the latest storm. The last thing I want to watch is a show like ABC-TV’s “The View”. Women perched around a desk complaining, laughing at the church, smiling about abortion and male-bashing…NOT!

So, just when I felt like no one was listening to me and my gripes, along comes, “The Catholic View for Women” on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) or commonly known as “Mother Angelica’s station”.

Okay, okay…let me calm down. The idea: fabulous! The station: (EWTN) the BEST! The set: pro-style and chic! Our hosts: Awesome!

Yup, folks, it’s a Rave…I don’t do alot of Raves, mainly because RANTS are so much more fun, but there are exceptions to the rule. The Catholic View for Women is the exception.

“Our hosts Teresa Tomeo, Janet Morana, and Astrid Bennett Gutierrez share news and views of interest to women discussed from a truly Catholic perspective. In the first episode they share the goals of the Catholic View for Women, their testimonies and how the Catholic Church impacted their lives.”

Yes, I’m quoting from EWTN because I couldn’t have written it better. Succinct, right to the point and fostering Truth! These three women shared their stories last night after giving us an introduction to the show’s goals and mission and hit the ball out of the park! I was listening to MY STORY! Still wiping my eyes when Janet Morana told about staying home to “make the gravy and fry the meatballs” and not attending Mass. Her reasons were MY REASONS! At last, I was validated! It’s just not me complaining and whining out there to another disinterested “Cafeteria Catholic” that thinks I’m a weirdo because I want to be “ALWAYS CATHOLIC”.

I started this blog because there wasn’t a place for me to vent, for me to share the beauty of the Roman Catholic faith as an orthodox Roman Catholic woman. Now, here are women that sound like me (yes, ladies, love makeup and gettin my mani-pedi) and are not afraid to look that camera in the eye and tell the TRUTH!

The other two women, Teresa Tomeo and Astrid Bennett Gutierrez were beautiful inside and out (just like Janet) and their stories held my interest as sisters in Christ, unafraid and unabashedly Roman Catholic.

Look, it’s great, if you saw it you know that already. If you didn’t get to EWTN.com and get the schedule so you can see the replay. Yeah, by the way, gals, there IS HOMEWORK! Thanks to another sister in Christ, Vickey Martinez Mev I was able to get the link for the HW. Thanks Vickey! The “Homework” assignment? “Pope John Paul’s Letter to Women”. Our hosts ask us to read this and to understand who we are in this great, big, beautiful Church! along with that there are goals for the show and other info for all of us to peruse and enjoy. (Yes, I’m getting a Kitchen Madonna!) click here for the link to “The Catholic View for Women.com” page for info on Episode One and JPII’s Letter to Women.

Oh, I almost forgot! I do have an eeny, weeny rant…(notice the lower-case, hah!) IT”S TOO SHORT! Thirty minutes left me gasping for more!!! Once a month! AARGH! You had us at Hello! so now, if there are any Roman Catholic gazillionaires who LOVE their wives, please donate to EWTN so we can get “The CatholicViewforWomen” FIVE DAYS A WEEK for an hour each time!

Thank you to our hosts, to EWTN and to our Mother Mary who has never forgotten what has been in the stillness of our hearts…

Bring it on, “The View” ! “The Catholic View for Women” ROCKS and we WILL be watching… “The CatholicView for Women”!

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


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