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Welcome to the AlwaysCatholicBlogaversary!

"Benvenuti a tutti coloro che sono qui!"

Welcome to all who are here! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Our Holy Father with us tonight? Look at the red hat! Is that the best?

Tonight is something that I came up with while praying one day for some of the tweeps who constantly pray for me. I said to myself that I would love to find a way to thank all the people who support the blog (through thick and thin) and who pray for me unceasingly.

Of course I would come up with a party! Online though? Well, one night last year in the beginning of having the blog, I spent a night on Twitter tweeting with a few friends, laughing like crazy…playing music, videos and having a wonderful time online! Everybody involved thought the same and since then have done it several times. So why not on a bigger scale?

That’s how the AlwaysCatholic.com Blogaversary came to be! so now it’s midnight tweeps and time to have some fun! Remember to use the hashtag #ACBlogaversary for everything you tweet so others can find the party and know what’s happening…

Now, I will be posting new pieces for the next 24 hours every hour. Will be tweeting live, posting to FB and the blog. Please give us (Sofia and Sean) a shoutout and we will respond live. We want to know what each and everyone of you mean to us.

Now, please don’t worry if you can’t register for some reason. Registering gives us your name and email so that if you win we can contact you. The comment box is open so if you can’t register for some reason, please go ahead and comment, then email us at AlwaysCatholicBlog @gmail.con with your name and email, Please mention in the timeline the name of the post you commented on so we can find your comment!

Otherwise, if you register without a problem, then just go to a post and comment …we will have your email and name from the Registration. Have a wonderful time…we will be live from now until tomorrow at midnight so, if we don’t respond to each of you personally right away, call out to us on FB, Twitter or the Combox and we will be there to say hi!

My story, “Divine Providence & Sofia: A Love Story with God” will answer some questions alot of you have had this past year about my health and my life. I have been wanting to share all with you and now I will. What time will that be? Well, I a going to let Divine Providence decide that…LOL!

Our Giveaways will be in a post at one am because we are adding prizes as we speak…feeling kind of generous so I think all will be patient, huh?

God Love all of you!


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18 Comments to “Welcome to the AlwaysCatholicBlogaversary!”

  1. RT @catholicmominHI: Welcome to the AlwaysCatholicBlogaversary! http://t.co/SzleDb9 via @AddThis #ACBlogaversary Happy Anniversary!

  2. Welcome to the AlwaysCatholicBlogaversary! http://t.co/SzleDb9 via @AddThis #ACBlogaversary Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Blogaversary!! You sure know how to celebrate!

  4. Join the 1st annual AlwaysCatholic.com #ACBlogaversary bash! Details here–>http://bit.ly/fNcnWH and here–>http://bit.ly/i7cgF9 God Bless!

  5. I love that picture with our Pope BXVI Hahahahaha
    Happy Blogaversary :D

  6. Happy one year blogaversary!!! This is by far one of my fave Catholic blogs to read! Thanks for all of the wonderful work you do on this blog :) Have a blessed blogaversary!!

  7. Sofia, It’s great having Always Catholic online. I check it quite often whenever i have the chance. it’s a great resource.

    Congrats on this 1st anniversary. God Bless.

    – Joe

    • Thank you Joe…we are posting all day..Jenny’s working on your stuff and we will get to everybody we promise! Thank you for your kindness since the beginning!

      God Love you..Sofia

  8. Welcome to the AlwaysCatholicBlogaversary! http://dlvr.it/LTPfS from @alwayscatholic

  9. Welcome to the AlwaysCatholicBlogaversary! http://dlvr.it/LTMYQ via @alwayscatholic

  10. Happy Blogaversary!!! I love sharing our Faith together. What an awesome God! God Bless!

  11. I just registered (hope it came through OK) and looking forward to your next year of great articles. Keep up the great work!

    • It did!! I saw ur registration thk u so very much..we are getting in the groove here and hoping to get some help posting so we can play some more music and by tomorrow have this thing rolling!

  12. Another VERY HaPpy!! Blogaversary!! Indeed a true blessing to share our Faith, our ups our downs and our devotion to God in all is Glory! You are a blessed soul~ God Bless

    • And you my dear sister in Christ are a blessed soul indeed…I feel as if ur here being my nurse when we tweet late at nite. you are a true blessing to me!


  13. A very happy Blogaversary to you! This blog is a blessing to all those that read it. Keep up the fine work! Blessings!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. We got u in the drawing!! Your words are so kind, really,,,it makes it worth it when I dont feel well and want to just want to complain I look at the blog and think..there is someone out there who needs this…actually me more than anyone LOL

      God Bless u,

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