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A Big Fat Thank You to Benedict XVI: It’s a Rave, Baby!

28 February 2015

Latin Mass pic

Pope Benedict XVI Visits Freiburg


Holy Father Benedict: You will always be with us! More now than ever…

Ok, so what could the raving Trad Sofia say that could better than this video??? Not a thing! For real… I’m keeping my mouth shut on this one for a change and letting this terrific video say it all.The maker of this video, posted on You Tube is RomanCatholic01

Motu Proprio Deo Gratias! from: July 7,2007 and his message was then: A thank you to His Holiness, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and a reflection of the past 40 years in the desert of liturgical abuses. Our liberation is at hand. Long live Benedict!

Thank you to RomanCatholic01…couldn’t have said it better…Hey the rest of you! Wake up and smell the incense, LOL!

Seven and a half years ago there was a celebration to beat all celebrations at my forner  (and most favorite) parish, Mater Ecclesiae, Berlin, NJ. Father Robert C. Pasley, our Pastor and Rector, had told me the previous October when I called him with the news,(found out from the ticker on Fox News of all places) that if it did happen, he promised we would party away. Well, he kept his promise and on July 7, 2007 Mater Ecclesiae had a Solemn High Mass according to the newly named “Extraordinary Form”. The Church was packed with priests, seminarians and lots of laypeople (mostly young) ready to praise God in His glory for this miracle. Forty years wandering through the desert we made sure the Te Deum was chanted in perfect style as a thanksgiving for a job well done.

The champagne, sparkling cider, cigars, cake and goodies were brought out after Mass and many a cassock was to be seen kicking up its heels. What a day!! Well, we are growing stronger week by week at Mater Ecclesiae. It is truly a 21st century Parish with a timeless liturgy…just what our Holy Father wants. Sooooo, if you are near Philly or come to the Jersey Shore, please drop in and visit a “model Parish with a model Pastor”.

Check out: http://www.materecclesiae.org. Welcome one and all..oh by the way, we are the real thing at M.E. ;) AMDG, Sofia PS. As Father Pasley says, “The Pope’s (Benedict XVI) right! IT IS EXTRAORDINARY”, but then we knew that…I’m just sayin’…

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6 Comments to “A Big Fat Thank You to Benedict XVI: It’s a Rave, Baby!”

  1. At my parish we have pretty decent Masses and have had more better Masses since we have had with us for 2 years an orthodox priest. I sometimes have to go with the Norbertines to live a genuine Trad. Mass. I’d pick them ANY day of the week :D Especially Sundays so I won’t fall under mortal sin! Hahahahaha
    God Bless.

  2. Still speechless!!! what a comment! thank you Mike, your insight and compliments are fabulous…yes Mater Ecclesiae is a special place that should be visited by all roman Catholics at least once!

    God Love you and thank you again,


  3. via @AlwaysCatholic: Sofia’s Favorite Posts: Number Five http://bit.ly/iiIuHC #tcot

  4. Sofia’s Favorite Posts: Number Five http://dlvr.it/LVnD6 from @alwayscatholic

  5. Although I do.enjoy a refreshing beer now and then, nothing beats a good glass of wine, or in this case, champagne. Well the Extraordinary Mass celebrated in Berlin NJ by Father Paisley is so special that it took extra creative planning, organizing, and Prayer to enhance an already Super Blessed Ceremony. Yes they did it and it has not slowed down since. I am sure that he is thrilled with this blog as it is sort of a Roman Catholic Blog version of John The Baptist Crying out in the wilderness!! Prepare the way of The Lord!!!! It addresses all current issues and provides valuable information and explanation of what is happening in the world today from.a.Roman Catholic Perspective. Very well done!! PAX VOBISCUM!!!

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