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Sofia’s Favorite Posts: Number Four

The “Austen Hermeneutic”: Old Mass v New Mass


Sometimes I think that I’m not normal.

If I had three things in the world I could keep with me in Heaven, it would be someone I love very much, New Jersey pizza and the complete Jane Austen under one cover (yes it DOES exist).

I know you are saying, “What is it with these Jane Austen people?” We aren’t really normal, we talk about Austen ,Darcy & all this other stuff no one else understands except other fanatical Austenites like ourselves. The reason is that Jane keeps us sane…(LOL!) How does she do this?

First, she has written six of the greatest novels in the English language. Second, these novels are not romance novels (although romance is part of it) but stories about real people and the interaction between them. Austen really is more of a social/behavioral scientist when it comes to her writing. No one knows this more than men when they feel obliged by their wives or girlfriends to actually read one of her novels. Surprised by how much they like her style & her characters, men tend to be as fanatical about Jane as women once they “get” her.
Third, Jane keeps civil society something for us to always pine for even if we know it will never be like Regency England again.
Finally, Jane gives us hope that men and women, mothers & fathers, sons & daughters, et al will live together, love each other and be happy in the end.

Now, given all of this, what is the Austen Hermeneutic? Well, it is a piece written some months ago comparing the Ordinary form of the Mass & the Extraordinary form of the Mass(Latin Mass) to characters from Pride & Prejudice, Austen’s most famous novel. The day I found this at FatherZ’s blog, I realized just how not normal I was. I absolutely could not think of anything written on a blog that made more interested or more happy. I realized at this point, that it is All Jane Austen, all the time…the world according to Jane…now even my adored Latin Mass was being compared to Austen characters. You just can’t make this up!!!

I wanted to put it on the blog when I first started it in March, but knew the time wasn’t right. I wanted to put it out there when I felt that others would really appreciate this.

So, I wrote a piece a week or so ago about the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming, a woman who helped them and referenced Austen. I received a tweet from a friend who said, ” nerdwriter: @alwayscatholic Jane Austen AND Carmelite Monks in a single post? Someone pinch me. “

I laughed so joyfully as I realized it’s time for the Austen Latin Mass piece. So this is for my friend, @nerdwriter and all the other not normal people in the world who love Jane Austen and keep her memory alive.. Enjoy this Latin Mass/Austen post and remember SOMEBODY PLEASE PINCH ME!!

Posted originally on 28 February 2010 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, at his blog, What does the Prayer Say?

There is a fun post over at St. Louis Catholic:

Mr. Wickham "The Ordinary Form"

If today’s faithful Catholic is represented by Elizabeth Bennet, bright, hopeful and coming of age, then the liturgical forms would have to be represented by Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham.
Mr. Wickham is immediately accessible, loves to talk–especially about how bad ol’ Darcy is– has some initial minor flash but soon proves to be tedious and unreliable.

Mr. Wickham is immediately accessible, loves to talk–especially about how bad ol’ Darcy is– has some initial minor flash but soon proves to be tedious and unreliable. Mr. Darcy at first glance looks stuffy and Mr. Darcy condescending, but proves over time to be noble, true, of high quality and charitable.

The ordinary and the extraordinary.


Yes, I actually thought this, and then typed it, and therefore I am a loser. [No… people who can’t refer to Austen are the losers.]

P.S. Mrs. Bennet would represent Marek Bozek. Just sayin’. [LOL]

Nice…..thanks @FatherZ, we love ya and I bet Jane loves ya too!

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  1. Sofia, I think this is the first of your posts that I read, way back a year ago!!! How far along we’ve come!

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