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And the party continues…


The First Annual AlwaysCatholic.com Blogaversary Bash continues on Sunday, March 27th from 3pm to 11pm EST.

Sofia had this fond wish of having a LIVE 24 hour Event to thank all those so kind to her and so supportive of Always Catholic.com. Well,she almost pulled it off, but Sofia overdid it a little. She was sent off to bed a little while ago by her Dr after she started to show signs of the recent long days negatively affecting her health. She is getting better and better everyday, and so Sofia thought that her idea would work.

Well, in a way it did…the official party has to finish up tomorrow after Sofia rests up on Drs orders. As we speak, partygoers keep Retweeting out AlwaysCatholic links, music vids marked #ACblogaversary and are posting tremendous tribute posts on their blogs for Sofia as she sleeps! Now those are good friends…

Know this, the reason that they are doing this is because they know if they need prayers for their special intentions, Sofia has their back. They know if a word of support is needed, Sofia will be there with words of comfort. They know that the best way to get Sofia better and back to finish up the party tomorrow would be to keep it going these last few hours.

Well, when she reads this tomorrow, she will be thrilled…but then, thats Sofia…as long as her friends are enjoying themselves. she’s happy!

See you Sunday, March 27th at 3pm when the fun continues WITH Sofia!

God Bless you,


Intern at AlwaysCatholic.com

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9 Comments to “And the party continues…”

  1. Sofia, I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. May God’s healing touch come upon you.

  2. I am also praying for Sofia’s health.

  3. RT @CatholicPreachy: And the party continues… http://t.co/gH8mr5c via @AddThis

  4. And the party continues… http://t.co/gH8mr5c via @AddThis

  5. I’ve prayed endlessly for Sofia and for her health, I know what this means to her and it humbles my heart to be able to join her in this celebration, not only of our Faith, but one to acknowledge what a gracious child of God she is…she is in good hands…can’t wait to get started again!!

  6. via @AlwaysCatholic: And the party continues… http://bit.ly/hV1kOu #tcot

  7. And the party continues… http://dlvr.it/LZ0Y2 via @alwayscatholic

  8. And the party continues… http://dlvr.it/LYzd9 from @alwayscatholic

  9. Well dream sweet Sofia :) It took me until almost 10pm to get here but I hope a good time was had by all today – I’ll see you tomorrow!
    And thank you for the heads-up post, Jenny! :)

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