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Prayer Breakfast Celebrates JPII

by Matt Bowman
April 27, 2011


The National Catholic Prayer Breakfast here in DC concluded about an hour ago and was once again a highly professional, inspiring event.  CatholicVote was among many sponsor level organizations.  Here is a sampling of what we heard.

Virginia Governor and lifelong Catholic Bob McDonnell recounted his sometimes embarrassing adventures as an altar boy, and emphasized that Pope John Paul II’s defense of human dignity and rights is resonant with America’s founding principles that the rights of life and liberty come from the Creator, not from the government.

Former Speaker of the United States House and recent convert Newt Gingrich described the video he produced about the “Nine Days that Changed the World” when Pope John Paul II visited Poland in 1979 and created a “revolution of conscience” that eventually brought freedom to peoples dominated by the Soviet Union.

Bishop William Lori was the keynote speaker–he is bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport Connecticut as well as being a leader on USCCB pro-life and pro-marriage committees and a spiritual leader of the national Knights of Columbus.  He recounted Pope John Paul II’s synthesis of human dignity, freedom, and truth, emphasizing the importance of religious freedom.

Pro-life activist and also recent Catholic convert Lila Rose reminded the audience of Pope John Paul II’s love of the youth and his prophetic calls that America defend and welcome the most vulnerable among us, the preborn.  Lila also noted that she grew up as one of eight siblings, and since she became Catholic 2 years ago four of her siblings as well as her parents have entered into or reconciled with the Church.

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