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I'm Just Not Linking to It!

Okay, folks, here it is: another attack on the Church and the Pope on one of OUR holiest feastdays, The Annunciation .

Initially, I would like to set the record straight regarding media attacks on “holy days” & in sanctuaries first and then address today’s headlines about the Church and the Holy Father.

Anytime I see or read a lame-stream media report about the Church on a Holy Day, Feast Day  or during Holy Week it is usually 99% negative and derogatory most of the time without hard evidence. The LSM obsesses with slivers of information and tons of innuendo and it is ALWAYS on one of these holiest days of the Christian Faith. Furthermore, I can remember being present at the ProLife Mass at our National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC one year trying to pray the Mass while a reporter and cameraman with bright lights were broadcasting their live report from as if there were at a Giants game.(Laughing loudly & drinking a bottle of water, really…)

I remember a story on the news that terrorists occupied a Catholic Shrine in the Holy Land and held the Holy Land Franciscans against their will in the sanctuary of the Church. When the terrorists finally got what they wanted they released the Franciscans (Deo gratias!) unhurt physically, but emotionally terrorized. The reporter stated that the Franciscans wouldn’t do an interview because they had to clean the human feces that was spread on the walls so the Church could be re-consecrated.

I was physically sick when I saw and heard this on the news. I became more ill at the silence to which this story met later in the day and for days after. No outrage from Catholics, no groups crying out for justice. All I read days later was that the Holy Land Franciscans were praying for their captors and forgave them as Our Lord would have done–for their transgressions. As my sister says, 70 times 7.

Point of fact: I watched a news report years ago during the beginning of the Iraq War where a female reporter (no longer employed in the U.S.) with her hair covered with a waist-length veil was speaking in a very small whisper at the women’s entrance of the mosque. She made sure we all knew how sacred  this place was and how holy the feast was that the Muslims were there to celebrate. Hmmm, but our sanctuaries do not yield the same respect? A Jewish Rabbi, a good friend of mine says, “well, we wouldn’t let them [media] in the first place.”  Kudos to my friend, the Rabbi.

Fine, I have certainly a half of a brain and I would NEVER want or would disrespect someone’s worship space or their holy day. That is not the point here. I grew up in a Italian Catholic and Jewish neighborhood where Saturdays were respected as our neighbors Sabbath. We made sure those walking to the synagogue were kept safe as we drove by. Similarly, our Sunday was respected by our neighbors parking their cars down the street so we could park near the Church for Mass. This is caritas or fraternal charity.

Where, , is that same respect for the Christian faith? Well, we know the answer to that. Scorched earth policy on Christians with particular emphasis on the Roman Catholic Church and our Pope. The last great accepted discrimination.

Now on to today’s latest “story” on the Church. Good job, “LSM”, and in particular, that dusty, penniless, old gray lady, (hag) the NY Times.

The current scandal in the Irish Church and now the current report today coming from Wisconsin shows that the media, particularly the NYT’s rejoices when it seems that the Church has done something horrifically wrong. Well, first, it is the people in the Church that are capable of sins, not the Church herself. Secondly, whatever happened to investigative reporting? Where is a reporter for the Times or any other LSM who will dare to find that there may be a story where both sides need to be investigated and not just run the story with heresay or saying, that the accusation is credible. Does that mean the person is credible that is making the accusation or is the accusation itself credible even without hard evidence?

Please understand, I had a friend who was molested by a priest. (the former priest admitted it and is still in jail) His life has been a journey to hell. My friend decided ten years ago to make a pilgrimage to Rome because he didn’t want to be angry anymore. He went to a church near the Vatican, went to Confession and then spent hours prostrate before the Blessed Sacrament .

My friend had an opportunity for a private audience with the Holy Father.(JPII) A few days later, he gave up his spot to a young priest. The young priest had just been ordained days before in the same church where the my friend had also prostrated himself asking forgiveness. I asked him why did you think you needed to be forgiven? He said, For my anger, for my lack of charity and for not praying for the priest that had abused me. In addition he said, ” if I don’t forgive my abuser, I can never be well.”

I will never defend wrongdoing in the Church just because it is the Church. I will defend the right of the accused particularly a man like Joseph Ratzinger who has no problem admitting when he is wrong or those in the Church are wrong. Did we forget that when he came to the U.S. and met with abuse vistims without informing the media first? PBXVI was concerned that the victims’ privacy would be violated and he was not having it. The LSM acts like that never happened.

What about the police in Wisconsin? Police records evidently show that the priest accused was not prosecuted by the authorities.The civil authorities were well aware of the cases. I’m not saying this priest is innocent or even not guilty. I’m saying we need to research this case more. I intend on doing just that.

This abuse was said to have taken place (I am not saying it didn’t happen, so VOTF members, knock it off!) in the late 70’s into the 80’s and then Archbishop Rembert Weakland didn’t contact the Vatican until 1996. Weakland, an outspoken, disobedient, heterdox priest has made his “career” as a bishop to oppose Rome and to start a new catholic church, “Amchurch”. Weakland and his cohorts, “Call to Action” have been systemically & incrementally trying to destroy the Roman Catholic Church in America.

The recent “social justice” references that Fox host, Glenn Beck has been attacked for in recent days is exactly what Weakland and his buddies have been involved in for the last 40+ years. Unfortunately for Beck, he should have had an orthodox priest explain the TRUE Justice teachings of the Church. Tomorrow, I begin to explain all of this in my series on Saul Alinsky & the Catholic Church in America.

Getting back to Rembert Weakland! Weakland has never been shy about speaking out against the Church.  He has engaged older “hippie” type audiences and feminist aging nuns for years with tales of how he would seek to stop Ratzinger. Looking back now at Weakland’s history, it is obvious that this campaign was deliberate. Weakland, in his own words (His book, “A Pilgrim in a Pilgrim Church: Memoirs of a Catholic Archbishop,”) describes his homosexuality & other personal info that is definitely TMI.

Weakland was involved in a hush money cover-up to the tune of $450,000 paid to silence a former male lover and was arrogant enough to brazenly attack the victims of pedophilia. (Where was VOTF for that?) Weakland is quoted as saying. “Not all adolescent victims are so innocent. Some can be sexually very active and aggressive and often quite streetwise.” Really, Rembert, and now Pope Benedict is the bad guy. I guess tonight you are sitting in a salon somewhere drinking “Grey Goose” & laughing that you have finally brought down your arch-enemy, Joseph Ratzinger. Wait a minute there, your are NOT Superman, you are more “Lex Luthor.”

You will go to your dinosaur friends at the National Catholic Reporter and they will genuflect to you and give you all the space you need on the blog to be self-congratulatory. Not so fast there Lex, my money is on the German.

I will pray my Benedictine rosary for the victims of this diabolical horror that is rearing it’s ugly head once again right before Holy Week. I will pray that like my friend, they find forgiveness in their heart for their abusers. I will ask Our Lord to show His justice and His mercy to the abusers. I pray to Saint Joseph that the abusers spend their lives making amends for their heinous crimes and sins.

I will implore the Virgin Mary to intercede on your behalf Rembert Weakland. I hope that like Dismas on the cross next to Our Lord, you get a reality check minutes before you die.(Me too, I must admit) I ask that you,Rembert, take the high road. Instead of embracing the deadly sin of pride, that you pray for the Holy Father in his hour of need. He would do the same for you.

I apologize in advance to those who are offended by this piece. However truth is the truth and I ask youto pray for me as I will pray for you!


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  2. RT @alwayscatholic: alwayscathblog:RED HOT!! READ: I’m Just Not Linking to It! http://bit.ly/a3HaRy #anti-Catholicism #Bishops #Catholic

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