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Uh-Oh…Sofia’s Back and Working Hard!

7 September 2011

Hello to all my wonderful friends and readers on AlwaysCatholicBlog! In addition, my dear friends and colleagues on Twitter, FB and the Blogosphere! I have missed all of you, even those who aren’t fond of myself or Always Catholic. (I love a good debate!)

It’s been a long, tough summer and unfortunately, the weather took its toll on my health. I’m doing better and finally I can get back to writing, ranting, tweeting and hopefully more praying for all of you.

There’s much more to my story and it’s time to share more about the great life given to me from our Father in Heaven. So many of you have worried and continued to pray for me. I must apologize for my silence. I am so grateful for every prayer, kind word of concern and wonderful sentiments coming from so many of you!

I have observed much from my perch tucked away this summer. I spent most of the time healing physically and spiritually but watched as many Americans and in particular, Roman Catholics being attacked for their beliefs. I reviewed many texts on World and American History from the 17th Century and sadly, WE HAVEN’T LEARNED A THING FROM THE PAST!

Paramount to the review of the historical texts was the time I gave to more study of Scripture. Ironically, if I reprinted here sections of Saint Paul’s Epistles in American colloquial English without annotation, most would think he was a pundit talking about the problems in modern society.

Eye-opening, indeed; and thus a summer of spiritual reflection both personal and as a Roman Catholic in America was to say the least, a tad overwhelming…

Our Lord did show His love for me, yet once again and allowed my health to take priority. Why was my health affected so seriously? Because until I “get” it, Our Lord makes sure it’s serious, so I take Him seriously…

More tomorrow about the details…stayed tuned!!

God love you,


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  1. Hey, how ’bout them details, missy? (Staying tuned …)

  2. Uh-Oh…Sofia’s Back and Working Hard! http://t.co/gkhCz1f from @alwayscatholic

  3. Uh-Oh…Sofia’s Back and Working Hard! http://t.co/dwRI2Zw via @alwayscatholic

  4. Uh-Oh…Sofia’s Back and Working Hard! http://t.co/LaK1jFO Via @alwayscatholic

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