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Sr Lisa’s Walking for Life: Sofia says, “Let’s $upport her!”

24 October 2011

Our dear friend, @Sr_Lisa , (Sister Lisa M. Doty of the Canossian Sisters) is participating in a “Walk for Life” on Saturday, October 29th in the Sacramento, CA Diocese. The walk is part of the ProLife activities during October which has been designated ProLife month.

As Catholics we love to say we are ProLife so lets “Walk the walk” and just not “Talk the talk”. Prayer is always first but prayer must be the force that puts us into action. Not all of us can go pray the Rosary in front of a clinic or do sidewalk counseling because oerhaps of infirmity. Not all of us have the personality or training to do sidewalk counseling. There are a coup[le things we can do….one of course is to vote ProLife, of course. The other is to support those who take on projects like the “Walk for Life”.

This is a simple one. If you are reading this piece, you can pledge a donation online for Sister Lisa’s ProLife walk. She does have a favorite charity that is part of the Walk for Life. It is the Bishop Gallegos Maternity Home. Sister Lisa has supported this wonderful place before as part of her ProLife committment. She can speak personally for the wonderful work done at Bishop Gallegos Maternity Home so you know your money is going to be used directly for the girls and women who need the help.

Now, please read the following piece from Sister Lisa’s Blog, “Nunspeak”. All the instructions are listed there for donating. Every donation helps in this case…Ten dollars would be wonderful as Sean and myself have pledged ten dollars each and we ask that you match that donation with your ten dollars. If you cannot donate ten dollars, ANY amount adds up and helps. Just think, as Sister Lisa says, “One dollar pledged from one thousand people is a THOUSAND DOLLARS!” So you see even pledging one dollar helps in a big way!

Now, I have to tell you that donating through the site is somewhat cumbersome so please have patience with it. (Sister Lisa is trying to help the organization have a better website donation system next year. So if you have experience with website design and could help with an efficient donation system please contact Sister Lisa through her blog).

Sister Lisa’s personal pick is the Bishop Gallegos Maternity Home so you may select that from the several ProLife charities available. If you choose another, thats fine also. There is an option to donate directly or to pledge and then mail a check after. I do not ask often that readers help a cause but this is one that I personally believe in and know that Sister Lisa will be part of the solution. LETS $UPPORT SISTER LISA NOW!

God love you all,


UPDATE: As I am writing this post, I have found out that Sister Lisa’s brother, Philip, who has been suffering with a brain tumor has passed away. As Philip meets Our Lord I pray He will say to Philip, “Come right in, My Mother speaks highly of you…”
Please pray for the repose of Philip’s soul and be sure to visit Sister Lisa’s FB page to offer prayers and words of support. I ask you at this time to go to the Walk for Life site and donate in Sister Lisa’s name for LIFE! This would be the perfect testament to her brother’s life. At this time, I do not know the funeral plans but please donate as the Bishop Gallegos Maternity Home will get credit for Sister’s entry whether she can make the walk or not. Remember this is not for each mile she walks, it is a donation just because she has entered. You will be donating in her name from you for the cause regardless…

Walking for Life – Update

by Sister Lisa M. Doty
at her blog, “Nunspeak”

I posted a while back that I would be walking, to raise money for five crisis pregnancy centers in Sacramento Diocese. That walk is just two weeks away!

Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bob Dunning, the host of the Bishop’s Hour on Immaculate Heart Radio to talk about the walk-a-thon. It was my first time on radio, so I didn’t know what to expect.

So, come listen and let me know what you think:

Bob and I, talking about the walk and prolife issues.

Here’s how you can help us to help women who find themselves in crisis pregnancy:
  1. Pray for the women in need of assistance.
  2. Pray for success of the Walk.
  3. Ask the Lord how you can contribute.
  4. Go to this site.
    • On the pull-down menu, select “I want to sponsor a walker in the walkathon.” Click to proceed.
    • Scroll down, fill in the necessary information.
    • Choose which of the five crisis pregnancy centers you wish your donation to support (you can learn about the centers at below links).
    • Choose the ‘name of the person you wish to sponsor’ (I am listed as ‘Sister Doty, Lisa Marie – Sacramento’) [Hint, hint :-) ]
    • List amount you plan on sponsoring me for.
    • Click proceed, and follow the rest of the steps (you will be referred to the corresponding donation page for the CPC you chose, to complete your transaction), OR
    • If you would rather sponsor a walker by check, make your pledge at the site above, and instead of continuing when you are referred for payment, please make it payable to: Catholics for Life. Include a note containing the name of the walker you wish to sponsor and the name of the CPC to which you wish to donate the funds.  Mail it to: Catholics for Life, P. O. Box 156, Carmichael, Ca. 95608.

Please fo to Sister Lisa’s blog. “Nunspeak” for the rest of this piece…click here!

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  1. Plz $upport @Sr_Lisa ! @Commonpatriot & idonated 2 @Sr_Lisa #Prolife Walk in memory of her bro Philip. How 2> http://t.co/lgPi7SMR #Catholic

  2. Plz $upport @Sr_Lisa ! @Commonpatriot & idonated 2 @Sr_Lisa #Prolife Walk in memory of her bro Philip. How 2> http://t.co/lgPi7SMR #Catholic

  3. Plz $upport @Sr_Lisa ! @Commonpatriot & idonated 2 @Sr_Lisa #Prolife Walk in memory of her bro Philip. How 2> http://t.co/lgPi7SMR #Catholic

  4. RT @alwayscatholic: @Commonpatriot & i have donated 2 @Sr_Lisa #ProlifeWalk in mem of her bro Philip. How 2> http://t.co/6GQbCYPL #Catholic

  5. Sr Lisa’s Walking for Life: Sofia says, “Let’s $upport her!” http://t.co/zbnUGL5M via @alwayscatholic

  6. Sr Lisa’s Walking for Life: Sofia says, “Let’s $upport her!” http://t.co/vsxFiivr Via @alwayscatholic

  7. Sr Lisa’s Walking for Life: Sofia says, “Let’s $upport her!” http://t.co/4m3WOGwf from @alwayscatholic

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