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Going to see “The Mighty Macs” Fri, Oct 21st? Sofia is …

20 October 2011

She dared to dream. They dared to believe…

THE MIGHTY MACS is based on the incredible true story of the 1971-72 Immaculata College team that started in obscurity but became the original Cinderella story in women’s basketball.

Recently married Cathy Rush is dealing with the aftermath of a truncated playing career. While cultural norms would have her staying at home, she felt compelled to take on a coaching job at Immaculata College, an all-women’s Catholic college in Philadelphia. Though her team had no gym and no uniforms (and the school itself was in danger of being sold), Coach Rush looked to lead her team to their first national championship. This team of pioneers went from barely making the inaugural tournament to the first dynasty in the game. And, Coach Cathy Rush, a woman ahead of her time, became immortalized when she was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

No matter how many insults to the Church and our beloved Faith that when a movie like this slips through we as Catholics must be there to support it. My personal experience with this story may be one which will remind you how you really want to be ALWAYS CATHOLIC… if you are reading this blog, you DO!

On Friday, October 21, THE MIGHTY MACS is an inspiring true story coming to theaters nationwide. As the story unfolds, the characters display positive traits such as faith, honesty, teamwork, perseverance and trust – things that all parents, teachers and coaches all try to instill in children. Best of all, it’s a movie that the entire family will enjoy!

It’s refreshing to know that a spiritually nourishing film is coming to theaters and can positively impact those who see it. That’s great news!

from “The Mighty Macs”

Sofia’s Story:

This Friday after I send out my #FollowFridays and post to AlwaysCatholicBlog, I am heading to the movies to see the new film, “the Mighty Macs”. I am going for a few reasons, but I ask you to go for at least one: SHOW HOLLYWOOD true Catholics support family films and not films which are made to attack our Faith and our Church.

I have to tell you that my reason for going to see this uplifting story first, is to support this truly family film, secondly, that the story about Cathy Rush and Immaculata College “Mighty Macs” is finally told to the world. and last but not least my personal reason below…

I played high school basketball junior and senior year at a Catholic High School at the Jersey Shore. The story of Cathy Rush and the Mighty Macs were an inspiration to me to play ball (After all I had a coach who was 6ft tall and was a nun in full habit!). Following their story in the newspapers at the time made me proud to be a Catholic school student and to have been taught by the Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) in grammar school. Granted, my IHM’s were from Scranton and the Mighty Macs IHM’s were from Immaculata but we always felt the kinship with Immaculata. Our IHM’s took a wrong turn and so having the IHM’s at Immaculata to still proudly wear a habit was important to us as young Catholic girls. It made us proud as Catholic school athletes to look up to the Mighty Macs for more than just winners at basketball.

Cathy Rush taught us all to be student athletes with dignity and with class. It was cool to be Catholic, a girl AND an ATHLETE! When I first found out that this movie was being made it touched a place inside of me that this wonderful story about these girls, the nuns and one of the best at coaching women’s basketball would finally be told.

I am tied to the Church in every way…thats why I try everyday to be “AlwaysCatholic”. It makes me so happy that this Faith I love so dearly and would die for at a moment’s notice gets that “the pick and roll” is one of a gazillion things that makes up this “Catholic” spirit. Everything we do and love is looked through the lens of Catholicity. How, do you say?

Go watch “The Mighty Macs”. You will find out…

Thank you Mighty Macs, Cathy Rush and the nuns of the Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who were “Always Catholic” in all they did at that special time at Immaculata College…not perfect people, just people who kept trying to do the right thing.

“Saints were people who sinned and tried again”… a very short homily I heard at a Solemn High Mass one All Saints Day shortly after the the Indult “Ecclesia Dei” brought the Traditional Mass back to us…

How absolutely cool is it that we can go to the movies tomorrow and see a positive “G” rated movie about a CATHOLIC school, CATHOLIC nuns and basketball…?

What a great Faith, what a great Church!

Go Mighty Macs!!

Please go to The Mighty Macs website here. The Mighty Macs are also on FB, here.


“Forty years ago, the world was a different place—especially for women who aspired to step outside the few, basic roles society attempted to define for them. Cathy Rush had the courage, faith and determination to let her dreams break barriers, and THE MIGHTY MACS tells her story in compelling fashion. Tim Chambers has been able to capture the feel and atmosphere of the early 1970s women’s sports scene with great perception.”
Kathryn Olson, Executive Director of Women’s Sports Foundation

“We are all indebted to the Mighty Macs for what women’s basketball is today. Tim Chambers has done a wonderful job capturing the essence of Cathy Rush and the story, and I hope everyone will be in theaters October 21 to see this movie.”
Geno Auriemma, University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball Coach

“The Mighty Macs is a must see – not only for sports fans, but for everyone. It is exciting, inspiring, heart warming and just wonderfully entertaining… It is a great movie that you do not want to miss.”
Tom Monaghan, Founder of Domino’s Pizza & Ave Maria University

“The Mighty Macs is a great film for the entire family, not just for the sports fan! It is a relatable story of perseverance, dedication and triumph. I would tell every man or woman who coaches to take their team to see what can be accomplished against all odds!”
John Kincade, host of “The John Kincade Show” aired nationally on ESPN Radio

“It’s a story of dreaming big against all odds and finding a way to make your dream come true.”
Tom Collen, Women’s Basketball Coach, University of Arkansas

“A wonderful movie of hope, commitment and belief in self and others.”
Most Reverend Martin Amos, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Davenport, Iowa

“It’s a wonderful inspiring movie that teaches the values of friendship, dedication and trust.”
Denise Jones, Point of Grace

“The Mighty Macs is an inspiring movie that teaches the values of faith without limits, as well as perseverance and teamwork in a girl’s life. I encourage our American Heritage Girls troops to support this movie on opening weekend and enjoy a film that leaves you excited about the opportunities God presents to us daily. With Him all things are possible.”
Patti Garibay, American Heritage Girls Founder & Executive Director

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