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The “Silent Majority” Finally Gets Loud

21 January 2012

Thousands Rally To Support Gov. Walker Amid Recall Fight

from Tammy our friend at AlwaysCatholicBlog (@tamale102280 on Twitter) pics and the WISN link to a video from the Rally. Tammy’s the one right in front with the purple hat and BEAUTIFUL multi-colored woven scarf (handmade by her) in front…check it out!


Pics from the super successful turnout! 3,000 PLUS!

Former Governor Tommy Thompson, Lt.Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, Citizens of the great state of Wisconsin and Tammy, our buddy on the scene… Thanks Tammy for fighting the good fight and for the pics from this call to action for our Guv! BTW, you look great on the WISN vid…Go gurl!

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  1. The “Silent Majority” Finally Gets Loud http://t.co/E1nXexzK from @alwayscatholic

  2. The “Silent Majority” Finally Gets Loud http://t.co/0U6z1SLO via @alwayscatholic

  3. The “Silent Majority” Finally Gets Loud http://t.co/TSXMcksW Via @alwayscatholic

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