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PLZ NOTE: Uh OH! Have to Reschedule the #ACBlogaversary Bash :(

I know what you are thinking…that Sofia, there she goes again! Just like last year, she has to reschedule because she’s sick again! Well, this year it’s not just that.

"Benvenuti a tutti coloro che sono qui!"

      After taking some very good advice from one of my dear friends from The Twisters, (@OneSupremeGoddess) I kept a journal for the this year’s ACBlogaversary. Last year I was very sick right at the time the event was to take place so reviewing what worked and what didn’t was her advice.

I did keep a journal and the one thing I knew I was to do different was to keep it more personal and casual. In addition, I was to take care of myself so I could be part of it in the proper sense.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…

There were many other little things which I took into consideration. The one thing I didn’t take into consideration was the date. I should have given much more thought to it and I dropped the ball.

Celebration during Lent?

Just a short note concerning some questions about celebrating during Lent. The Feast of Saint Joseph is celebrated as a feast during Lent and white vestments are worn. Growing up in an Italian family, Saint Josephs day was always celebrated with going to Mass and donating breads and baked goods to the altar constructed in St Joseph’s honor.
The items were given to the poor and cream-filled zeppoles were our reward for celebrating the spouse of Our Blessed Mother.The zeppoles were preceded by a big dinner and lots of singing and fun. The seriousness of Lent resumed the next day.
In that spirit I decided it was okay “celebrate’ our second Anniversary at AlwaysCatholic.com.

Well, unfortunately, my confessor contacted me and thought perhaps that we were getting so many people declining to come wasn’t charitable on my part. The Italian culture is the best I think, but not everyone is Italian. Many of us don’t celebrate anything during Lent and I wasn’t considerate of those who do not.

My confessor felt perhaps I needed to pray about it and the answer would come.

Today, I received my answer. Several people very instrumental to AlwaysCatholic’s success could not attend. some because of family committments, others because of Lenten mortifications. I could not even imagine the celebration without them so I chose to reschedule…

Interestingly enough, when I was contemplating the date, I was looking at the calendar and of the wonderful picture of our Holy Father above. As I perused the next several weeks, I saw the dates for Holy Week, then for the week after Easter, (a traditional time for families to go away on vacation) and then I looked back to the calendar.

April 16th was basically one month of Mondays from March 19th. More than enough time for everyone to check their schedules, for me to rest up, to extend the deadline for the Writing Contest and as it turned out, it is the 85th Birthday of the Pope.

That was it! Pope Benedict holding the Blessed Sacrament in the Monstrance has been our avatar and FB pic since the beginning of the blog. It absolutely makes perfect sense that the 16th should be the day!

So, in the spirit of charity, I have rescheduled the Second Annual ACBlogaversary Bash to April 16, 2012 at 6PM until 11:59 PM.

It is now the “Second Annual AlwaysCatholic.com Blogaversary Bash & 85th Birthday Party for the Holy Father”. Wow, that’s a mouthful but it will be a blast! Spring, hopefully will be in the air to stay and we all will reunite for a evening of fun, memories, sincere discussion and great music.

Remember, we also have announcement of Giveaway winners and Writing contest winners the next day on the 17th of April soooo..if you want to get a chance to win something special, show up on Twitter and at the blog, to comment on one of our posts that night and you will be entered automatically in our Random Drawing.

The ACBlogaversary Writing Contest deadline has been moved to Tax Day April 15th. We do however, encourage you to submit your entries as soon as possible for the judges to have ample time to read them and reflect.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I hope and pray that on the night of April 16th, I will be forgiven and a great time will be had by all.,,

God Love you,


PS. I am however, experiencing some reoccurring issues with my health, so resting now to assure healing would really be wise. Thank you again for your understanding and your kindness.


  • WHAT: Second Annual AlwaysCatholic.com Blogaversary Bash & 85th Birthday Party for the Holy Father
  • WHEN: Monday, April 16th starting at 6pm EST (5 CST and so on). It will continue LIVE & uninterrupted (hopefully) ending at 11:59 PM.
  • WHERE: Celebration will be live at ACBlog AlwaysCatholic.com and on Twitter (@AlwaysCatholic) & an autofeed of Tweets on FB AlwaysCatholic

Two years ago AlwaysCatholic.com debuted in the Catholic blogosphere. Two years later we are still going strong and hopefully getting better everyday; with the EXCEPTION of some low spots when my health decided to keep me from blogging. Gratefully, we have two interns (and more to come) who have taken up the slack and have kept AlwaysCatholic afloat. In addition, AlwaysCatholic on FB has singlehandedly been maintained by my sister Mary, @Ancientsoul and for this I cannot be grateful enough. We are grateful to all of our readers for making AlwaysCatholic special.

Our thank you again this year for being so loyal are terrific Giveaways! Yes, great prizes just for entering our random drawing by showing up and commenting on the blog and for new readers who register that night and comment!


(Prizes awarded here also!)
We are asking all those with the desire to write for a blog, trying to get up the nerve to actually start your own blog or even existing bloggers and writers to participate in a writing contest! Everyone is eligible except myself and of course, the staff at AlwaysCatholicBlog! (Contributing Writers are eligible!)

Our theme this year is a goodie…Tell AlwaysCatholic.com about your belief in Religious Liberty. No word limit or minimum, let the Holy Spirit move you. We will post the entries at 6PM on the night of the Blogaversary, the 16th of April. Prizes to be announced the next day (with a post on all the other prizes) will accompany the prize of having your story published exclusively on the Front page of Always Catholic.com!

Deadline is 6pm April 15th- so hurry!! Send your entry as either an email, or a link in an email. Please include your mailing address so we may get you your prize asap! You may attach a.txt file, or a Word file to an email and send to: AlwaysCatholicBlog@gmail.com Subject line: Religious Liberty. Here’s your chance to win a prize and be published…

( We ask bloggers to post to their site after midnight of the 17th of April)


Please come and visit the Blogaversary Bash & Holy Father’s Birthday Party from 6PM EST 4/16 to 11:59 PM EST 4/16 at AlwaysCatholic.com. If you are not a registered user yet at AlwaysCatholic.com, please do so NOW (OR ON THAT NIGHT) and THEN starting at 6PM EST 4/16 , comment on any post published on THAT DAY (4/16) that interests you. Please include your email with the comment. If you are a registered user, you are good to go! Then come and join the party! You will also be entered in a Giveaways random drawing for some very cool Catholic stuff. Remember we will be LIVE on Twitter & commenting live on your comments on the blog ONLY during the Blogaversary. FB will be autofeed of Tweets only! [Doctors orders…I can be live 6 hours only! ;) ]

On April 17th, we will announce the winners at 6PM.Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery of all prizes. Remember, we need your address if you win in an email to AlwaysCatholicBlog@gmail.com.

Two chances to win! One win if you enter the Writing Contest and another chance in the random drawing just for coming to the Blogaversary and commenting on a blogpost for that day. Remember, you MUST be a Registered User of AlwaysCatholic.com (Top right on Home Page has form to register as a user) to try for our great Giveaways! Can’t beat it with a stick! See you at AlwaysCatholic.com on April 16th at 6PM EST ’til just about Midnight. We will close the Bash at 11:59 with our nightly prayer!

Can’t forget to say we will be tweeting live #AlwaysCatholic, playing tunes and We would love to hear from you and tweet or post back in real-time!

God Love you,

Sofia & Company

Any questions, please send us an email: AlwaysCatholicBlog@gmail.com or leave us your question at Twitter (@AlwaysCatholic) & on FB AlwaysCatholic

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