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O Glorious Saint Joseph…

March 19th marks the Feast of the spouse of Our Lady, Saint Joseph so it is time to prepare for the Festa!

I am of Italian descent and needless to say, Saint Joseph is loved, no questions asked. The thing is, I do have a question. Why? Why did you do it St. Joseph? Why did you treat Our Lady so justly and accept God’s Will so faithfully?

It was if you already knew all of it. I suppose I have to really get to Heaven to find out. He will be the first one I seek out after I squeeze through those gates and after I meet My Lord and His Most Blessed Mother. I then will ask him why.

Here are some pics and some links to help you celebrate our holy Saint Joseph’s Day. By the way, make sure you get to the closest Italian bakery and get some Saint Joseph Zeppole!

O Glorious Saint Joseph

Whose power it is
to render possible
things which are impossible,
come to my aid in this present
difficulty and distress.

Take this impossible
and difficult affair
which I recommend to you
under your special care
and protection that it may
have a happy issue.

O Glorious Saint Joseph,
let it not be said
that I have invoked
you in vain.
Since you are so powerful
with Jesus and Mary
show that your goodness
equals your power.


Memorare of St. Joseph


O most pure spouse
of the Virgin Mary,
St. Joseph,
my beloved patron,
that never
has it been heard
that anyone
sought your aid
without being

Inspired by this
I come to you
and fervently
commend myself
to you.

Despise not
my petition,
dear foster father
of our Redeemer,
but graciously
accept it.



Celebrating St. Joseph’s Day



Feast of St. Joseph
From the Fish Eaters website. Information about the customs, prayers, as well as recipes for many traditional foods.
St. Joseph’s Night in New Orleans
A 1997 article about the celebration in New Orleans by John Sinclair.
St. Joseph’s Table
Information about St. Joseph’s Day Tables in Sicily and elsewhere. Several very nice pictures, including those sent in by readers.
St Joseph’s Day Altars
A great page with a thorough explanation about St. Joseph’s Day altars and their place in Louisiana culture. Includes history, symbolism and pictures of altars.

Source: Bulin.com

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