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Wanna hear a sermon from a truly “Catholic” Bishop?

His Excellency Robert C Morlino Diocese of Madison,WI

His Excellency Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of the great Diocese of Madison, in the great state of Wisconsin is an orthodox Roman Catholic bishop. Gratefully, he is now MY BISHOP…

After years of living in dioceses with, ah, well, bishops who, eh, NEVER MIND!

I am really trying this Lent to avoid committing a sin against charity particularly against, and in particular, the Bishops in America who refuse to be true shepherds.

My readers know well this is my Achilles heel of my soul. My Confessor, a young and ORTHODOX CATHOLIC priest has told me why it has been so hard to shake this sin.

He gently advised me that I keep doing it because I get a “reward” out of it. Reward? Huh? Duh… I didn’t get it,,, Now before someone complains that I am sharing my confession with the blogosphere, I am not. The conversation between my Confessor and myself took place discussing all things spiritual over a cup of really good Espresso while listening to YoYo Ma. :P

Okay, let’s get back to that reward thingy. He explained that when sin is committed over and over again our weakness may be linked to a “reward”. Okaaaay…clearer, Father……

The reward for committing a sin against charity (particularly for a cranky, ranting blogger as myself) is because it fosters a false pride and a sense of self-love that is particularly egregious.

Okay, at that point a shocked face ensued on my part…then I slumped in my seat because I felt mortally wounded… then, as if I was witnessing a beautiful sunrise on the beach in Jersey, I had my aha! moment.

Of course! When I rant and talk trash about how our bishops our taking the wimpy way out, it DOES make me feel warm and fuzzy to chastise them. I guess it comes from the space in me that says,”Hey, I’m TRYING here..WHAT ABOUT YOU?”

I must admit, (humbly) I am trying so hard to use “fraternal correction”  when writing instead of chastising. I thank Lisa Graas
CatholicBandita), @CatholicLisa on Twitter, for her gentle correction when I was going hogwild on Cardinal George. She handled me with kidgloves but never compromised truth in her “fraternal correction”. As a result of this we have become great friends, sisters in Christ and colleagues. I am sure that Lisa is a step closer to Heaven witnessing to my sinful self.

So, I am going to try this in my “new” way…

My wonderful Bishop, His Excellency Robert Morlino gave a sermon at his Mass this past 4th Sunday of Lent. I am going to let you judge for yourself. No need for me to carry on like a shrew about Bishops whom I would like to explain just what a “knuckle” sandwich is. (Kidding!)

The following is an audio of Bishop Morlino’s sermon…
Now, the only thing is that Wisconsin is such a beautiful place, I would love to have everyone move out here to experience what it is like to have a Bishop like him…

However, I still commit the sin of selfishness… I’m having a really hard time sharing!

Here’s the sermon >>>> BishopMorlino_2012-03-18_Bishop-Robert-Morlino

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5 Comments to “Wanna hear a sermon from a truly “Catholic” Bishop?”

  1. Bishop Morlino’s sermon was unbelievable!

    For a transcript (in addition to audio link), and the current events and Mass readings Bishop was referring to, see blog article at http://sytereitz.com/2012/03/president-cyrus-no-leader-in-the-world-is-powerful-enough-to-thwart-god%E2%80%99s-purposes-or-bishop-morlino-difficult-week-rejoice/

  2. Wanna hear a sermon from a truly “Catholic” Bishop? http://t.co/s4p3BlrL via @alwayscatholic

  3. Wanna hear a sermon from a truly “Catholic” Bishop? http://t.co/s4p3BlrL via @alwayscatholic

  4. Wanna hear a sermon from a truly “Catholic” Bishop? http://t.co/IdoL3kMq Via @alwayscatholic

  5. Wanna hear a sermon from a truly “Catholic” Bishop? http://t.co/KBwy7zHO from @alwayscatholic

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