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It’s ALL about the Latin Mass. Yes. Yes, it is! Thanks @FatherZ!

New Voris video addresses where the “action” is in Catholic communities.

Posted on 28 March 2012 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Michael Voris has a new video about the use of the “Traditional Latin Mass”, the Extraordinary Form. After his travelogue, start paying attention about about 1:45.

He speaks about the young people who are attending the Extraordinary Form. This is obvious to most of us (who aren’t liberals… cough).

Mr. Voris hits the point I am constantly harping about: Catholic identity! [Emphasis ours]

Usually when we source a story from another blog, we post the first part of it then crosspost the rest to the original blog. We do that because we are grateful to have sources like Father Z and must give credit where it is due .Additionally, we want to share the audience with the original source of the posting.

With this particular post, it was so brief that there wouldn’t be anything to post if we crossposted it. We decided to post the complete piece with credit to FatherZ and then with the following link request that you frequent Father’s blog.

Please click HERE to read Father’s Z’s Blog for the BEST in all things Roman Catholic!

Thank you!


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