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“Good Friday” by Nikita Unverzagt OP

Reprinted from last year…

Good Friday

by Nikita Unverzagt OP
“The unpaved path that is my journey towards God…”

If I could pick a day in the liturgical year that I love the most other than Easter (Well the Vigil) it would be Good Friday.
Before noon I was already at the back entrance of the parish, praying the Liturgy of the Hours. I wore all black, as I normally do especially today it is a joyous mourning you could say. I placed my Dominican scapular on. (I tell you I looked the opposite of the Dominican Friars, Brothers, and Sisters) Thanks to Fr. Michael, O.P. I was able to enter the parish.

I walked into the stillness that form the aura of the chapel. Jesus is not there; He had been stripped away from the altar as He had been stripped from His Disciples to be taken to the chief priests.

I sat there looking at the bare altar and thought of something, the bare altar is our life without Jesus. It is a beautiful structure, but it is just that and nothing more. We can add things to the altar but it just make it a more beautiful structure, but with Jesus it is a place that holds something greater than itself. We can see that in ourselves in many examples.

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  1. “Good Friday” by Nikita Phillips, new Contributing Blogger at ACBlog http://t.co/V5akDRZZ Via @alwayscatholic

  2. “Good Friday” by Nikita Phillips, new Contributing Blogger at ACBlog http://t.co/0Jan9gSk via @alwayscatholic

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