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@GovWalker “I’m from Jersey, but Wisconsin is my home…”

As we speak, it is official that my Governor, Scott Walker has beaten the Progressive movement, organized Labor and their agenda here in Wisconsin. Deo Gratias!

June 5, 2012
Posted by Sofia

Dear Friends and Readers of AlwaysCatholic.com,

First, let me thank all of you who have been praying on my behalf. This last bout with Heart Failure has been the scariest. I am almost ten years past the prognosis of my demise.

I know I am still here because Our Lord has something for me to do, because your prayers storm Heaven everyday and to be honest, I am stubborn.

My recovery this time has taken much longer and this has been the reason for my absence from the blog since Easter. My interns, particularly Emma has kept the blog’s heartbeat alive and Mary, (@AncientSoul on Twitter) has kept our FB AlwaysCatholic fanpage updated daily with her profound posts from her BattleBeads Blog. There aren’t enough words to thank them for this support. I am so grateful for them.

Thank you to @FatherZ,@AncientSoul,@CatholicLisa,(Lisa Graas) @Sr_Lisa and so many more for their patience and their unending prayers, without which I could not come back to blogging.

I am not out of the woods yet but I will be at appointments for my condition Weds, Thurs and Fri of this week with a decision on Fri when I can return to the blog. Please continue to keep me in your prayers so I may be back this weekend.

I am writing a post tonight because today I officially made Wisconsin my home. I moved here last year but spent the better part of the year ill and battling back. This week I knew that sick or not I had to stand for courage during this battle here in Wisconsin for our liberty and freedom.

I managed to pull myself together enough to venture to DMV for my Wisconsin Drivers license and to register to vote and to cast my vote for a man of courage, Governor Scott Walker. In addition, a woman of conviction and courage, Rebecca Kleefisch, our Lt. Governor has battled horrific personal attacks to stand tall for us ‘Sconnies.

I have been welcomed here as if I was born on a dairy farm and never left the state. The people of Wisconsin (99% of them) are faith-filled, bright, hardworking, ethical, sane people who pride themselves on common sense and their kind and generous natures. I have found a home.

Wisconsin also has a very strong Catholic identity which ACBlog will be covering in the near future. AS a resident of Madison, (the center of the firestorm) I am privileged and honored to have Bishop Robert Morlino as my bishop. He is THE GREATEST BISHOP in the United States.

Please know this…it is NOT a coincidence that the only approved apparition site (equal to Fatima, Lourdes, etc.) is just outside Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Congratulations Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch, you have now won the Backbone Award for courage.

Enough said…See you soon.

God Love you,


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  1. So happy to hear you are well on the mend and have found a place to call home. May you continue to stay on the upswing and lead more souls to the Lord. In my daily prayers always, with all those you hold dear! *HUGS*

  2. Sofia posts at ACBLOG! @GovWalker " I'm from Jersey, but #Wisconsin is my home…" http://t.co/g7EF6iVC #tcot #WIRecall

  3. Sofia posts at ACBLOG! @GovWalker " I'm from Jersey, but #Wisconsin is my home…" http://t.co/g7EF6iVC #tcot #WIRecall

  4. Sofia posts at ACBLOG! @GovWalker " I'm from Jersey, but #Wisconsin is my home…" http://t.co/g7EF6iVC #tcot #WIRecall

  5. via @alwayscatholic @GovWalker “I’m from Jersey, but Wisconsin is my home…” http://t.co/VPMVzuvg #Catholic #BXVI

  6. via @alwayscatholic @GovWalker “I’m from Jersey, but Wisconsin is my home…” http://t.co/VPMVzuvg #Catholic #BXVI

  7. ACBlog:Sofia posts! " @GovWalker "I'm from Jersey, but #Wisconsin is my home,,," http://t.co/NfqTm7y0 #WiRecall #tcot #tRCot

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