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Dear Sofia, My birthday gift to you…LIFE! Love, Jesus

July 12, 2012 Anno Domini

One evening at dusk recently I looked out my balcony door and sawy this, a few feet away!! Maybe, a sign?

This past year has been a tough one, as many of you know. My heart failure condition had worsened and a life threatening infection were just a part of the numerous prayer requests for me..

I had a bright spot a short time ago where I thought I was on my way back. I was wrong. My condition worsened in this last month and I was resigned that perhaps this was it.

The doctors were befuddled as my condition was doing things it had never done before. I refused hospitalization as I have had enough of that. I was abandoning myself to Divine Providence.

This time I would not let my intern or family post prayer requests as all of you constantly pray for me and there are so many others that need it as much or more. this time I prayed for all of you. I offered my illness for all of your special intentions as my thank you for all of your prayers.

However, a strange thing happened in my praying for others and not focusing on my condition…I was able to hear the still, small voice of God in my heart. He said to me, “Remember when your sister Mary said that her tooth could be making her so sick.” Truly I heard it, not in a locution, but in my heart.

I had some soreness around a back molar but nothing that would cause me concern. I kept praying…

I was reading the Wisconsin State Journal one Sunday recently, and noticed an article about a charitable project called, “Mission of Mercy”. It seems that in Wisconsin, the dental community is seriously alarmed at the health of its’ residents as a result of dental issues. the article peaked my interest and I read on…

For the last several years, this charitable organization raises money to offer a two day dental clinic where all those who do not have dental insurance or have substandard Medicaid dental benefits to come and get first class dental treatment.

Well, first-class is the operative word. Please go to the website “Mission of Mercy” and see what private business and organizAtions can do THAT THE GOVERNMENT CAN NEVER EVER DO!

The Lord, Mission of Mercy, Dr Mark Ridenour and YOUR prayers saved my life. I AM TRULY HEALED! I FEEL LIKE the ME before Heart Failure. Deo Gratias!

The first thing Dr. Mark said was that HE was grateful I came, as I was about 48 hours away from an ER visit that was serious.
Dr. Ridenour is a Godly man, with a joyful spirit and an empathy for people I have never seen in a dentist/oral surgeon. My experiences from NJ have been extremely negative with a profit-driven mentality that frankly has turned my stomach.

Dr. Mark, from Oshkosh, WI (yes, there is an Oshkosh) is a husband and father who cares for his patients as he cares for his family. In addition, his has been gifted with an intelligence that we mere humans can only describe as brilliant or genius. He is truly that and has the humility of one of God’s chosen.

Dr. Ridenour reminds me of Saint Therese. I know, funny, isn’t it to compare a male with a female Saint? His manner, his humble response to his calling, his obedience to God’s Will and his generous nature reminds me of Saint Therese.

I realize now, so many birthdays later, that God has put a thousand Dr. Mark’s in my life and it is time that I am grateful.

I must thank all of you for your prayers that lead me to “Mission of Mercy” and Dr. Mark. In particular, thank you to my sister Mary,(@AncientSoul on Twitter and BattleBeads.com ) who always has the answer for me in advance and it’s time I really listen.

I want to thank all of you who I have “met” through Twitter and FB as the Catholic/Christian/politically conservative people I have met are the BEST of Social Media for sure!

Thank you to(Twitter names @FatherZ, @Sister_Lisa, @Ancientsoul @CatholicLisa (Lisa Graas), @DavidBisono,@Jimi971,@TurnbullD53, @Lexy315, @greghoward,@DavidBisono,@fleckman,@Catholicteen,@lamblock,@TheTwisters, @1SupremeGoddess @runedart @galtsgirl @suzibasterd @asskickymchotti @0402sgrl @conservativeind @hipEchik @flyingpatriot, @ElizabethKilbride,@swiftread,@tamale102280,
@manwithblackhat,@cmreport (the Brothers Archbold) and so many, many more…(Please, if I missed you, do not be hurt, I will get everyone up here eventually in posts to come!)

Thank you to all who have sent me ecards and to my FB friends who have flooded my timeline today with birthday wishes! Wow!

Thank you to my family in NJ for their constant support and to my friend Amanda in NJ who has waited so patiently for me to write. Know this, all of you are remembered everyday as I pray my Office, as I pray the Rosary, as I do acts of sacrifice for humility…. My illness has not been wasted. I have offered every moment for ALL of you!

@CatholicTeen meets "Bucky Badger" first week in Wisconsin!

Thank you especially to my “daughter”, @catholicteen who is now living with me in WI. I have had the honor of helping to raise her and her brothers for the last 13+ years because her father, Michael (this is the family member I asked you to pray for…he is doing remarkable and given a new lease on life, thank you!) is a man of unending Christian love who embraces God in His life unconditionally.He is truly my brother. Thank you to his wonderful wife and stepdaughter who have made me part of their life, I am grateful… Thank you to Michael Jr. and to Christian, the two sons God gave me who have help to care for me throughout my illness and continue to care for me in spirit as two amazing young men… God has given me a family and the love of children as a mother when that was something I never experienced biologically. I must say this…there is NOTHING greater than being a mother, no matter what way it comes to you…

Thank you to Milton and Cynthia, who’s daughter I have become…without them, well, I don’t really know…I just know I am their daughter in God’s eyes.

Thank you to Joseph Hubbs and his wife Ann and his daughter. They are devout traditional Catholics who love unconditionally… they have been my rock, forever!

Thank you to @Commonpatriot, my best and dearest friend. Love with a purpose…

Thank you to my new friends here in Wisconsin. Now I know why Wisconsin always comes up in conversation…somewhere…what a place…. “Jersey is where I am from…Wisconsin is my home!”

In the end all healing is possible in God’s plan. Whether it’s physical or spiritual or both, He is the source.
Thank you Lord for giving me back my passion, my zest, my energy! I give all this to You as I embrace on the second year of Always Catholic and do Your work.

I love you, Jesus… I AM BACK AND READY TO GO! I haven’t felt this well, Lord since before You gave me the gift of my illness. You are truly the source of ALL LIFE! Thank you!

Happy Birthday to me!

God love you,


PS. Thank you to Jane Austen, who kept me company through many long hours… ;)

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  2. Happy birthday to my dearest friend. You are always on my mind and in my prayers.

  3. Dear Sofia,
    You are always on my mind and in my prayers. So glad that you’re feeling better. Amazing how a tooth can make you feel. Love you always. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Amanda from NJ

  4. I couldn’t be more happy for you .. and you have Sarah again too! Absolutely fan-friggin-tastic!!! :) Always in my daily 3pm’s and as ever, I’m most grateful for yours! It’s my fervent wish that your healing continue in mind body and soul, bringing you to the place the Lord needs you to be for His Divine Will to be fulfilled in your life.
    ~Love and Prayers, Always!
    and as ever … many *HUGS* ;)

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  7. Dear Sofia, My birthday gift to you…LIFE! Love, Jesus http://t.co/Kis0FNIT Via @alwayscatholic

  8. Dear Sofia, My birthday gift to you…LIFE! Love, Jesus http://t.co/nJifzgjZ from @alwayscatholic

  9. RT @CatholicLisa: has big news coming up and it's good news. Yay!
    /Thank u Lisa! Here it IS! >> http://t.co/bbw0APdB #Catholic #ACBlog

  10. Dear Sofia, My birthday gift to you…LIFE! Love, Jesus http://t.co/E9ZkAAIB via @alwayscatholic

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