JP II gunman, now out of jail, urges Benedict XVI to resign over abuse …via

Editor’s Note: Just when you think you have read everything against Pope Benedict XVI that one could possibly take, this article proves that the media will write ANYTHING for a buck. One good note: Mo Dowd from the NYT & Chris Hitchens “Arrogant Blowhard Atheist Extraordinaire” now have a stooge to complete their ridiculous group. Where are Moe, Larry & Curly when you need them? Sophia Guerra

Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turk who tried to kill John Paul II in 1981, urged Pope Benedict XVI on Monday to resign over child abuse scandals, in his first news conference since his release in January.

Brandishing a Turkish newspaper containing an article on appeals across the Christian world for judicial action against the pope, Agca said: “I do not want him to be arrested, I want him to resign. An Italian or South American cardinal should be chosen to replace him.”

Benedict XVI has come under intense pressure with allegations in the press that, as archbishop of Munich and later as the chief Vatican enforcer of Catholic doctrine and morals, he failed to act against priests accused of child abuse.

Agca, who spent almost three decades in Italian and Turkish prisons for his attempt to kill John Paul II and crimes committed in Turkey, is known to closely follow developments involving the Vatican.

His release on January 18 had raised hope he might finally lift the shroud of mystery still surrounding the assassination attempt, but the 52-year-old gunman has remained mum on the issue.

A Turkish hospital has diagnosed him with an “advanced anti-social personality disorder”.

Agca, who claims to be the second Messiah and is believed by many to be seriously deranged, described himself Monday as “the Christ eternal” and “supreme and universal servant of God.”

He said the Apocalypse would take place within this century, adding he was currently writing “the perfect Bible”.

He said he had settled in Istanbul.

Agca was a 23-year-old far-right militant, on the run from Turkish justice, when he resurfaced in Saint Peter’s Square on May 13, 1981, and fired on the pope, leaving him seriously injured. His motive remains a mystery.

Extradited to Turkey in 2000, Agca was convicted for the murder of a Turkish journalist, two armed robberies and escaping from prison, crimes all dating back to the 1970s.

Editor’s Note: This is beyond disgusting & those who practice “yellow journalism” are NOT JOURNALISTS. This “report” comes from “NineNewsMSN March 30, 2010.  Surprise, surprise… This comment is my opinion, Sophia Guerra

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  1. the hypocrisy is sickening…everyone wants to make sure the church stays out of the government, but they’re so quick to jump on their high horse and condemn people that have devoted their lives to God and doing good for others…I don’t care who it is they have no place voicing their opinion on Church matters such as the pope resigning!!!! God help me because every day I become more enraged with the audacity of people!!

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