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  1. Seema Yogesh Desai (India - Mumbai)

    Some energy in my head .. throat..stomach central head energy like iron..stone..

  2. Seema Yogesh Desai (India - Mumbai)

    My name is Seema Yogesh Desai..I stay in India Mumbai charni road; Girgaon area…I m suffering from last 17 years in black magic..evil n negative energies..n some evil n negative energies in my home magic on home earn income problem also stopped…please preyar for me n my husband..n remove black magic on me; husband n house…please preyar for my health also all reports are normal…please preyar for my earn income also…thank u so much..

  3. Dear God I pray to you, I beg of you to bring all my family back together. That all my bothers and sisters, forgive eachother, love eachother. Take away all their anger,hatred for eachother. That they all return to the catholic faith and church. God please allow me to receive my last rites before I pass. I have been looking for a brown scapular to wear. I am homebound, and do not have any credit cards, I have not been able to order one by email. Help me obtain one by some miracle. Dear God help all of our friends and families with their health, and their needs. Help all the Christians in the world,keep them safe. Protect all the innocent lives,esp. The children and elderly, from harm, by isis, and other evilness. Protect our pope, our clergy, protect president Trump from all who seek him I’ll will. That all his decisions be Christian. That he prays daily. Have great faith in you. That all the people in congress, govt. And all celebrities stop using their popularity to encourage evil in this world, lies,affairs, quick divorce, abortions, homosexuality, drinking and drugs. Stop them from influencing our youth. I know it’s a difficult task, but please help us. Save us fromm all evil.protect the United States of America from china,north korea,Russia. And all other countries that hate us. Please bring the Republican, democratic, and liberals come together for the people’s sake.and that they help the president make the correct decision the blessed decisions,that all our government officials become christians, and pray, and have faith in you our lord. Amen.

  4. I pray for the lord to warm Paul’s cold heart. To bring him back to the loving, caring, joyful person he once was. For Jesus to enter his heart and life again and always stay just as he’s doing with me this moment. I pray that he may restore, mend and enter in our broken relationship, that he may be the glue that keeps us together. I pray that he helps us find the love, joy, care, respect, trust, and communication we once shared for each other. Most importantly for us to always put God FIRST in our lives!

  5. Please pray for me to defeat witchcraft in my life and family. My aunt is practising witchcraft with her children and torment me at night. they claimed to have killed my parents and brother and they are after my life.they put some demons in my stomach and spirits that follow me.My relationships and finances are strained, I’m praying and hopeful but it’s sometimes overwhelming to live under these evil forces. please help me in prayer

  6. Please pray that
    son Alroyd is protected from continuous harassment from his aggressive captain Thakur and Chief Officer Gurjit Singh Sandhu together in performance of his job and duties; that peace and sanctity prevails upon both these individuals and entire crew in the entire vessel ‘African Piper’; that he successfully completes his contract with full wages in peace – on one side;
    on the other side back at home moslem mother in law Zubeda instigating his moslem wife Shaista on false pretexts and deceits in extracting son’s entire wages (being jobless for long time till now ) utilizing his entire wages for the entire big family of a way-bound son Rizwan and his wife that he cannot save enough for a separate home with 3 gal kids, eldest daughter Aamena 4th grade pursues her studies peacefully and able to concentrate on her school studies due to horrifying disturbance resulting her scoring low grades; that his 2nd younger sister Zara obtains admission to Kindergarten School being sadly turned negative in several Catholic school due to being half Christian and half moslem chances bleak or zero ; and now Shaista his wife bluffing of getting admission for an enormous sum payment for two years without any proper proof – again to extract his entire wages. Both mother and daughter using abusive language– kids already learnt these words very fast — are all delivered from evils and the child obtains primary school admission without any obstruction myself trying best but obstructed and that there is peace and harmony in that home and all come to Jesus Christ.
    Thank you very much

  7. Please pray for my physical healing. I have trouble with my blood sugar. I ask God in the name of Jesus for complete healing. i will rejoice and will praise God forever.

    • Shalom, EAG!

      I have just prayed for your total healing. Now, I just want to share with you a very powerful prayer taught by our LOrd Jesus Christ to St. Faustina: the Divine Mercy chaplet.
      Jesus said that souls who will say this chaplet will be embraced by His mercy during their lifetime and especially at the hour of their death. At the hour of their death, Jesus said that He will defend as His own glory every soul that will say the chaplet or when others say it for a dying person, the indulgence is the same.

      Jesus further said: “it pleases me to grant everything they ask of Me by saying the chaplet.” I have prayed the chaplet daily for years, and I can say that Christ is indeed true to His promise; even though sometimes it took a while for my prayers to be answered. This is the answer to your problem.

      How to pray the chaplet: Use the ordinary rosary beads of five decades.

      Begin with the OUR FATHER, HAIL MARY, and the APOSTLES CREED.

      On the large beads, pray:

      Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.

      On the small beads, pray: (ten times for every decade)

      For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

      And at the end, pray three times: Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

      Please pray this daily, any time, but preferably at 3 o’clock pm. It’s easy to memorize. It will take less than ten minutes, but the benefits of saying it are endless.

      To attain salvation, though, we are not only to receive the mercy of God, but to use it by being merciful to others through our actions, words, and prayers; in other words, we are to practice the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. Jesus said to Sr. Faustina: if a soul does not exercise mercy somehow or other, it will not obtain My mercy on the day of judgment.

      The Corporal WOrks of Mercy:

      1. feeding the hungry
      2. giving drink to the thirsty
      3. clothing the naked
      4. sheltering the homeless
      5. comforting the prisoners
      6. visiting the sick
      7. burying the dead

      Spiritual Works of Mercy:

      1. teaching the ignorant
      2. praying for the living and the dead
      3. correcting sinners
      4. counseling those in doubt
      5. consoling the sorrowful
      6. bearing wrongs patiently
      7. forgiving wrongs willingly

      Jesus said to Sr. Faustina: “Many souls are often worried because they do not have the material means with which to carry an act of mercy. Yet spiritual mercy, which requires neither permissions nor storehouses, is much more meritorious and is within the grasp of every soul. Oh, if only souls knew how to gather eternal treasure for themselves, they would not be judged, for they would forestall My judgment with their mercy.

      I’m truly sorry, EAG, for a super long message. I just really want you to know the things you need for your salvation. I really hope you would pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Like me, I am sure you would reap the priceless benefits of praying it. I would be very happy if you tell me all about it someday. You can reach me at I will continue to pray for you.

      TAKE CARE!!!

  8. 1. Thanksgiving for Asmitha temporary job of 3 months ending very soon. please pray that she is blessed with a permanent assignment and with children (married since 3 years now) with hubby Abie and he too is blessed with a better job) and both are both filled with the Holy Spirit

    2. Thanksgiving for son Alroyd being jobless since 6 months has just signed for a new assignment/employer. Please pray that he and his wife Shaista 3 gal kids, Aamena, Mahinoor Zara, are filled with the Holy Spirit power in Christ Jesus and all including her parents and other members of family come to the Jesus Christ without any threats or dangers. That all live honestly in fear of God and accept Jesus Christ as their true Savior who suffered and died for them. That he is blessed with a home of his own.

    That his wife Shaista’s rash brother Rizwan married 5 times all spouses left along with 12 years daughter Fatima and an 8 yrs daughter Zarka of 2nd marriage now under their care father not bothered at all ) and rash arrogant mother Zubeda – forcibly taking overall dictatorial control threatening and abusing me and son and not providing him with food and harassing him endlessly with Shaista not bothered to pick up job and work and on the verge of evicting him with dire consequences. Son’s eldest daughter Aamena in 4th grade not able to concentrate on her school studies due to horrifying disturbance resulting her scoring low grades recently, please pray for peace. Also that 2nd Daughter Zara obtains primary school admission successfully in a good catholic school – admission papers in process.

    3. Eldest Sis, Josephine separated from husband Patrick since 40 years, defiant, lazy, taking everything for granted, not attending church service or family prayers since ages, irresponsible even of getting her spinster daughter Lourdes,40 years married and jobless son Linus 37 years (turning hostile, violent, confused repulsive, both compelled to leave their jobs for her safety and bachelor Peter – all seriously humble themselves and seriously repent forgive another and deceased parents, and all turn responsible, recite family rosary, attend holy mass, without fail and blessed abundantly.

    4. That younger sis Margaret’s son Shaun and Alisha are blessed with marital alliance and are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. That Alisha finding it very tough in the newly joined employer giving her a very hard time is protected and blessed.

    Thank you and God bless you one and all

    • Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God’s will be done in the lives of the world’s leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and it’s leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country and that President Trump along with our leaders be filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare the sins of Gods people. Please pray that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. In Jesus Name Amen

  9. Asking for a prayer of complete protection. Thank you.

  10. PLEASE pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal bleeding, fatigue and tingling throughout his body. THANK YOU @ GOD BLESS YOU.

  11. Please do pray for me i would like to do higher studies at tiss Mumbai in globalization and labour management but iam week in maths.ot is am examination conducted im three levels so first level has maths.iam very week and,if i didn’t career will end.please do pray for me i don’t have any way

  12. Giancarlo Acconcia

    God, I beg your help during this difficult phase of my life. Amen

  13. prayer what I request is (it may sound strange but I want prostitutes to be staying from me staying around me and for Mexicans and jews to depart from me

  14. healing, protection and blessing of:
    1. Married Son Alroyd (without parents consent and convert Islam), since 9 years, wife Shaista, 3 gal kids, Aamena, Mahinoor Zara, Zarka all residing with her parents (who took undue advantage) and (rash brother imran married 5 times all left one after another having an 8 yrs daughter Zarka of 2nd marriage) and compelled to run the entire household of 10 members without any financial support from others turning him pauper. they all come to Jesus Christ without threats from family, relatives. That all suspected black magic, being cast on him is totally dispelled from him and he is safe and protected. Being strangely jobless since 4 months having abruptly left the company like many times before – that he is blessed with a consistent job, healed and protected. And all are filled with the Holy Spirit power in Christ Jesus.

  15. Please pray for me with my IRS audit. My former company needs to provide documentation essential to the audit. I also need a couple other companies to provide documentation of payments made. I pray for success with God’s blessing.

  16. My x husband has been in a great deal of pain. It started earlier today. He has heart problems and is losing his site.The pain is on both sides of his upper abdominal and around towards his sides. The pain is constant.
    He has been taking care of me. I fell and broke my humerus and have a metal plate and about. 10 screws. Please ask for complete healing for us both.

  17. pls prat for son freddy

  18. May the Almighty God bless you all, please prayer and intercedes for me for a primary teaching post; I have apply for various positions in education and are already in my age of 50 years and studying education. It’s my desire to teach and working with kids but are unqualified till my studies is done.

  19. Please pray for deliverance, healing, protection and blessing of:

    1. defiant rebellious married Son Alroyd (without parents consent and convert Islam), since 9 years, wife Shaista, 3 gal kids, Aamena, Mahinoor Zara, Zarka all residing with her parents (who took undue advantage) one and all come to Jesus Christ without dangers from family members, imams, maulvis and fanatic religious heads. That Alroyd wife and kids are blessed. That being jobless now and then, humbles himself in repentance and is blessed with a secured and consistent job, has his own home and all are guided in truth by the holy spirit power.

    2. Sis, Josephine separated from husband Patrick since 40 years, and completely defiant and lazy at home, not attending church service or family prayers, irresponsible even of getting married her spinster daughter Lourdes,40 years and son Linus 37 years turning hostile, violent, confused and repulsive, both compelled to leave their jobs for her safety and bachelor Peter – all seriously humble themselves and turn in repentance and forgiveness to one another and deceased parents, in-laws and other family members – turn responsible, recite family rosary, attend holy mass and church service daily and are blessed abundantly.

    3. That Daughter Asmitha is blessed with a job and kids (married since 3 years now) recently gone to Aussie and safe and sound.

    4. That younger sis Margaret’s son Shaun and Alisha are blessed with marital alliance.

    Thank you and God bless you one and all

  20. Dear In Christ Jesus/Mother mary
    Please do pray for my relationship with Mr.Ruban James, We both like each other but because of people in b/w me and Ruban Jame have created many misunderstanding. Where with this confusion Ruban as stated that i dont like you jyothi. I dont know why, But i came to know because of some people he is very much misunderstanding me and my family. But really Ruabn James is very good at heart, i know this.I tried to clear his confusion but right now we both dont talk with each other even we see. I want Ruban James only to talk with me, and revile his love to me. Even Ruban’s mom should agree for our marriage.Please do pray for this reason. I have got many insults due to this relationship but i trust Jesus because he put my head on top by making this marriage a successful one Ruban Jmaes weds Jyothi Nirmala.I bind this request in the blood of Jesus Christ Amen.

  21. Please help me in praying for my cousin, Benito Moreno. Last year he was diagnosed with two rare forms of cancer, went through chemo, and was in remission. Today, after many follow up exams, he now has stage 4 cancer and it is now in his lymph nodes. There is not much doctors say they can do ,but to begin chemo again in hopes of delaying the outcome. God is much bigger than any of us and through belief in our Mighty God that His will be done. I ask for prayers of healing, strength, and courage for him and his family as they tackle this beast once again. Thank you!


  23. Dear Jesus i pray for direction and guidance for a home.I pray the one i am looking at is it.I pray i will work on it and make it really nice for me and others.I pray they will be happy with the job i do.I pray i will be happy and prosper there.I pray i won’t have and worries or anxiety or depression.I pray for wisdom in this matter please send angles to watch over me in this crucial endeavor.I pray to be cleaned in heart,body,mind,deed,speech,thought,and soul.I pray for emotional intelligence and any sinful though to be be cast away and replaced with blessing’s and wise thought’s.I pray my lesson’s are lite.I pray for the homeless may major project’s take place to solve this problem and they be uplifted in every way.I pray for the falsely incarcerated may they be treated with dignity released and heal.I pray for those in most need of your mercy to turn to you and heal.I pray for those in need of medical may they receive all effort’s to there healing and comfort.I pray for the church and it’s leader’s.I pray for all leader’s may they make correct decision’s.I pray for my family may they not take from me and i forgive them.I pray to forgive everyone and everything.I pray i am forgiven.I pray for my prays may they be written better and the content be just.I pray for those you generously give the gift of prayer please bless them richly and thank them for me.I pray for Kelly and every one at Maxine’s and the pioneer club may all there need’s be met and they grow closer to you.I pray for your mercy and the absolution of my sin’s.I pray for the animal’s may all there need’s be met and they be treated with dignity.Thank you for your gift’s i love you peace and love peace and love AMEN Andrew. please feel free to post, share ,forward.Please keep keep me on your prayer list Thank you very much!!!I pray for everyone i know.

  24. Please pray for me to get a good job soon and also please pray for my partner who is always out with friends, does not value family..i pray that God will touch and heal him!


    I NEED an INCOME IMMEDIATELY! A position that fits me and who I represent.
    Thank all who Pray and Intercede for me, In the Name of Jesus Christ.

    • Prayer 4 strength 4 my daughters teenage daughters for me a husband that would honor me for me at home on this job increasing healing in my body healing in my being in the name of Jesus I will also keep you guys in prayer as I read your posts.

  26. Please pray for my husband who has been in the ICU for three months and keeps getting infections. Please pray that the doctors figure out the source of the infections and will treat them fully. Please pray for my husbands recovery.

  27. Please pray I get sole custody of my son. His dad is an active abusive drug addict and alcoholic. He is abusing our son. The more this goes on the more he abuses him. He let a heroin addict move into his house. Our son screams everytime he has to go he is so afraid. He is only 9.

  28. There is no prayer request boxes. There are only replies. Where can I send my petitions.

  29. My mother is suffering from uterine polyp and my aunt is suffering from uterine fibroid. Please pray so that my mother and my aunt get healed as soon as possible without removing uterus through surgery. Please please pray.Please pray through powerful intercession of Mother Mary through rosary that my mother and my aunt be healed completely of all their diseases in Jesus’ name. It’s urgent.

    • hi vipin
      i am praying for your request
      I would also suggest you to pray
      wisdom 16-12 bible verse along with the sorrowful mystery of the rosary ..Please recite the bible verse each time you tell the hail mary
      do this for 9 days with faith
      dont have any doubt
      have full faith in god
      god is the one who heals
      mother mary is there for us to pray for us
      remember jesus will never say a No to mother mary
      please do get back to me
      with a good news
      that they are healed.

  30. Today I ask of you brothers and sisters that you help me pray. I have recently lost my father in law and thought my husband was taking it hard and lately he’s quit his job and I thought he was falling apart. Come to find out he’s been drug abusing drugs and going to strip clubs. I feel so betrayed I’ve been praying over him for years and I give him his place as the man of the house I’ve never questioned him due to having no reason, so I thought. I have so much hate in my heart right now I’ve spent the whole day praying and he’ll come interrupt me and mock me like I’m the fool. Which in this case I am but I need guidance and peace please pray for me.

    • I pray that your husband will change his behavior and live a pure life in Jesus’ name. Keep on praying and God will surely answer your prayers.

    • hi maria,

      God loves us all
      There is nothing impossible for the god our father
      your husband will love you
      have faith
      please recite the I believe in God prayer 9 times every day with faith
      U will see gods miracle

  31. Please pray my family and I will get free of those who are stalking us. We have had problems for years with criminals, people who practice black magic, and some crazy guru type who won’t leave me alone since I went for a speech about Buddhism. He seems to be fantasizing that I’m his student and should be in a sexual relationship with him. I’ve tried to reason with this person repeatedly, but last he looked me up, he screamed that he would use black magic to get my children killed and my private parts destroyed. Both has happened since through criminals. He normally resides in Nepal. Some of his core students are stalking and threatening me as well, Please pray I will get free of them, and that my reputation won’t be connected with any of their actions or slander, nor the criminals’ such. Thank you.

    • In the bleeding of the body of Jesus Christ took and captured satan and his evil power of different agents and cults of satanic practice – I/We cast of his demonic hold over you and your family that his power be totally broken and never returned and that he becomes confused totally – never again to bother you again.
      In Jesus name i/we pray, Amen, Amen, Amen

      Say this pray in the closet of your room – and even daringly recite it before him 3 times.

  32. My prayer request is that God help me to not sign a contract at Good Shepherd School

  33. An Apartment owner in the complex that I stay at illegally acquired another person’s car park.When I pointed it out, I am singled out. That person is also playing mischief with my father’s boundary wall. His name is M Rajendran Pillai. All the other owners are standing with him as they are all Hindus and I’m a catholic. Names of others are R. N. Baliga, Santhosh Sivanandan, N Satyavageeswar, Aravindakshan V, Jerome Mathews, Janaki Sangameswar, Krishnankutty, Joseph Varkey, I. G. Venugopal, Wg. Cdr. B. Sreekumar Nair, S. S. Mani, Abdul Sharief, Padmam R. Nair, Mr & Mrs. Vasudevan, Ashtam Kumar, Rajiyana Haja, Sanjeev Kamath, S. Ratheesan, Patrick, Vipin F., Prof. S. Devanarayanan, R. Ramakrishna Iyer, A. V. Nirmal, N. Nagesh and R. Sreelatha Kumar. Please pray that they change their stand, look up to the truth, take action to injustice and make peace with me. Remember all these people in all your prayers! Thanks!

    • In Jesus’ name I pray that they change their mind and stand for truth and stop their illegal activities and make peace with you through the powerful intercession of blessed virgin Mary. Amen.

  34. Please pray for me as i want to have financial freedom and good ,enjoyable career with travel and more time with my loved ones. I am hoping my employer would agree to let me stay in the Philippines more often while working for our Hongkong branch. Thank you so much.

  35. Pray for the restoration of my marriage and that God will continue to transform me into the husband and father that my family needs. Pray for my wife’s soul that her heart does turn bitter and harden to God. That she may stop being deceived by those who advocate divorce because they are only serving their own selfish needs. Pray that my son and daughters hearts and other who are hurt by this heal and turn to God for comfort

  36. Hi,
    I’m not sure where to ask for a prayer request. My husband and I have been suffering from infertility for years. We ask God to please bless us with healthy children. My husband has a test scheduled in November and ask the Lord above for his results to be positive. We want to raise our children up in the catholic faith. We also ask for his help with finances. Infertility is not covered by insurance. Please oh Lord!

  37. I have lost my part-time job, and my benefits run out and I have to tell my husband today and he will get highly upset. Please pray that I can find a new part-time job as my full time job barely covers everything after the mortgage is paid (and that is late) and pray that he does not lose his temper..thank you and God Bless

  38. My husband, Mario, was fired from his job of 3 years. He’s the sole supporter of our family which includes 2 small children. He’s a member of a union which is fighting for his job back. Some people at his job wrote false statements against him. He’s a good man, an amazing husband and father. Since losing his job; we have also lost our health insurance coverage which is scary being we do have two small children to care and provide for. He has a mediation coming up, please pray his job is granted back & truth will prevail. Also please pray that I may keep my faith as it is being tested to the extreme right now.

  39. restoration of relationship with paresh
    please god m at crossroads and don\’t know where to go and what to do with my life.Please help paresh and me to sort out our troubles,teach me to have patience in the mean time and not loose my temper and have arguments with him which make things worse instead of getting better.Please keep both of us away from temptation and take away all ill advice\’s and surround us with those who offer us loving advise.reach out to us today and reunite us .Lord i know you can make a way out of no way and lord im asking to make a way for us to be together again and please look after us always.

  40. Please pray for me. I am having a hard time. I have been struggling/battling with immense jealousy since I was 17…I am now 34. Jealousy is destroying my relationship with my husband and God. My jealousy causes me to lash out and be judgmental and hurtful with my sharp tongue. This is not who I am. I am sweet, nurturing, and full of love for everyone. In times of jealousy I turn into the complete opposite because of the hurt and fear that I am overwhelmed with. I am exhausted and beaten up with this. I feel that I am being attacked by Satan. I desire to be humbled and overwhelmed with the joy and love of God. I desire to be safe and secure. I desire to be kind and gentle. Please, pray for me. Thank you and God bless. Angela.

  41. I was born and raised Catholic and have devoted my life in a serious way to God. I am what the bible describes as a good wife and I pray that you would pray that my beloved husband Michael will come to his senses and fall in love with me all over again. Also this year I found major financial errors in my job and the people responsible lied and discredited me and I was the one who was sacked. The organisation is afraid of losing its considerable funding and so they all then covered up serious things include my abuse. This has impacted not only on the very difficult circumstances I now find myself but on my prospects for getting a job. Please pray that Michael and I will be reunited in love and that I will be given a good job. Thank you.

  42. PLEASE, pray for the SAVING of the MARRIAGE of my dear husband and me. My dear David has separated from me (November 2013), does not speak at all with anyone who has contact with me nor me and IS trying to divorce me….Please, pray for the SAVING and STRENGTHENING of our beautiful marriage! We met through the image of Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Angels, he proposed after Holy Mass and the Angelus (while we were before the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa… at St. Stanislaus Oratory…. on the feast of the Holy Family, and were married August 17, 2013) We both intend well, and our challenges are completely reconcilable…..Yet, David is SO set on a divorce!… We need a MIRACLE…. Please, URGENTLY pray for the SAVING OF OUR MARRIAGE, as it IS IN the courts!…….. Thank you so very much, and may God bless you and your families via the Immaculate Heart of His Blessed Mother!

    • Hi jmjdrei. I will pray for you. I would be very grateful if you would also pray that my beloved Michael will fall in love with me all over again as I will pray that your David will fall in love with you and come to his senses.

  43. In my near village(Vathiyar vilai) one Black magic man(Rajakumaran alias Raja) he is killed approximately 60 poor people by his Black magic .He will ask bulk amount of Donation(ie-Gold ring ,Gold chain..etc) for his family temple (Sudukaatu maadan,Sudalaimaadan,vaathai) if they are not donating that family will meet within a month one death. some not donating people die in cancer by Block magic of Rajakumaran alias Raja all are getting same type of liver Cancer . He will not leave even born baby also. The Black magic men relevant area 65% of ladies lose his husband by his blackmagic.But he will not utilized full donation money for temple ,used all of his family and Black magic purpose.if any rich person near the area he will do Black magic then at the end of rich person death he will meet his family .he will tell yesterday I saw one dream on that Sudalaimadan came he told rich person will not going to death you tell to him .i will save him you ask one lakhs rubees&one coat. that they will ready to give he will remove Black magic.due to this person so much family suffering , people in please keep and pray daily for the man (Rajakumaran alias Raja) to know about the jesus,and people blood,live,tear.

    • in the name of jesus christ bleeding wounds , mother mary archangel st michael gabriel and raphael all prophets and saints in heaven and earth may all these satanic powers be destroyed completly and may jesus christ drive them all into the everlasting fires of hell never more to return again
      amen amen amen
      and may there be peace in that entire area and region and be guarded by angels forever and ever amen amen n amen

  44. I have a friend who got the flu which turned into pneumonia. From coughing he got a collapsed lung and has developed a staph infection. He has just undergone surgery for a prostestic lung and we are worried for his life. He is on life support. He has a wife, young twin boys and a lot of life left to live. I believe in the power of prayer! Please pray that God, the Father Almighty, will heal his fragile body. Please pray that God breathe life into his lungs, heal his body and and spirit. Take the infection from his body and cast it out and bring him back to life with his family. Also pray that his family stay strong and faithful that God is watching over them. Thank you in advance for you prayers!

  45. Santiago Gabriel Michael Griego

    Please pray for me to be detached from evil. Jesus Christ too I pray satan I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. Brother Christ you know that I’ve bled for this family and, you see how they treat me, take care of me and, allow me to always be one step ahead of them, I don’t trust anybody. God forgive me of my sins and, allow me to show all that I can be careful and, baby myself. Jesus Christ I love you. All of my life I’ve been picked on and, bullied by the very people that call them selves my family, but you are here now, I pray for me to become what you want me to be Lord. I pray that you guard, guide, protect, save, bless and, heal me and, make me powerful, strong, understanding, faithful and, loved, I pray for the heavy laden to get rest, and, I pray for all the killings to be stopped, too for the evil man to be converted, Jesus Christ show me something we can do together, Jesus Christ I pray too that there is an end to all abortions, for the man of good will to find the fullness of the faith, Jesus Christ can you believe the front these people are doing to me now and, always, Jesus Christ I pray for all of the souls in purgatory to be in heaven with you now God, too help me to understand when they want to fight, I’ll be prepared, Jesus Christ I don’t want to back up from you, help me. God I fear you and, Jesus Christ God I love you. Jesus Christ I pray that the Holy Spirit helps me.

  46. I’m asking for prayers of reconciliation for myself and the love of my life. she is my best friend and I hope one day for her to be my wife. But recently we had been arguing and it scared her and she left. I know this seems silly but she was the one person who loved me and I love her. Please bring us back together again, let our foundation be strong and loving please let me get the apartment that I recently applied for. I want to create a home for my family including her. I love her and I want her in my life forever.
    Thank you

  47. Please help me pray. for my Husband yuki. He move out two weeks ago because he want free from marriage- and want to be him self. He also want to be with other woman. I pray my husband will come home and back to be believer of Jesus. Lord only you can change and make him realize about important his life. Only you can stop him from doing adultry. I pray for those with wrong influence will lose interest and leave him alone. Yuki’s heart is in Your hand; You direct it like a watercourse where You please. I can trust You.” I will never give up on pray for him and will keep fasting and pray every time. Lord you hear my pray and also other warrior. Please guide this , I command demon to take our their hand from yuki mind’s Jesus please help me on this trial give me strength and be my counselor and also my husband counselor.

    • All the prayers on this site touch me and are important. I feel for you in your love for your husband and in praying for his return. I will pray that Yuki returns to you and that he will discover that he does not love other women, he only loves you. I would be grateful if you consider praying that my beloved Michael also falls in love with me all over again. Lord please answer all the prayers on this site. Thank you Lord.

  48. Please…the mortgage is late, the oven broke, the snowblower broke, the van lost its heat & tranny is slipping and inspection is ude, and now audited and owe irs…i am at my wits end…please pray

  49. praise the lord…please pray for mega preethi and family because, her family was tied up with black magic…now her father was having relation ship with other women his name is ashok because of black magic done by that women her name is uma,many problems created in her family….its urgent.plz

  50. I pray in Jesus’s name that my mom’s(Janina) bloodwork comes out normal tomorrow(Thursday) and that she is healed from her LOW white blood count and neutropenia and higher glucose levels as well, that her internal organs and bonemarrow/blood are healthy and cancer free. That Jesus restores her to normal health and all illnesses/health concerns/stresses leave her body and soul immediately.

  51. Dears
    My name is Joseph Jose, I want you to agree with me for total debt release.
    Me and my family is struggling to get out of this, we are praying and hoping for debt free life.. We want to live in peace.

    Thank you

  52. please pray my brother he is having cancer test and my family are hoping and praying that the

    results will give him nothing to worry about and it all good news and let my period to heavy ever month

  53. kamini srilankans_

    please pray for financial thank you

  54. Dear St. Joseph,

    I beg you to please hear my prayer this day and pray and interceed on behalf of me and my family. Help me that I may successfully pass the upcoming tests I will receive for each job I am applying. Please also assist me so that I am able to successfully sign the new client for my business and do well. I only ask that I may truly serve as a vessel of the Lord, in caring for my family and in re-establishing a career after being absent from the workforce. Please grant your intercession so that I may be confident, clear and congenial with all clients and interviewers and receive a job offer and business immediately, as my family is suffering. I ask this in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

  55. Dear St. Joseph,

    I beg you to please hear my prayer today and pray and interceed on behalf of me and my family. Help me that I may successfully pass the upcoming tests I will receive for each job I am applying. Please also assist me so that I am able to successfully sign the new client for my business and do well. I only ask that I may truly serve as a vessel of the Lord, in caring for my family and in re-establishing a career after being absent from the workforce. Please grant your intercession so that I may be confident, clear and congenial with all clients and interviewers and receive a job offer and business immediately, as my family is suffering. I ask this in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

  56. Dear St. Joseph,

    I beg you to please hear my prayer and pray and interceed on behalf of me and my family. Help me that I may maintain my health and complete my upcoming job interview successfully. I only ask that I may truly serve as a vessel of the Lord, in caring for my family and in re -establishing a career after being absent from the workforce. I ask for your interces ask sion so that I may be confident, clear and congenial with the interviewers and receive a job offer immediately, as my family is suffering. I this in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

  57. Dear St. Joseph,

    I beg you to please hear my prayer and pray and interceed on behalf of me and my family. Help me that I may maintain my health and complete my upcoming job interview successfully. I only ask that I may truly serve as a vessel of the Lord, in caring for my family and in re-establishing a career after being absent from the workforce. I ask for your interces ask sion so that I may be confident, clear and congenial with the interviewers and receive a job offer immediately, as my family is suffering. I this in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

  58. Dear St. Joseph,

    I beg you to please hear my prayer and pray and interceed on behalf of me and my family. Help me that I may successfully pass the upcoming tests I will receive for each job I am applying. Please also assist me so that I am able to successfully sign the new client for my business and do well. I only ask that I may truly serve as a vessel of the Lord, in caring for my family and in re-establishing a career after being absent from the workforce. Please grant your intercession so that I may be confident, clear and congenial with all clients and interviewers and receive a job offer and business immediately, as my family is suffering. I ask this in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

  59. Lord, thank you for the blessings you have given me for the past two days. I have started on my new job already on a casual basis. Thank you for the help of my co-workers on my first day of work. However, there was one senior worker who was always giving orders on a dominating and high pitched voice. Am praying that she may realise that it is not the most motivating way to treat your co-workers especially the new ones. May I also be given work assignment today and for the coming months as often as possible as you know our financial needs. Praying in the mighty name of Jesus and through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Amen.


  61. Please pray that Lord deeply heals every moment of my life before conversion with His unconditional love and gives me every grace I need for deep healing of my soul. I am totally exhausted of many years lasting terrible torture of painful darkness and guilt, although I try to live with Lord. God bless you for everything!

  62. hello father,
    i loved one girl for 4 years and we married in civil after that she started getting proposal at her home so i told her tell ur parents that we are married from that day they hide her made her compltely changed now they filed for divorce and she completely forgot me…they made blackmagic 4 month became…… the case is in court plzz help me….im from goa….father more than 1 year past still fighting in court for my wife which she is totally changed n also i had send this more than 19 i had also attend litreate………..

  63. Please pray for Mary Stella that she will be transfer to Ipoh General Hospital soon so that she can be involved in church active. Pray that she will get normal shift work.
    Pray that John will encounter Jesus in him. Holy Spirit will anioting him and will fellow me to prayer meeting and serve god.
    Pray so that Patricia Anne will get a secure job which is 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 8am til 1pm. Sunday off so that she can take care of the family and also can join the church active and come to gather very evening to pray for the ccr rally. She is struggling without a secure job for 10years. She is jobless now. Pray so that God will bless her and gave her rm 1,300 per month salary.

  64. Pray for a job an financial breakthrough.


  66. Sir i am breaking day by day after my relationship got splitted,i cannot live my life without my love,please pray for my lost love to come back and my splitted relation to be fine again,please pray for me i need god’s blessing to win back my love.please pray.

  67. Dear Prayer Warriors:

    Please pray for my son EDSEL J.F:

    – that the Holy Spirit convict him about his false notions of self and reality
    – that only JESUS can set him free from alcoholism and it’s deadly effects
    – that he may feel the merciful love of Abba Father
    – that Mother Mary crush the enemies of his soul

    In Jesus’ mighty name, I lift him up to you Heavenly Father for healing and deliverance! Praise you Jesus, Thank you Lord!

    Praying that the good Lord continue blessing you and your families for interceding for my son.


  68. Dear Lord please send me a husband and children. Health, healing and wellness. Protection from harm.

  69. Hi, My name is Vincent Arao. Please pray for me…I have been trying to invest on different ventures but keep on loosing money. Please pray for me. I need guidance.

    May God Bless you.

  70. my father was suffering from stroke attack in nervous system was damaged he was in critical situation.please pray for my muthusamy has recover from this illness and give good health for them and pray for his long live.please pray for me and family for solve my financial problems and good health and happiness for my family and solve the properties problems.and give chillds for me.pray for good health and happiness and long life to my father.solve my properties problem

  71. Please pray for my friend who stuck up in a legal case for 3rys and he is unable to come out from banglore. I was the only person who was supporting him financially but due to financial crisis I am unable to help him anymore. the lady who has given surety to him is now bribe other to make sure that he doesn’t come to Hyderabad. Presently he is in Hyderabad but that lady is touché ring me my friend and the person who is helping us by given surety from Hyderabad she is bribing cops to put them in trouble please pray for him that he shouldn’t go out of Hyderabad and our problems should be solved.

  72. Theodylene my DOWNSTAIR neighbor a widow running high fever and admitted to hospital being diagnosed as having lack of protein in her system due to its rejection and erosion through urinary system. Pls pray that she retains proteins and all essentials in her body system and be healed physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  73. Hi I’m Clara!! I’m helplessly desperately urgently in need of all of your prayers for most precious fiancé CHRISTOPHER MARK DE SILVA to come back home to me asap and for us to be married next year on sweetest day 18 oct 2014 as planned!!!

    It has been 5 months now and I have been praying really desperately hard everyday and time I get!

    I beg u all from the bottom of my heart and soul to please pray for my dearest fiancé christopher mark de silva to come back home to me asap!!! It’s been 5 months now since he left!!

    I’m a helplessly desperate wife to be at my wits end and urgently waiting for my love to come home now!! He’s the bestest gift to me from heaven and I really really need him back home!!

    It means the whole world lot to me!!


  74. Dear team,

    Please pray for me for Mahadevan that Jesus will open Maha’s heart and Maha will accept him as his Lord and Saviour.

  75. Dear Brother/Sister
    I finished studying engineering in 2004. But I failed in one paper, I have written that exam for 10 times but still failed. This 27th May is my last attempt at 9:30am(ist). I have prepared hardly. Please pray for me.


  76. Please pray for my husband and I. We have been separated for over three weeks now because he took a work transfer and had to go ahead of me. We have a very deep love each other but please pray that we have continued strength to endure this separation. I ask God to be with my husband and myself and I pray that a loving family or couple will come very soon to buy our home and then I will be able to reunite with my husband. May God bless each and everyone of you.

  77. please pray for me as i love flowers and walks through the woods themountains hiking and this sweet family gave me a very very large stuffed puppiy but i have no space to put him and i need to do my physical theapy my place is very small buit affordable i feel the love from their hearts and i wish to give the large stuffed puppy which brought me much delight at their thpoughtfulness and it was funny too but iwould get a great joy in giving it to children in te hospital as i was on cardiology exposed to a toxic chemical and i still dont feel well but nature ad the birds and mpousntian and prayer is very healing to me that if i do give stuffed puppy to children they will not be hurt by it as i had two miscarraiges and i would like some child to havr the great joy i did whn i saw it also please pray for me to heal and for those who have helped me with getting a toxologist may i see one soon as i dont feel very well please pray jesus G-d holy spirit help heal me

  78. Please pray that Scott forgives and calls tonight. Pray he is healed of anger, hurt and childhood. May our relationship be healed and brought back to love, respect, joy and friendship and that we are back together again soon. Thank you.

  79. I greet thee priests of the church. I have several questions regarding possesion. My main question is Wheter I might be possed or not.

    1: Everytime I step into a church I get a pounding headache which last for hours, painkillers do not take away the pain. Started three years ago.
    2: I can not seem to touch crosses without feeling strangely frightened. That begun about three years ago, after I stepped into the Basilisk de Sacre Coeur in France and the Notre Dame.
    3: I can not look at statues of Jesus or any other holy being, such as Angels or Maria.
    4: Thinking of God or Jesus makes my head hurt. It really does.
    5: Bright lights hurt my eyes and make me feel like my head is being burned from the inside. My chest feels tight as if something wants to get out. It is unpleasant and often makes me want to curl up in bed, burried under two thick heavy blankets to sleep and hopefully never wake up.
    5: My fingernails grow abnormaly fast, I chop them of and only a few days later they are at least half an inch long. They are sharp without having to sharpen them. My family revers to my nails as knifes.
    Why would that be? Seems un- natural to me.
    6: I have sensitive hearing and a sensitive sense of smell. I have poor eyesight but even with or without glasses I can spot small details very easy.
    Is that a sing a demon might just pass on his or her powers to me?
    7: Mythology has begun to facinate me lately, I search for demons and ways on freeing them from hell every single weak.
    Is that a bad thing to do for a possibly possed person?
    8: I find myself randomly growling and making weird clicking and trilling noises with my tongue, not sure how I do it. I also pur when I cuddle with my cats or hug my little sister. She tried to mimick the sounds I made but she could not do it.
    9: I have mood swings, much like a pregnant person or a bipolar person. I have been tested for both and came clean, so that is not the issue. One moment I can be grumpy and the next I can suddenly be cheery and hyperactive, usually after I read or saw something about demons getting out of hell. Is that bad?
    10: My mother grew up in a Christian foster family so we have a few bibles lying around. I touched one about a month ago and it stung my hand, felt as if someone pressed a hot piece of metal against it. I never touched a bible again after that. Bad thing or not? I think it is, kind of scares me.
    11: Recently I have become addicted to annything containing sugar, mainly chocolate and that taste like it. I find myself craving it again and again. If I can not eat chocolate I become angry and start to growl and become jumpy and aggitated. I usually leave the house to buy chocolate. That to scares me.
    12: I have had the thoughts of randomly killing people, ripping out their throaths, cutting them open with a blunt knife, ripping out eyes, tongues, harts and other organs, breaking bones, skinning and flaying them alive, hanging them upside down to let their blood flow to the ground. Riping out their spines with the heads still attached to it. I dream of that as well, it is frightning but strangely exiting and it scares me. The fact that I enjoy the thought of hurting other people is worrying, not that I let people know that.

    I could go on and on, I noticed many things that have changed about me, like the sudden thirst and interesst in blood. It is sweet tasting and strangeley addictive.

    What do I do? Can I self exorcise myself or something?

    Last night I was watching a movie and I think I blacked out because suddenly my sister stood in front on me holding her mobile phone, telling me I should listen to a recording. So she played it and I heard my own vocie saying something in what I think might be latin, but it was weird, not completely like me. More like a rougher version of my voice. I told her to erase it since it really freaked both of us out.

    Tutela caelitus in terra exsisto praecipio pro nunc is quos sceptrum abyssus vadum exsisto licentia vinco totus quos obviam ire domino.

    That is more or less what I said, not sure what it means or if it is even correct, because I could bareley make out the words. What does it mean? And is it bad?
    Because if it is then I might just have a problem, since there are no exocists in the Netherlands, at least not for as far as I know.

    Please reply.

    With much thanks…



  80. MicheLle Marie triska

    Pray god heals my extreme discomfort of gas and farting lonliness lack of love and protection pray god gets meds out my life forever and brings a cure for gas supernaturally making me gas and hernia free


  82. My daughter is studying in university and she stays at residence. She doesnt have any friends. and because of that she is so depressed…pls pray for her to get good friends and pls pray for her studies. Thanks

  83. Please pray God will be loved.

  84. GOD
    if you do not action according to Bible
    what can i do for you

  85. Claudia Pauline Tan

    Dear Lord Jesus, we sincerely thank you for answering our prayer for sending us the Franchisee, Mr. Arun. They have promised to place their deposit to secure the Franchise with us on 18th Oct. Now, he might have some issues related to funds. His Father initial plan to support him in part of the Franchise Fee might change his mind to use this sum on his other business expenditure. Lord Jesus, you have lead us so far, walked with us through our struggles these two years. You are the one who sent Mr Arun to us. WE TRUST IN YOU that you will not let us loose this Franchise opportunity. Love, Melvin & Claudia

  86. Please pray for Amos, a young child who is in grave condition at Children’s Hospital.

  87. Please pray for crystal w,brian c,noel b,which commited suicide.thank you.

  88. God please return my relationship with Ian.

  89. I am a Guidance Counselor at Epiphany Catholic school in Lake City Fl a small rural very Catholic school.We struggle to keep our doors open.Some oF US work hours for free always knowing we are keeping Catholic teachings alive.We have a yearly fund raising event.Do you know anybody who could buy a raffel ticket from us. 1st prize is 10000 dollars,the ticket costs 100 dollars.I turn 71 on Sept. 8th our Ladies Feast Day and in her honor I ask you to think about helping us.Mail check to Epiphany Catholic School,at 1937 SW Epiphany Court Lake City,FL 32025 att Judy Williams
    Thank you and may God Bless us all,

  90. Please pray for my co-worker guide her to finding a very important document pertaining to her job.
    thank you

  91. can you pls pray for my mom in law faustina that she may be healed completely from the brain fever and the viruses that are there in her body and she gets her strength back and dosent require the need of a ventalator and the doc says that she is out of danger and can go home
    May god bless you

  92. I am in love with my by friend sathis for the past 10 years and still love him alot but due to caste problem and his parent threaten hes not ready to marry me but I cann’t live without him. I do want to marry him and live with him forever. Please pray that his family needs to get convinced and ready to accept me as thei daughter in law and make our wedding to happen soon……..Please pray for us.

  93. We have Christmas celebration for inner-city people. It is 12.19.2011. We ask that you pray that God saves, heals and renews a lot of people and that all go well.

  94. Dear Friends,

    Thank you for your prayers for the swelling of my hand…This morning I visited the doctor, and he said the reports show no cause for alarm, and that it should subside..So thank you for praying for me and for the Physician… I came out of the hospital with a light heart, only to receive a phone call from my Mum – Reeni who asked me to come immediately as she was feeling unwell. So I drove to her place to find her pale as ever, and rushed her to her Doctor..who discovered that her blood sugar level had risen very very high to 390.Mum was dizzy and could hardly stand,and I was asked to take her immediately for an ECG. I had to bring Mum by force to my place as there is no one to take care of her in her place…since my Brother MALIK doesn’t even talk to her, and his wife and daughter have no time for her…Also my other brother Dilip doesn’t care about anything…He hasn’t even replied my text message I sent him informing of Mum’s situation…I wonder whether the cause of the high sugar levels is because she is always thinking about them, how much she did for them and the way they treat her so badly. Please pray that her Sugar levels may come down to normal and that the Healing hand of Mother Mary restore her….Also that God May open the eyes of my Brothers,not to treat my mum in this way..

    Later on in the afternoon my domestic helper Angela (photo attached) qho was cooking and looking after me and Mum got sick…Her arms are swollen and she has developed boils all over …she can’t understand what happened suddenly…Please can you bless Mum that her sugar levels will come down…

    I was due to start my Choir rehearsal this afternoon after a break of two weeks because of school exams…and this happens now…I know the evil one hates me and is trying its level best to disturb my ministry. Please keep Mum’s picture (my daughter Mariella included) which I am sending you on the Altar so that the Divine Mercy will take authority over this blood sugar and look down upon her and heal her…and to give me strength..What would I do if you were not there for me. God loves me that’s why He has gifted you all to me….to support me. God Loves you and so do we too….

    Lots of Love and Blessings of Jesus Mary and Joseph be upon you all.


  95. May God bless you and your family too as he has blessed his own nation Israel
    Hello !
    I am happy to contact you because am too Christian my name is Eric date of birth 16/03/1960 Living at Pakistan I want second marriage my Lover is at USA Wolcott City so she is calling me USA she had submitted a application for permission to call me but court refused it.
    She appealed again and now the decision will be out I have idea on 01/09/2011 because the court gave three weeks.
    I request to you earnestly Please Pray for us that God help us because we both can not live now without each other because she LOVE me and I LOVE her and have promised each other will not live without marry but court not allowed it is very painful for us we are both in great confusion
    Please pray because decision is very near as I have mentioned the date
    We shall be highly great full for this act of Kindness Please help
    with best wishes Eric Jawaid Gill

  96. Stephanie Zuniga

    HI, I pray for a miraculous intercession for my four kids and my boyfriend and myself. I had left because his mother and father lived with us and cause me great grief and pain. Not wanting my children to suffer i have been taking them every other week. But i hurt. I pray for gods holy intercession for this relationship to move forward in life together. And that this time we make this relationship work and i pray it will lead to a strong marriage. i pray for forgiveness of my sins and that his mother and father move out back home. I pray for him to see the wrong he is done and i pray for our last resort is not court and child support but for us and our children as a family together and let no other influences interrupt our family. And i pray that god will let him see and forgive and I pray for his eternal love and devotion to me and his family. Thank you so much God for my children and Steve and I pray to serve you and be greatful for another chance.

  97. God, I pray that you save our marriage. My husband, Jakub has left our marriage. His family does not want me in my husband’s life and have influenced him to leave me. The friction caused by his family was too much for my husband and he grew tired. I pray God gives my husband the strength to return to me and save our marriage. I pray God gives him the wisdom to not be guided by the negativity of his family and that he realizes that I have provided him with unconditional love and support. I pray his heart will remember the good moments in our relationship and that there are greater things ahead of us. I pray that his mind, body and spirit will guide him back to me. I truly love him with all my being and I believe he loves me. I believe in you Divine Master that you will give my husband all these things and bring him back home to me. I believe you will save our marriage. Thank you and God Bless.

  98. hi, please pray for me freeda s. to be healed of my lungs and breathing and heart and fluid condition so i may remain a blessing to my family thank you for praying. God bless you all

  99. macwan ketan john for me and my family.
    family unity,helth,protection,welth,trust build up jesus,knowledge,relation,good nature,pray for our sin.
    i working continue in institute last 15 years.but my present salary only 6000/-.please prayer for my salary increase.
    every year my whole family at present facing illness.pray for over peace in our family.all member are loudly to talk each other.special pray for my mummy pappa.who heart wife and her family are not good with relation last 7 year.i am worried and fear.our neighbour are bad.
    my wife last 7 years not not full familliar in my family with my mummy,pappa,brother,her wife,child jack.not sincere for clean home and responsible fully family.pray for my wife.
    my marriage life not easy pray for my marriage life.
    i am mently weak.i take medice.i am tobacco adict.pray for me.i have no true friend.i fill alone. i am not concentrat in my duties and prayer
    remember in your prayer for me and my family helth not good since last 5 year still continue.
    please pray for us for our weekness and sin.we need god blessing.please pray for us daily.praise the lord.

  100. please pray for the conversion of family.

  101. I will include the above folk in my prayers to the Blessed Virgin.

    Please could you pray for Marian & Graeme in Christchurch New Zealand, to help us back on our feet after the earthquake. Graeme is so good it would be great to see the worry lifted from him.

  102. The Hackney Family – After the death of wife and mother, family fell apart and they are going down the wrong road.

    The Epstein Family – After the death of Son, They are also trying to find their way. Please pray for both family’s

  103. St. Joseph
    Please pray for my family intentions. St. Joseph we need home, we need your intercetion. We need a miracle. AMEN

  104. Please pray for our unborn baby. I am 8 months pregnant and our baby was given a grim diagnosis. Our baby’s kidneys and lungs need to grow healthier and stronger. Our baby is very much wanted and loved. We need all the prayers we can get. Please pray for us! Thank you and God bless!

  105. Hi, I have a prayer request, please pray for Francisco and Denisse, may their marriage be bless with many blessings and peace. May they be fill with God’s love. Jesus please make a miracle in them, so they can be happy. Thank you.

    May God bless you.

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