Our Lady of Good Counsel

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  1. Our lady of FATIMA, please help me and my brothers and sisters. Since yrs before our mother passed away our family was divided, those that visited cared for our mother and those that wanted the inheritance which was an old house. As our mother required more care had alzhiemer. My older sister got custody of her, placed her in a nursing home and did not allow the sons and myself to see our mother in her final years. I have forgiven my sisters, but my brothers still carry lots of anger, hurt feelings. They do not talk to 4 of the sisters. Our b lady of fatima I have great faith b in you. I’m currently in hospice with renal failure and liver disease and other illnesses some of which cause tremendous amount of pain continuous. I try to pray the holy rosary and chaplet of divine mercy daily. There are days I cannot keep my eyes opened, I’m in so much pain all I can do is cry, and beg God to take me.I take heavy narcotics daily to ease my pain. Our lady of FATIMA, give me the strength, faith, courage to carry my cross that jesus christ has given me. That jesus christ, immaculate Heart of mary, saint Joseph foster father of Jesus to embrace me in my final hours. That jesus christ will forgive me all my sins. Cleanse my heart soul and spirit.give my husband richard strength and courage and faith. Ease his physical and emotional pain. He has horrible painful gout. Diabetes, heart disease,depression give him the courage,faith he needs to carry on. Help my son omar and daughter vannessa, that by some miracle from you our lady of fatima, that they meet a catholic priest or nun or catholic layperson to influence them greatly to go to catholic church, learn to read the bible and pray the rosary daily. Amen

  2. Saint jude thaddeus, patron of difficult cases. Cannot find a solution there by bringing hope to my family, especially my husband richard. Take away all hisvanger,haterd, depression, anxiety. Help him find hope, him and my son omar his stepson forgive eachother, find respect, love for eachother. Saint jude help my son find faith in Jesus christ and immaculate Heart of mary help him with his job,education and his fiancé kat. Help my daughter vannessa, heal her depression, frustration, she is losing her job very soon, and has not worked for the past week as her 2yr.old daughter has been in the hospital. Help her with her finance. Help her find a job very soon. Heal her 2 daughters, paige who has infected abcesses and required surgery yesterday. They left a drain in to drain all the blood and pus out. Help her 5yr.old sister sara kate with her stomach.ailments. her ptsd, her anxiety and panic attacks. Her frustrations, her emotional problems, anger. Help kyle their father find a full time job with benifits. Give him the strength and courage to protect vannessa and his 2 daughters from people who are trying to destroy the family. Help me yvonne currently in hospice with renal failure and other illnesses. Give me the strength and courage to carry my cross that jesus christ has given me. That jesus christ, immaculate Heart of mary, and saint Joseph will embrace me in my final hrs. That jesus will forgive me all my sins and trespasses. Saint jude please help me, I have great faith in you. I believe in you amen.

  3. chucktheswimmer

    For all lesbians in North America, Westerm Europe & esp. those individuals who capture the public eye so often: Lohan, Lynch, DeGeneris, Elton, Rosie etc: For truly infinite vast oceans of ever increasing growth in: teaching them,guiding, directing, drawing them towards, implanting in the depths of their hearts, minds, souls: an ever deepening love for Jesus thru Mary, crys-tal clarity as to the true nature of the woundedness & broken-ness in their souls & clearly,unceasingly reveal & edify them as to how the demons attach themselves to their brokenness and proceed to immerse them in sensual pleasures,selfish love etc

  4. chucktheswimmer

    Asking for strong powerful prayers for all present & future women’s groups, movements,organizations [which embrace, and/or advocate, and/or teach, and/or are founded upon [inordinate principles contrary to Church teachings on morality], in North America, & in western europe : asking for powerful community prayers: For truly infinite vast oceans of ever increasing growth in: their openness,receptiveness, love & attractions towards, clarity & lucidity,depth of knowledge,understanding, awareness of and whole heartedly embracing,inculcating,approp.- the fullness of the Faith, purity of heart,mind,soul, uprightn

  5. chucktheswimmer

    Lifting up all lesbians in N. America, Western Europe esp.: Lindsey L., Jean Lynch,Elton J., Ellen D., Rosie O. & all of their spouses,signif. others-thru out their lives: for truly infin.vast oceans of: emotional,psychol.,spiritual,biolog. healings, circumcision of their hearts & souls, renewal of their minds, growth in: clarity,lucidity,depth & knowledge of Jesus as Lord & person. savior,master,messiah; draw them under Mary’s mantle for sanctity & healing; show,reveal,teach,guide, draw them all to the true path of “coming out”=eucharistic love
    selfdonation,self-lessness, personal sanctification etc.

  6. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. That the destructive path that has been set upon with the court system will stop, and that she will go to counseling with me, and not take the children in custody later this month. I am lost, and fearful, and want to honor God in my marriage. help me


  8. Dear Lord,

    Please pray for my daughter Samantha that she does not drink any alcohol of any kind and especially not drink and drive. Please help her to see the evils of alcohol and that it does not bring you happiness , that it does not get rid of depression or solve any problems. Let her see that it only causes bigger problems. Her father my ex-husband is a abusive alcoholic prescription drug addict. Please help my daughter Samantha to make the right choices in life and help her to choose not to drink, smoke or do drugs. Please Lord give her your divine guidance .
    In Jesus Christ Name I Pray,

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  9. my friend bosco is suffering from many problems. his uncle has put a false case on bosco’s family and they claim that they had build the house where bosco stays. but in reality bosco’s dad had build the house. his uncle earns in lakhs every month also his 2 sons earns a lot of money. but still wants more and more. bosco’s uncle wants bosco’s family to come on road nw. due to this court case bosco’s family is suffering from financial problems. and this only his uncle wants. his uncle told all his ward people bad about bosco’s family and due to this,people are disrespecting bosco’s family. please pray for them. bosco didnt get a job still. he is 21 yrs old. his dad is working hard abroad and tries to keep his family happy. please pray.

  10. please pray for the healing of our famlies. may god guide us
    may god protect us from any evil, may god keep us safe may god bless us with healing and with employment.

  11. Liponts'eng Theresia Moeketsi

    Please pray for my family, to be in good health, peace and harmony. My husband be helped to get his money from his previous employer, for him to be able to survive and be able to start his own projects.

  12. Please pray for my daughter, Ann, who suffers from anxiety and depression. Pray that her mind be clear, alert, stable, peaceful, uncluttered, no confusion, no dullness, no unbalanced, scattered, unorganized or negative thinking. Give her clarity of mind so she is able to think straight at all times and ability to make clear decision.

    Give her a good mind, a teachable spirit and an ability to learn. Instill in her a desire to attain knowledge and skill.

    Heal her from the spirits of any addictions to drugs, alcohol, spirit of laziness, spirit of low self-esteem, any things that is not of God

    Please give her the wisdom she needs to choose friends who are godly.
    Deliver her from anyone with ungodly character so she will not learn that person’s way.
    Take away any loneliness or low self-esteem that would cause her to seek ungodly friendship. Please bring Godly friends and role models into her life.

  13. thank you Dan for reading Always Catholic! Viva Christo Rey!

  14. Will you please send me the Novena to Saint Isadore? Am in much need of it.
    Viva Christo Rey!
    Dan Grieco

    • Prayer for the intercession of St. Isidore of Seville

      Almighty and eternal God,
      who created us in Thy image
      and bade us to seek after
      all that is good, true and beautiful,
      especially in the Divine Person
      of Thy only-begotten Son,
      our Lord Jesus Christ,
      grant we beseech Thee that,
      through the intercession of Saint Isidore,
      bishop and doctor,
      during our journeys through the internet
      we will direct our hands and eyes
      only to that which is pleasing to Thee
      and treat with charity and patience
      all those souls whom we encounter.
      Through Christ our Lord.

      Source: Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, Archdiocese of Saint Louis

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