Bring the Pope to Justice

By Christopher Hitchens | NEWSWEEK
Published Apr 23, 2010
From the magazine issue dated May 3, 2010

Detain or subpoena the pope for questioning in the child-rape scandal? You must be joking! All right then, try the only alternative formulation: declare the pope to be above and beyond all local and international laws, and immune when it comes to his personal and institutional responsibility for sheltering criminals. The joke there would be on us.

The case for bringing the head of the Catholic hierarchy within the orbit of law is easily enough made. All it involves is the ability to look at a naked emperor and ask the question “Why?” Mentally remove his papal vestments and imagine him in a suit, and Joseph Ratzinger becomes just a Bavarian bureaucrat who has failed in the only task he was ever set—that of damage control. The question started small. In 2002, I happened to be on Hardball With Chris Matthews, discussing what the then attorney general of Massachusetts, Thomas Reilly, had termed a massive cover-up by the church of crimes against children by more than a thousand priests. I asked, why is the man who is prima facie responsible, Cardinal Bernard Law, not being questioned by the forces of law and order? Why is the church allowed to be judge in its own case and enabled in effect to run private courts where gross and evil offenders end up being “forgiven”? This point must have hung in the air a bit, and perhaps lodged in Cardinal Law’s own mind, because in December of that year he left Boston just hours before state troopers arrived with a subpoena seeking his grand-jury testimony. Where did he go? To Rome, where he later voted in the election of Pope Benedict XVI and now presides over the beautiful church of Santa Maria Maggiore, as well as several Vatican subcommittees.


Hitchens, a NEWSWEEK contributor, is a columnist for Vanity Fair and the author of God Is Not Great.

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This piece of trash comes to us early online, (Newsweek needs readers desperately) in order to try to make this hack Hitchens appear like an expert on Catholicism. Hitchens, a devout athiest and obsessed with the Catholic Church, bounces back between gigs at Vanity Fair and Newsweek whomever will sign the check first.

Pray for the salvation of the soul he doesn’t believe God created in him.. JM+J

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