Friday, December 10, 2010

Catholic Colleges Very Identity Threatened by Obama Administration

So much for religious freedom at Catholic colleges. The Obama administration is now targeting them. This has me fuming mad! The Obama administration has issued new federal regulations which threaten Catholic colleges right to religious freedom and also threatens their right to be able to teach according to the Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

This attack on our religious freedom must stop!! In Chicago, Obama was very chummy with Cardinal Bernardin who was the person who developed the seamless garment of life philosophy which “holds that issues such as abortion, capital punishment, militarism, euthanasia, social injustice and economic injustice. All demand a consistent application of moral principles that value the sacredness of human life (as defined by the Catholic Church).” This philosophy has done a great injustice to the pro-life community and is false when equating abortion with that of a public execution since the Church has officially declared Dogma declaring abortion to be intrinsically evil but not in the case of capital punishment, which, according to longstanding Church tradition, the state may justly apply when bloodless means will not protect society as effectively.

So, this “seamless garment” philosophy was a perversion of Church Teachings IMO. Obama was good friends with Cardinal Berdardin and I am going to speculate that that is when he and other Marxists started infiltrating the Church and using their community organizing efforts to teach Church members their Marxist ways while perverting the true meaning of social justice and making into some political philosophy of zealotry.

I am positive that this type of thing didn’t just happen in Chicago where I am sure Obama had a hand in it. It was and is widespread, and others like Obama did their part. That is at least in part how I believe that the whole perversion of social justice got out of hand within the Church and why church members today feel that it is okay to dissent from certain Church Teachings such as abortion and contraception. The Catholic colleges need to fight this and take the Obama administration to court for violating their religious freedom.

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Tuesday. November 9, 2010

Pride, Ego, & Conflict

For about 2 years or so I have engaged in discussions with someone whom my husband and I thought of as a friend. There have been quite a few peaks and valleys along the road in our discussions and unfortunately in the end, our discussions crashed and burned. I thought friendship constituted persons who were willing to give of themselves and share in the both the good times and bad times together. But, maybe I’m wrong. I thought that friends were supposed to respect one another even when they disagreed.

Is it possible for one’s huge ego and pride to get in the way of a friendship? Or cause friction between friends? Could someone’s arrogance and pride cause one to be selfish?
Does a friend try to tell you in what manner in which you should speak or write? Does a friend act like a blog cop telling you how you should conduct business or treat others on your blog? Does a friend ignore your troubles or your illness? In my opinion, there is a way to give advice without being overbearing, acting like a know-it-all, or issuing ultimatums.

It seems to me that pride could make one closed-minded, selfish, thoughtless, as well as uncharitable when engaging in discussions where people disagree. This so called friend either ignored me most of the time or displayed disdain for me. While I consistently reached out to him on a personal level he kept on pushing away or being extremely harsh in our political discussions. Even while I was going through major health issues and other problems he consistently showed that he was aloof and I just couldn’t get it. Here I was being thoughtful and caring and yet I was still getting treated like crap by him. All I wanted was respect and I never got that from him in our discussions.

As a Christian Catholic I am called to evangelize, combat against scandal, inform those of the truth about the teachings of the Catholic Church, and when someone distorts the Church teachings I feel called to help to set the record straight and correct those distortions of Church teachings. In addition, as a conservative I will fight against attacks on our nation which come from both outside and inside the U.S. I advocate for a limited government, pro-second amendment, and promote principles that are in line with our Founding Fathers.

As a Catholic Christian am I supposed to ignore when a fellow Catholic defends nuns who dissented from the teachings of the Catholic Church? This fellow Catholic defended both Sr. Keehan and Sr. McBride. Sr. Keehan decided to replace God with government and deceived many Catholics into believing that Obamacare doesn’t fund abortion when it does. Sr. McBride is a nun who authorized an abortion which violates the moral teachings of the Church as well. One can sympathize with the mother since she had a life threatening illness but a good and faithful Catholic must not condone the actions of Sr. McBride. Even though we had lost track of one another for about six or seven years I would have thought that we would have agreed on most issues since we both attended FUS and I had thought that we agreed on most issues back then. I guess I was wrong. There was even greater tensions of disagreement when debating on political issues. He is pretty cutthroat.

Over the past 10 years I had struggled in my faith mainly due to a major life trauma which also involved a Catholic university and people in power and is very complicated so I won’t go into that now. Over the past few years I have been on a journey of healing I have changed from being a conservative Catholic to being a Catholic conservative who humbly does my best to follow Christ and espouse those values which are in line with both Christianity and the Catholic Church. There have been times where I have failed to follow the way of Christ when debating those with opposing points of view. There have been times when I have been pushed to the enth degree and thought to myself I couldn’t take it any more and pushed back in an uncharitable manner. When debating those with opposing points of view it isn’t hard for the discussions to get heated. I never have claimed to be perfect. I am on a journey continuing to learn more about my Christian Catholic faith. There are times when setting a person straight with regards to the truth on a theological issue may seem uncharitable but in reality it is only correcting the scandal or the error in one’s theological philosophy on a particular subject. Over the past year or so I have been reading and learning more on theology, philosophy, and apologetics. I have this yearning desire to learn more on these subjects. I would have thought that someone who is a friend, who studied philosophy and is presently working in a theologically minded setting might reach out to me to help guide me, but that wasn’t the case.

From the start, I got very little respect from Kyle Cupp of Journeys in Alterity. He was often harsh and treated me with disdain. The first instance of conflict in which I can remember is when we both used the same words but with different meanings due to his rigid insistence on holding me to the strict formal philosophical definitions of those words. He for some reason didn’t understand that those words can be used loosely and informally. And, that was mild compared to future discussions.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Faithful Catholicism a Firing Offense; Godophobia in Higher Education

In recent years, and especially as of late it has become more prevalent for certain people in our society to defend a Muslim’s right to free speech, and religious freedom while the exact opposite can be said for traditional Christianity. Traditional Christians are told or taught to conform to our ever-changing society which promotes homosexuality, women priests, abortion, contraception and be “tolerant” while there is no tolerance of our traditional religious beliefs. I guess “tolerance” is only a one way street. All religions should be respected for their beliefs. Our constitution guarantees “freedom of religion.” If you looked at our society one might think that our country applied the philosophy of freedom from religion instead freedom of religion in our society today. There have been way too many instances where people stir up trouble and make the claim that the word God or prayer offends them. If that is the case while at the same time they are fine with pornography and sexual implicit scenes and other moral decay of the family being prevalent on both TV and in movies it is because they are either intolerant Godophobes or they must have some mental defect that makes them incapable of comprehending the love of God. Our Founders recognized that both God and religious freedom was important for America and made that one of the underpinnings of America’s foundation. This foundation is very important for America, and for America to be “America” we must continue to defend religious freedom today and not some selective distorted quasi-religious freedom. More



Social Justice: Catholic Doctrine Versus Progressive Perversion

Kyle, a blogger friend who has drifted over to the Dark Side and has pledged allegiance to Leftists has posted a couple paragraphs of a column written by Rev. James Martin S.J. on social justice and helping the poor. Here is yet another instance of Kyle in his usual naiveté refusing to face reality and come to grips with the fact that social justice is being perverted. He gives the entire social justice crowd the benefit of the doubt without question, while on the other hand he questions the motives of others who disagree with him on other moral issues. Kyle ignored everything past my first question and acted dumb when he responded to my first question. Since he didn’t address the totality of my questions it seems like he may okay with the perverted form of “social justice”. For a postmodernist Kyle sure has a lot of faith in the words of that phrase. Didn’t Ricoeur encourage a hermeneutic of suspicion?

If Rev. James Martin S. J. (“social justice”) really did mean for his title to be taken literally then that title was a scurrilous lie. I am inclined to believe that he didn’t want people to take the title of his post literally and assume that Beck literally told Jesus to drop dead. But even then that title was an irresponsibly scandalous, and gratuitously blasphemous rhetorical stunt as well as a cheap shot. Father is way off base. Glenn Beck was not advocating for people to abandon the poor. If Rev. Martin actually posted the entire transcript of Glenn Beck’s radio program in which Beck discussed social justice you will see that Beck differentiates between the perverted, morphed, leftist, good feeling version of social justice from the gospel of social justice that promotes charity and speaking up for the poor, which Beck advocates. I am posting the full transcript of what Glenn Beck verbalized on his radio program:


by Teresa Rice

May 5, 2010

We must stop moral relativism from seeping into both our pulpits and our pews in the form of acceptance of homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, and pro-choice Catholics.  We need good priests who will hold up the traditions of the Catholic Church, the Catechism, the teachings of the Magisterium, and Sacraments.  We need good priests who are willing to speak the hard truths and who will not compromise with societal norms or a secular society that seeks to destroy religion, Christianity and moral absolutism. God Bless our priests.

Thank you to Teresa at TeresaAmericaBlog for a terrific piece on the scourge of the Roman Catholic Church in America: Social Justice…

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