Aquinas & the Institute of Advance Physics

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What’s wrong with this? “Cogito, ergo sum; thus if I think I am reverent, I am”

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This is sure to delight readers with a predisposition for the older form of Mass, or at least Roman-style worship, and those with a predilection for St. Thomas Aquinas.

I received a curious email about an organization called the Institute of Advanced Physics.

This organization, the Institute of Advanced Physics, is very interesting. It is devoted to promoting Thomistic philosophy in modern physics with the aim of uprooting the pervasive Cartesian idealism from society in general and from the Church specifically, and [take note…] its members all attend Latin masses[I think that means they attend the Traditional Latin Mass, rather than simply “Latin Mass”, which could be in either use of the Roman Rite.  Qui bene distinguit bene docet.] It is devoted to the Thomistic tenet that all intellectual knowledge comes through the senses (Nihil est in intellectu quod non prius in sensu.), and it firmly believes that the denial of this is the cause of many problems, e.g., [NB:] thinking that kneeling while receiving communion is no different from standing and receiving it in the hands because “Cogito, ergo sum; thus if I think I am reverent, I am[Interesting.] and sterilizing the Novus Ordo form of the mass of its sensory elements, physicality being essential to a sacrament. The IAP thinks that most in the Church simply don’t realize how scientism has stealthily poisoned the modern Catholic Church. We are going to lose the war on scientism unless we, and especially Catholic scientists, genuinely say, “Ite ad Thomam.”


Fellow travelers.

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