Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Welcome to David Bisono and “Too Blessed to be Stressed” to ACBlog Guest Blog. “Too Blessed to be Stressed” is not a standard blog, but a TV show that we are making a video blog here for your viewing at AlwaysCatholic.Here’s a message from David and then the commercial for tonights Third Season premiere show:

Today is the Day!! The 3rd Season of “Too Blessed to be Stressed” airs at 9pm for the Glory of God.

The theme for today’s show is “From Crack to Christ” Our sister April will speak to us about her journey from crack to Christ.

If you know of someone struggling with an addiction, have been through this yourself then this is a show you cannot afford to miss.

You have 3 options to watch the show

1- Canal 30 en Time Warner Cable

2-Canal 97 CableVision

3- Vía internet on

After watching the show please log on to and leave us your comments.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support and friendship! You have no idea how much it means to us.

Stay blessed and in the Passion!!

David Bisono

Jesus is my Passion and my Hope!!

Check out what we have in store for the 3rd Season of
Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Some vids from shows past: Check these out…this is what our Faith is about, real, sometimes raw but Always Catholic and Always Blessed!

Moving, opening vid is called, Jovenes De Valor – Story of My Life. The Story of My Life is a beautiful film that demonstrates how awesome the power of God is. It shows that if we are open to him he can bless the worst of situations and mend the human heart. This is a Jovenes De Valor Production.

Blessed and beautiful…

The Bible says that we were created to the image of God and if theres one person who knows that is our guest Christy Torres. Please join us as she takes us through her ups and downs but ultimately we see what can happen when we realize who we are in Christ. As you watch this episode we pray that you realize how blessed and beautiful you are.

Would you please keep your hands to yourself?

Only the pure of heart will see the Lord, thats what the Bible states. On this episode, Odet Bisono and Judy Guzman both members of Corazon Puro a ministry that helps young people live pure lives for the Lord. They will speak to us about the ministry and also share with us the how, when and where of their conversion. If your desire is to see God face to face, then this is an episode you cant miss. We pray that as you watch, your desire increases for holiness and a pure heart.

Wow! Where do I begin? Today for the second time in the last few months David Bisono twittered me about “Two Blessed to be Stressed”, his tv show which is seen on cable and Internet. Last time I just sent out tweets…This time something told me to respond. Divine Providence??? YES!!! “Too Blessed to be Stressed” has a home now at Always Catholic… Please welcome David and all the “To Blessed to be Stressed” crew… Rock on, David… Grazie mille!! God Love you! Sofia

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