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40 Days of Passion

“Living Lent with Radical Passion! How are you living this Lent season?”

Join David Bisono from “Too Blessed Too Be Stressed” in this 40 Day journey into Lent…It will change your life!


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Que harías diferente si Dios hoy te dijera que solo te quedan 15 años de vida?

Friday, July 16th, 2010 Que harías diferente si Dios hoy te dijera que solo te quedan 15 años de vida? Qué cambiaría en ti, tal vez tu forma de actuar, tu forma de pensar y/o de hablar? O quien sabe si comenzarías a tratar mejor a tu familia y a la gente que te rodea? A lo mejor recordarías que eres un ser humano como ellos y los comprenderías. A quien le pedirías perdón? Te animarías a decirle a alguien los siento, no debí pensar, decir o hacer aquello? Que hicieras que no haz hecho? Esta mañana abrí mi biblia y sin saber que era la primera lectura del día de hoy empecé a leer el texto de Isaias 38 donde el profeta nos relata la historia de Ezequías. El Rey Ezequías cayó gravemente enfermo en cama y el profeta Isaías fue a verlo y le dijo: “Da tus ultimas instrucciones a tu familia, porque vas a morir. No te curaras.(Isaias 38,1) Imagínate lo que esta sucediendo en la vida del rey, le han dicho que va a morir y que no hay manera de ser sanado. Es simplemente extraordianrio ver la actitud de Ezequías frente a esta noticias del profeta, me imagino que cualquier otra persona se hubiera hechado a lamentarse y preparar las cosas antes de morir, pero esa no fue su actitud.(Is 38,2-3) Ezequías volvió el rostro hacia la pared y le rogó al Señor:3 «Recuerda, Señor, que yo me he conducido delante de ti con lealtad y con un *corazón íntegro, y que he hecho lo que te agrada.» Y Ezequías lloró amargamente. Cuál es tu actitud cuando alguien te trae malas noticias? Cuál es tu primera reacción cuando las cosas no están saliendo como las habías planeado? Dios quiere enseñarnos a confiar en El y procurar ir donde El antes de ir a cualquier otro lugar. En estos días el Espíritu Santo me ha esta ministrando de una manera poderosa esta realidad. Tenemos que no solamente darle el primer lugar, ir primero donde El antes de ir a otro lugar u otra persona. Dios escucha las oraciones de Ezequías y responde diciendo: Is 38,4-5 “He oído tu oración y visto tus lágrimas te daré 15 años mas de vida”. De pronto todo cambio! Ya no iba a morir, ahora Dios le da un tiempo determinado de exsistencia. Al leer estas líneas me pongo a pensar… Qué haría yo si Dios me diera 15 años mas de vida? Le hice esta pregunta a un joven esta mañana y con los ojos casi al llorar me dijo: “tengo una relación muy mala con mi familia, quisiera cambiar eso y esforzarme para que sea mejor”. Y tu? Que harías diferente? Qué combarías? Siga leyendo>>>>

Hoarding Sin

by David Bisono Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 Compulsive hoarding (or pathological hoarding or disposophobia) is the excessive acquisition of possessions (and failure to use or discard them), even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. Don’t know how the conversation came about, but there we were speaking about hoarding and how damaging this can be to people’s lives. This week we have been studying Gideon (Judges 6) and as we went through the story we discovered how the Israelites were struggling with idolatry and their sinful nature. The Bible expresses how God would save them and rescue them from the hands of their enemies, but sooner or later they would go back to their ways and end up right back where they started, becoming slaves all over again. This is a reality that many people struggle with in their lives especially the youth. God pulls them out of their sin, they jump back in, God pulls them out, they jump back in, God pulls them out….. Is this what you’re spiritual life looks like? Do you know anyone that resembles this picture? Looking at Judges 6:1-6, we see that because they turned their backs to God and gave themselves to sinning, they no longer had God’s favor or protection. Caves and ditches became their homes, they lived in fear and everything sown the enemies would destroy leaving them with no means of survival. Can you imagine God’s chosen People and Nation hiding in caves? When will we learn that sin has inescapable consequences not only in our lives, but also in the lives of those that surround us? This is what hoarding is about; holding on to something that in the long run will hurt, damage, and destroy you and the people that love you the most. Commonly when hoarders are confronted they will excuse their behavior and explain why they need to hold on to the garbage in their lives. Have you ever confronted someone about their sin? I mean they will say and do anything to make you see why they do it and why they will continue doing it; although deep down inside they know it’s wrong. Hoarding sin is as common if not more so than hoarding material things. When we will realize that this behavior is not only worthless, hazardous and unsanitary, but also compulsive hoarding impairs mobility and interferes with basic activities, including cooking, cleaning, showering and sleeping? It affects our whole life and it paralyzes the manifestation of God’s power in us. More

Doubting is part of the Journey

by David Bisono Friday, July 9th, 2010 Have you ever doubted Jesus? Do you ever look back on your life and think… What if I’m wrong about this whole Jesus thing? Well the same thing happened to John the Baptist. What?! Oh yes it did. You mean to tell me that John, the one who was screaming and telling others to repent and get baptized or else they would go to hell doubted Jesus? Yep! That’s right. You see, doubt is part of the journey and will always be there (Unless you’re “super saved” in that case this blog is not for you), the secret is not allowing doubt to control your life. Last night as I was getting ready to have some shut eye time after watching a movie, I checked my email and saw a message that touched my heart. A long time and dear friend sent me a message where she expressed her battle with her faith, love and service towards Jesus. This morning I woke up thinking about her and as I was sipping on my morning coffee (Soy Latte) the Holy Spirit lead me to Matthew 11:,2-3 ”When John heard in prison what Christ was doing, he sent his disciples to ask him, “Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?’” Can you imagine? John is not sure if Jesus is the one or if he should be expecting another saviour. I’m sure he must have thought, If he is the one… then why am I in jail? Doesn’t He know everything I have done for Him? I mean come on,I’m the voice that screams in the desert “Make way for the Lord” not to mention my clothes were made of camel’s hair, had a leather belt around my waist, I was eating locusts and wild honey and now I’m in jail. Where did it all go wrong? More… David Bisono is a passionate and radical follower of Jesus Christ.He is a true witness of God’s mercy and grace. Once lost to the streets but now finds himself lost in the love of God. Currently he is the Hispanic National Youth Coordinator of the Charismatic Renewal and founder and director of Jovenes de Valor and Radio Clamor. His calling is to preach, preach and preach. If you ever see him “Beware” he will preach to you. He resides in Brooklyn with his wife and two kids.

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