Father Z on McBrien Watch…ROFL!!

Richard McBrien’s latest: pure gift

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Imagine this if you can… but I saw something a little weird in Richard McBrien’s most recent blurb in the National Catholic Fishwrap.

McBrien’s piece is about Popes of the 20th Century!

As you might guess, he points out their deficiencies.


  • Leo XIII declared Anglican Orders null and void.
  • Pius X was mean to Modernists.
  • Benedict XV didn’t do very much.
  • Pius XI obsessed about commies.

And then there was Pius XII.

Pius XII was really bad.

He gave lots of power to Sister Pasqualina and everyone was ascared of her.

Wait…. now.  Think about this.

McBrien is saying this was a bad thing.

What is it that he is pointing to?  La Popessa.

A Pope empowered a woman religious and let her run the Church!

ROFL!!! Thanks to FatherZ for a great post at the end of a tough day!! – Sofia

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