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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Posted by The Catholic Defender

I have always been a fiscal/social conservative and my faith helps keep me on solid ground.

The past 24 hours I was in charge of the Hospital where I am stationed and I was able to talk with other Soldiers I shared duty with.

People are talking about the upcoming elections coming up this November. I remember studying the political circumstance in Europe in 1910.

In those days, socialism was a revolution, the Socialists destroyed the Monarchy by the power of the gun. One of the first things they did was to work against the Church. Personal liberty was just not there. Priests were put in prison, Churches were closed. World War I was in full swing, there was much uncertainty.

Jack Leone of Wantagh, NY 10/19/2006 wrote Catholic News Agency (CNA)
“Freemasonry via the Lusitanian Grand Orient Lodge was responsible for making marriage a civil affair during the revolution around Portugal in 1910. Abortion is also another thing it promotes. Abortion is always something governments try to rationalize and make as if it’s okay. Abortion clinics are Satan’s churches of human sacrifice. I simply can’t believe that Portugal of all countries is considering this”.

In the Western world, Socialism was always viewed as negative, much like Marxism and Communism. Watching our political season the past few weeks and watching several of the State polls almost on a daily basis, something has been on my mind about this.

The Democratic Party the past few years have been pushing a Socialistic agenda. They have been pushing hard left for so long they have really become out of touch with the American Culture.

I would say that the liberals have been trying to change America taking over our higher places of learning. They have certainly taken over much of the news media.


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  1. This is a most important election, please get out and vote! November 2 will be very interesting! I plan to be up all night! 3 Novemeber I will be on leave!

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