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Profs Dont Like Me but Like Abortion

by Emmy Cecilia
January 12, 2012 A.D.

Okay, the title got your attention. Good. Complete truth. Let me fill y’all on how week one of my final semester as an undergrad went. It will be short because I have homework to do. ;)

I was really excited yet slightly nervous about starting the semester because it’s my last one and I feel so pressured on doing well on my 40-50 page Thesis (by far the longest one from all departments at the school from what I’ve been told). Basically, if I bomb my Thesis I will not graduate. No pressure or anything. ;) The week started off well. I was kind of lazy and not wanting to do anything (hello, senioritis) but I still did things because I want to stay ahead. The faster I can get things read and written, the more time I will have to edit and polish my Thesis later on. I think things through. ;)

From day one my music professor made it obvious that she did not like me. I guess my reputation as the “traditional (read: orthodox) hell-raiser” (“if hell existed, which it doesn’t”) slash public enemy number one (again, because I am not liberal and I’m very religious — a very dangerous combo in their eyes) proceeds me. I never had a chance. I tried. I’m a people pleaser… to a certain point. She’s told me twice (in two days) to be quiet, even though all I did was mention the kind of music that I listened to… in a music class, so I’m going to stay quiet. She wants me to be silent, I shall be silent. Apparently I’m not allowed to contribute to the discussions in class… and no one else wants to contribute so… That’s fine. It’s not going to hurt me. :) I hope I’m wrong but everyone can tell that she’s not too fond of me. I’ll say a Hail Mary for her and just keeping on swimming. ;)

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To Mantilla or not to Mantilla?

by Emmy Cecilia
originally posted on Sept. 20, 2010

Please excuse the blurriness; my mother took the picture (April 2009) and she simply cannot take one in focus… which is why I love her. lol. This is the mantilla my father brought me from Mexico a week or two before his diagnosis. I’ve made a vow to not wear this specific one again until my wedding day so I can have a piece of my father with me on that special day. The mantillas I now wear to Mass are a bit smaller but I still love ’em. :D

I have a little dilemma. See, tomorrow my school will be having the Mass of the Holy Spirit (also known as the Red Mass). I’ve never been to one before but since it’s still a Mass, I want to wear my mantilla. There is one little problem: I’ve already started rubbing people the wrong way with my ‘traditional’ ways. If I had a quarter for every time I got a dirty look, a cold shoulder (I’ve had classmates literally turn their backs to me as I was speaking to them), etc. I’d be a rich lady. lol.

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