Election 2010

Michael Voris from RealCatholicTV isn’t AFRAID to tell the truth. Now, in particular our dear Bishops here in the Roman Catholic Church in America (as opposed to the ridiculous term, The American Church-what the heck is that?) pay close attention to a LAYMAN!! I know isn’t it funny an uber-trad like me saying listen to the layman? Well, ya know, sometimes even us uber-trads have got to admit that laymen do play an important role. Like calling the Bishops out on their lack of fidelity to Christ and His Church? Yep, that’s it.

Please, I must say that there are bishops that are doing the right thing and are not getting too much credit for it. so, Always Catholic is working on something I think even Michael Voris would find way kewl…Stay tuned…working hard trying to get better and to get AlwaysCatholic where it needs to be for all of you!!

Voting Right!

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