Father Z: Document on the implementation of Summorum Pontificum

Posted on 22 November 2010 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Remember that document that was supposed to come out about the implementation of Summorum Pontificum?

For a while now I have been less than eager to see it issued.

On the other hand, there is little likelihood that that such a document would be restrictive, given the fact that the Holy See is presently engaging the SSPX in discussions. Imagine what a dampening effect a restrictive document would have on that process.

On the other hand, it is probably a good idea that the CDF/PCED issues some sort of clarification about a few important points. For example, I have reason to suspect that in England (which I just left) there may be a “gentleman’s agreement” among some English bishops to try to repress the expansion of the use of the “Traditional Latin Mass”, or TLM according to the 1962 Missal. They may be trying to assert that Summorum Pontificum does not foresee the increased use of the older forms. Counter to this, we had heard statements from the PCED’s former President Card. Castrillon-Hoyos that the Holy Father did in fact foresee the expansion of the use of the older form of Mass.

In other words, now that Summorum Pontificum is in force, some bishops are now keenly interested in implementing the provisions of Ecclesia Dei adflicta.

To be clear, Summorum Pontificum removes the heavy burden of making this hard decisions and imposes that burden on the pastor of a parish. He can chosen to use the 1962MR. On the other hand, it seems that some bishops think that if there is a parish or two in a diocese where the older Mass is offered, then other pastors cannot chose to use the older Missal because, after all, “there’s a place for that sort of person… over there“, and it looks rather like the last row of seats in the back of a bus, or perhaps a drinking fountain with a special sign over it.

This comes from Kathnews, a German source. My emphases and comments. The translation is pretty rough, you will have the apprehension sense in the immediate kind no problems having.

Kathnews: The implementing provisions of the “Old Mass” will be published shortly

Signed by Benedict XVI. probably before Christmas.

Vatican (Catholic news-exclusive). Immediately after the publication of the papal letter “Summorum Pontificum” in July 2007 it was announced that implementation rules are expected to bring more clarity in the document to deal with the extraordinary form of the Roman rite. The publication of these provisions had already been announced several times in the Catholic media and discussed in numerous Internet forums and blogs have been. Sometimes it was said that publication of the designation was imminent, the Holy Father did, they are even already on his desk and they would only sign it. These assumptions have so far not be confirmed and proved in many cases, wrong.

Kathnews are now available exclusive information that the publication of the Regulations for the Motu Proprio “Summorum Pontificum” is really imminent. Of senior Vatican sources Kath News has now learned that the document was already prepared ready, but then had to be corrected in some points. As the news editor Kath could also learn a corrected version should be submitted in these days [to] the Holy Father. The current version should therefore also be the one to be published in addition to the Motu Proprio published in 2007. The design rules could therefore be signed before Christmas 2010 by the Pope and clarify outstanding issues relating to the use of the Tridentine mass.

Will the Holy Father chose to do this in the wake of the maelstrom caused by the Condom Commentary?

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