Sofia raves about "REAL" Christian charity…

As most of my readers know I LOVE to rant. Of course, it feels good to let out some choice words about one thing or another that sticks in our craw at the time.

This time however, I must relent to the Rave. As some of you know I have been working on getting better so Always Catho9lic can really get legs and run. Just when I thought I was getting there, I would slide back with my heart condition and then have to catch up.

Finally, I knew I had to be obedient to the Doctor and get to a place where I could get serious about getting better. I have been doing that now since ‘Sept.25th and with God’s help and all your prayers, I know it is happening. Sometimes slowly but it is happening.

I have encountered many wonderful people on this journey, one in particular a woman who is one of my physical therapists. I will call her “Amanda” since anonymity is really the proper thing to do in this case. I believe also the place where i get my therapy requires permission and Amanda definitely likes her privacy. :)

I must say that being treated with respect and dignity in the health environment is not my usual experience since I had been diagnosed 14 years ago with my heart condition. (More about that in my Christmas story that I will publish the third Sunday of Advent)

Most of the time, with the exception of a superb Doctor who also happens to be Pro-Life (of course!) I run into people that go through the motions when caring for the seriously ill or the elderly.

This place where God has led me is the exception. Without a doubt, that every staff member is here because they want to care for the sick, disabled and the elderly.

For awhile I was having serious problems with my wireless Internet and had to use a paid service with Verizon. Ugh. Not good. My blogging became very thin because it just cost too much! This place had advertised free wireless like most hospitals do now. Three weeks after I got here, it was a fight almost everyday for the place to get it fixed. It seems that when corporations own something, they forget to listen to those that keep them open.

There is an administrator that did care enough to keep after it but it was two people that kept bugging the IT guy. One is a sweet young woman who cares for all our special needs and is actually a concierge here. Nothing like having a concierge where you are getting better that’s for sure.

The other person is Amanda. She had no reason to keep after the IT guy. She did it out of love. True Christian charity. She reached out to me the first day when we started talking old movies and we bonded. Amanda has become more than a friend. She has become someone I will always keep in touch with the rest of my life. She is family in the true sense of the word.

Amanda has gone over and beyond to help me according to my needs…not corporate’s needs, not hers as a physical therapist but my needs as a patient and as family. Her and I have shared many a moment laughing over silly scenes from movies, crying over the ballet and exchanging recipes. These are all things that move my passion. Hers too and she was determined to keep my passion for life alight.

Most importantly, she knew what the blog meant to me and to my husband to be, my fiance. She knew that it was all I had while getting better and that it was something that could be our livelihood after getting married. She did not have to do any of this. But she did.

Amanda is the example of Christian charity that Saint Paul spoke about when he discussed the three theological virtues. He said that Faith, Hope and Charity were the virtues but the most important was Charity. No kidding…He must have been talking about Amanda.

God Love you!


PS. Amanda brought the IT guy to my room to see me Monday was I was resting with my oxygen hooked to my nose feeling a little sad I could only post a little…
She then let him tell me (oh, did I say she was humble also?) that I was finally back up on the free signal. Thanks,Amanda, “Live long and prosper!” ;)

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  2. Such a beutiful story about such a beautiful soul! May God Bless Amanda & may He keep blessing you, Sofia!

    Get well immediately!


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