It's ANOTHER RAVE!! Homefront Hugs USA needs help ASAP for our soldiers & their families!

Okay, Okay, so I softened and now ya got yet ANOTHER RAVE! This is so important I just had to break my rule about back to back Raves. I was sent a tweet from this organization yesterday with a plea for help. I must say that I know all of you are trying to figure out how Christmas will happen with so many demands on your budgets.

Military families have it even harder. Not only do they have the same budget concerns but repeated deployments keep them apart even during this special time of the year. Homefront Hugs USA helps soldiers and their families with the simplest of things we take for granted. Please if you have even a few dollars to spare to help them with postage and other necessities, dig deep and know that our bravest of the brave and their love ones will be getting the help.

When Linus tells Charlie Brown he knows what Christmas is all about and he tells the story of Our Lord’s birth he gets it. Its about Jesus plain and simple. If its about Jesus then as Catholics we need to give in the spirit of His birth. I think Jesus would nod appreciatively if we give to those who give of themselves even unto death. Ya think?

Here is some info about Homefront Hugs USA from their website. The link for their site follows along with the direct link to their PayPal Donation page. Please help. A military family will be the recipient of your generosity.

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Homefront Hugs USA Webpage:

Donation Page on PayPal:

Welcome to Homefront Hugs USA, a somewhat corny name for a wonderful organization with a heart and passion for inclusion and peace, weary of the useless reasons for division, ready for us all to find our common humanity, and a passion to give unconditional support to our troops, their families and our veterans. Homefront Hugs was founded on October 11, 2001 a little over a month after 9-11 by myself, a former USAF pilot’s wife and daughter of a Foreign Service Officer and Army Officer. At first, we were simply a small group of volunteers and have now become a national non-profit organization with over 10,000 active members and 50,000 members in all.

Sign up for our newsletter and emails to keep updated on latest projects to support our heroes and make a difference in your community, while serving our troops and families, and helping in natural disasters where our troops are deployed.

We have our headquarters in spectacular Ann Arbor now which is in the, middle of the gorgeous great lakes, incredible sunsets, biking, golf, aviation, camping, fishing, skiing, music and art, wildlife, lighthouses, the brilliance of all 4 seasons, with some of the warmest, friendliest Americans and outstanding public schools and universities, with heroes from all religions and walks of life who have served our country humbly, courageously. We need you.

Bottom line – you can help us from home – and you can choose any mission, from writing a card to our wounded troops and their angel medical staff who care for them, adopting a deployed hero or heroine with hundreds now our waiting list now with the latest deployments, or adopting a wounded veteran now home, or their brave family dealing with one of these many long deployments. You can even be one of the first to start a Homefront Hugs Kids or Teens Club in your school supporting our heroes. The first Homefront Hugs Kids and Teen Club meeting was held in Gulf Breeze, Florida at our previous headquarters with a super response on March 15, 2010. Kids Rock! If you do not have time, please consider making a small donation to our grass roots charity – solely funded through donations. No one receives a salary here. We are all volunteers trying to make this war more bearable for all, making sure no veteran feels forgotten. We wish everyone a wonderful winter season and pray our heroes come home soon safe to their loved ones once their missions are completed.

Let’s pray for peace this winter 2010 and beyond…peace everywhere – in our hearts – families – neighborhoods – communities and countries. It begins with each of us as we enjoy our freedoms. Savor those special moments, as my best friend Steve, a humble wise veteran, and brilliant writer and pilot, once told me. Life is short.

Freedom Endures.

Alessandra Kellermann and son Ed Kellermann (co-president)
President and Founder of Homefront Hugs USA, Inc.
Recipient of the Four Chaplains Award
University of Michigan Alumnus , Proud Wolverine-GO BLUE !


Where Freedom Means Sacrifice and Freedom Endures

Where our Heroes are Supported Without Conditions

Where we honor and dedicate our missions to our WWII veterans
who quietly and honorably served and helped eradicate an
evil leader and power we hope will never happen again so we must never forget. Dr. Henry J,Kellermann, the founder’s grandfather, helped to prosecute the Nazis at the Nuremberg trials and taught his family the incredible sacrifices of our WWII veterans for us all. May we never forget.

Where we honor and dedicate our missions to USAF Gulf
War veteran pilot Steve Schmidt of Charlevoix, Michigan
whose dedication and ability to beat the odds and meet any challenge inspired ****
our founder to begin Homefront Hugs.
Steve was a laid back highly intelligent man who also had the compassionate,
kind heart of his Mom : Claire Rose Genia Schmidt.

Where we honor CW5 Dennis R. Bryson, USCG retired, who helped
inspire our missions at Homefront Hugs by helping us remember the Coast Guard,
and their sacrifices abroad and here during hurricanes,oil spills and natural disasters.

Where each and every serviceman and woman has served us with honor
as they serve with courage and faith in our freedoms and principles.

Where Americans will never forget 9-11-2001 and remember
what it means still to so many .

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