Our @LisaGraas, Pro-Life warrior telling it like it is…

ACLU, Defenders of Islamists, Demanding Catholic Hospitals Perform Abortions

by Lisa Graas
Posted on December 23 2010

Lisa Graas has worn many hats in the pro-life movement including crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker and legislative consultant. Lisa is also an experienced apologist for the Catholic Faith, a Passionist Oblate Associate and has served as a group leader for Catholics with mental illness. She is a lifelong Kentuckian and mother of four.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is pushing anew its long-standing claim that Catholic hospitals must be forced to perform abortions. The latest demand comes in the wake of a decree by Bishop Thomas Olmsted that St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix can no longer be considered a Catholic hospital because it rejects Catholic teaching on life issues. Olmsted, who receives kudos from the Catholic faithful for boldness in standing for authentic Catholic healthcare, has become the ACLU‘s latest “demon” because he is a Catholic bishop who dares to require a Catholic hospital to be Catholic. According to our records at Discover the Networks, if Bishop Olmsted were instead a terror-supporting Islamist bent on the destruction of Jews and Christians, the ACLU would be on his side.

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Lisa Graas is a Catholic convert and mom of four who blogs on U.S./Kentucky politics and Catholic culture. Lisa is a pre-emminent Catholic blogger and we are so proud to have her here on ACBlog. Lisa’s Blog is http://www.lisagraas.com and is on Twitter @LisaGraas and on Facebook. Lisa also is a regular blogger at David Horowitz’s News Real Blog.

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