Home Schooling and This Catholic Family

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The other day, I asked my wife if I could take a look at the book she’d been using.

I’d noticed an illustration of a Roman-era family, which turned out to be a very quick introduction to what Roman citizens wore, and who was allowed to wear a toga. And that’s another topic.

She’s teaching a unit in Latin for a home schooling family we know. We got the teaching resources through someone we know at church – yet another topic.
Why Home School:?
My wife and I have home-schooled our kids, from grade 7 through high school graduation. Their choice.

The local school system is pretty good, and I might not have embraced the idea of home-schooling quite so readily, if I hadn’t been involved in America’s government schools for a time.

No matter how basically decent the folks in a local district may be, and how sincerely they want to teach students skills and knowledge: Their options are limited by the government school system’s rules, customs, and values.

The American educational establishment as a whole has a culture which is not entirely consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church. In my opinion.

Short version: I think my wife and I can teach our kids more effectively than the government schools. And – an important point for me – that we won’t be indoctrinating them with whatever intellectual fad is in vogue at the moment.

That said, we have a working relationship with the local school district. Which, among other things, allows our youngest to participate in the school band.

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