Now, here's a Bishop! Hint: He's CATHOLIC, really…

Just when you think there isn’t a bishop with a backbone…ok, ok, I’m exaggerating, maybe one with a backbone– here comes His Excellency, Msgr Carlos Ñañez from the Diocese of Cordoba in Argentina. He loves his flock. He also loves his priests. Sometimes, tough love is necessary in order to save the soul.

Father José Nicolas Alessio. be grateful and be humble, your bishop loves you!

Ad majorem Dei gloriam,


From the blog, Big Blue Wave,


Argentinian priest suspended for having supported gay marriage

Jeanne Smits translates a report from Infocatolica

José Nicolas Alessio underwent a canonical trial in the province of Cordoba and was found guilty of persistantly rejecting the doctrine on marriage, and of disobeying his ordinary, having expressed himself publicly in media against the Church’s Magisterium. He is prohibited from celebrating the Eucharist, hearing confessions, celebrating other sacraments and may not live in the parish house.

From the sound of it, the priest did not know what hit him. He did not expect such a swift decision. He said : “They condemned and excluded me for having a different opinion.”

No kidding, Sherlock.

The name of the local bishop is Msgr Carlos Ñañez. Promote that man!

Posted by Suzanne 3/7/11

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  1. I’m shocked! SHOCKED!!! to find that a bishop actually has to defend the faith.

    Maybe Fr. Alessio ought to see the installation scene in Beckett starring Richard Burton once Father’s head stops spinning. The duties of a bishop are clearly and beautifully described in that scene.

  2. I’m Catholic, and I think this is awful. Since when is Catholicism about controlling people as opposed to guiding them? It’s as though we’ve traded Jesus for Paul and now we worship rules instead of God.

    It could be absolutely legal to marry someone of the same gender, to abort a baby, to steal what isn’t mine, and to kill anyone you like – and it would NOT affect my actions. I choose to live as I do because of my FAITH not civil laws. If the church realized that, we could all put our energies to work for social justice and poverty relief – and act like Jesus instead of Paul.

    • Catherine,

      Your comments are illogical and your argument is, at the very least invalid and an unsound. My best guess here is that you did not take logic in school.

      I won’t respond to each section of your statement as obviously you do not believe that Christ founded the Catholic Church. As for your opinion about St. Paul it is laughable.

      Your knowledge of Jewish secular history, the history of the Church and even the Faith are rooted in several heresies. Probably not your fault as you state that social justice and poverty relief seem to be the only things you think are important and that smacks of bad catechisis post Vatican II.

      I will pray for you as obviously the Alinsky infiltration into the Church has made you one of the disciples of moral relativism. By the way, have you ever read the section of Scripture where Jesus chastises the apostles for their criticism of Mary Magdalen using expensive perfumed oil to anoint His feet? YOu should look it up. He defended her as He told them, The poor you will always have with you, but I will only be here for a short time (paraphrased)…Feel free to look it up as I am quite busy making sure you will no longer allowed to comment on MY blog….I do not allow readers to use foul language, to spam, to personally attack me or anyone else or commit heresy or bash the Church or a Saint (Paul) as you did… Funny, you think you know more than the Church Herself, the Church FOUNDED by Jesus…. your comments from now on will be deleted from my blog. God love you with whatever Church you deem to join…you are certainly not Catholic.

      • Dear Admin,

        Bingo! The first word that came to mind after reading Catherine’s comment was “Saul Alinsky.”

        Catherine’s advice to put “our energies to work for social justice and poverty relief…” is proof how of much Cdl. Bernardin’s “Seamless Garment” philosophy has penetrated Catholic culture. Talk about intrinsic evil/sin and social issues being of equal importance. Nice way to ignore sin and life issues. Worse yet, social justice which blinds us to the fact that we are sinners in need of redemption puts our immortal soul in peril.

        I too give Catherine the benefit of the doubt. Catechesis has been very poor these last three-four decades. Sadly, even from the pulpit. A sermon might consist of a sing-songy story that relates minimally to the Gospel of the particular Sunday. The Four Last Things? What’s that? You mean that the Eucharist really IS the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ? No it’s all about feeling good. Emotion rules the day [Well, this has been the case here on the Left Coast for a couple of decades]. The young priests coming up are a ray of hope, however. And thank Our Lord for that!

        How ironic that Catherine disparaged St Paul. If it weren’t for St. Paul’s energetic preaching the Gospel to the people OUTISIDE of Israel…

        P.S. When will Part II of “Saul Alinsky and the Catholic Church in America” post?

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