Dumb liberal idea #3464 = Reason #583739 for Summorum Pontificum: Removing Holy Water during Lent

from FatherZ at his blog, WDTPRS.com…


If there are any priests out there who remove Holy Water from the stoops in church for Lent…


And if you, dear readers, go into a church and you see this idiocy… for the love of God, DON’T bless yourself with SAND.

We get the powerful theology of its use in the older Rituale Romanum in the prayers for exorcism of the water and salt used and then the blessing itself.  I wrote about this in an article for the WDTPRS series and it is on this blog.

The rite of blessing holy water, in the older ritual, is powerful stuff.  It sounds odd, nearly foreign to our modern ears, especially after over 30 years of being force fed ICEL pabulum.

You are a soldier and pilgrim in a dangerous world.  What is Lent for? Spiritual discipline and war, right?

So why… why… why would these dopey liturgists and priests REMOVE a tool of spiritual warfare precisely during the season of LENT when we need it the most??

Holy Water is a power weapon of the spiritual life against the attacks of the devil.

Holy water is a sacramental.

It is not a toy, or something to be abstained from, like chocolate …. which is the stuff of a childish Lent.

Holy Water is not to be removed from fonts until after the Mass on Holy Thursday.

This is a response from the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments about this question. Enjoy.

For the letter ya gotta go to Father Z’s blog...HERE!

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