Massive Attack (Hmmmm?) Oh you MUST see & read this!! Hint: It's about the Mass…

Dear Friend in Christ,

There is a powerful bishop who is leading the fight to bring the Traditional Mass back to the faithful. Who could this Catholic hero be?

GOD Bless you and your loved ones,

Michael Voris
senior executive producer,

Sofia is doing the “Happy Dance” laughing like crazy, crying tears of joy! Oh yeah, PBXVI- you rock! As Mother Angelica was overheard in the studio by an old friend one night during a commercial of “Mother Angelica Live” years ago: “If it was me, I would have the Tridentine Mass end to end all over the world!”

Well, Mother, God Love you for your untiring work ’cause the Holy Father agrees… Oh, are those grayhaired, liberal-Progressive, kumbayah, rainbow stole wearing priests and Bishops going to be crying in their oatmeal at their nursing homes!!! Pax et bonum, baybee!

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  1. Comment deleted from a reader who acted like a Pharisee. Please,Sofia’s response to this post was supposed to be funny.
    If you do not have a sense of humor and think you are holier than Christ Himself, please leave your name on our Prayer Request page and we will pray the Novena of Humility for you. Then go read the National Catholic Reporter (Fishwrap) Thanks!

  2. Have you looked at the tone of the messages in this blog. They are prideful, supercilious, and contemptuous of others. Not exactly Christlike. There is no virtue in this sort of triumphalistic bombast – and it is not convincing to others if your attempt is to evangelize.

    You are trivializing your message by sounding like middle-schoolers shouting nyah, nyah on the playground.

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