Letter to Sarah Palin from @LisaGraas

Posted By Lisa Graas on April 21, 2011

Because the image you see in the picture above is considered scandalous by the radical Left, decent and thinking individuals need no further proof that the Left will utterly destroy America if given enough time.


Dear Sarah,

In regard to the recent attack on your son, as one mother to another, I offer a message for your consolation.

What is happening to Trig from the Left reminds me of the story of St. Germaine Cousin. She suffered from a physical deformity and was rejected for it. I wrote of her about two years ago:

During a time when money and fame were the kinds of glory people wanted — much like today, right? — St. Germaine was the opposite of that. She was very poor, not educated except in the teachings of the Faith, very sick and crippled and she was hated even by her own family. She seemed to have no one who cared, but she knew that no matter how horrible things were for her, God loved her and He was there for her.  She loved Him so much in return that she did just as Jesus asked by treating people kindly, no matter how badly they treated her. For this, St. Germaine received real glory that comes from God — a place in heaven with all the saints — and she will never be lonely or sick or abused again but have a crown of glory with Jesus.

Those who suffer from mental disorders, like the suffering servant of Isaiah, are figures of Jesus Christ. So it is with Trig, and this is why he is hated, as St. Germaine Cousin was.

It is corruption in the souls of people — not goodness — that causes them to be repelled by the truth that all people have dignity, and that those who suffer are truly those most embraced by God’s love — a love which has the power to break hearts of stone. Sometimes, those who hate this truth are so disgusted that they lash out. They become like serpents.

God Love you, Lisa…this is beautiful…


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