Obama is behind the current attacks against the Pope[?]

by Priestly Pugilist©

2:22 PM 3/25/2010 — No doubt you’ve heard the story about how the Pope refused to “defrock” (a term not found in the Canon Law of the Catholic Church) a priest who abused 200 deaf children. It’s been on television news because it was in the New York Times (remember that network news decides what to cover based on what’s in the Times); and, of course, whenever the Times in involved, the truth is hard to find.
The story is actually an old one. The priest in question, Father Lawrence Murphy, abused his victims between 1950 and 1974, while assigned to a school for the deaf. Naturally, none of the stories, including the initial one in the Times, bothers to mention that it took Archbishop Rembert Weakland—himself a notorious homosexual linked to abuse in his own priesthood (a fact ignored in the Times’ article)—until 1996 to ask the Holy See to act against the priest. The Times even suggests that Cardinal Ratzinger “failed to reply” to two letters by Weakland about the priest, an ascertion for which no proof is offered.

By the time the matter was brought to the attention of the Holy See, the priest in question was already no longer functioning as a priest, but was dying in a hospital. Given the fact that the priest’s abusing days were clearly over and he would be dead soon, Cardinal Ratzinger decided there was no point to doing anything. The priest died shortly thereafter. From this, the New York Times concludes that “The sex abuse scandal enveloping the Catholic Church moved closer to Pope Benedict XVI today….” Naturally, they don’t bother to tell us how something they, themselves, covered back in the ‘90s when it first happened has caused something to move “closer to Pope Benedict XVI today”; but your PP can: this ancient story was unearthed and rerun as new and current because the Catholic Church needs to be punished for opposing Obamacare.
Let’s play devil’s advocate and say that the Holy See should have “defrocked” the priest (again I remind you there’s no such word in Canon Law), and redundantly removed the priest from active ministry—the most the Church could do to him—in spite of the fact that he was already not in active ministry. A couple of weeks after this he would have died (as he did). Then what? Would the scars of abuse from which this priest’s victims now suffer been healed or mitigated in any way? No. They’re still abused. They still suffer. Nothing is accomplished.

Ever since his inauguration, President Obama has been working to drive a wedge between Pope Benedict and the Catholic faithful in the United States. The fact that Sister Carol Keehan, President of the Catholic Health Association, which defied the Church in its opposition to Obamacare—and which descents against almost all of the moral teachings of the Catholic Church—was invited to the signing of the health care act and received a pen from Obama, proves it. When viewed in the context of other anti-Catholic activities by the president, such as nominating numerous people to serve as ambassador to the Holy See knowing full well that they would be rejected because they were all lapsed Catholics who were pro-abortion, and personally deciding that Catholic Schools would, for the first time, not be invited to this year’s White House Easter Egg Hunt, the pattern becomes clear.

Let’s repeat: the story about Father Murphy’s abuse of deaf children and the Pope’s response to it is a reprint from an old Times story from the ‘90s, minimally edited to make it seem new for the purpose of punishing the Church for opposing Obamacare, probably at the request of the president himself.

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Note: This posting is the opinion of the Priestly Pugilist©. At AlwaysCatholicBlog we try to feature blogs whose authors might have many different opinions that reflect free speech at it’s best. Whether we agree or not with this post(? mark added on title & red highlighted text by me for emphasis), one has to say that the Priestly Pugilist© pointing out these current accusations against Pope Benedict XVI are a result of an old story rerun for purposes we here at ACBlog can only wonder. I’m just sayin’…Sophia

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  1. Dear Ava, We post views from all aspects here at AlwaysCatholic. The Church, however is not a man made institution as all the bandwagon “know nothings” lay claim to believe.
    The Church herself is a holy and Divine Body of Christ, FULL of sinners and Saints. Christ said this Himself, when He promised to separate the wheat from the chaff at the end. He also said that the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church and that even a “remnant” may only be left at the end.

    So, we do not “hate” the President and I wish those that believe that would do the same to Benedict. but alas, then the accepted discrimination of Anti-Catholicism will go on.

    I so have a question. Why no outrage from the left about Roman Polanski–only praise? Why no outrage day after day when “laypeople” not even Catholic, commit acts of pedophilia just as horrid as the priests?

    I live in an area where there are 47 sex offenders of children within two miles. I have a 15 year old girl that I care for that cannot walk two blocks to her bus stop. the area I live in is an UPPER middle class neighborhood that is in one of the nicest counties in NJ?

    When I did some research on these sex offenders,I found out that most of them (84% were married men or living with a woman) and received little or no sentence and were put back into the community. The only saving grace is Megan’s Law that let us know they are here. We live in a beautiful birdcage. Nice.

    Let those that complain about the Church start also in their backyards or in their own homes.

    I am in no way agreeing with this piece (I do however believe in free speech, invarnished) and I believe the Church must understand that this is something they must take the lead on even if prosecutors and judges will not.
    I am more angry at our American bishops who disagree with Rome on theology and try to pay them back by not informing them of these cases. Look up Rembert Weakland and the Milwaukee story that has been in the news of late.

    Milwaukee authorities investigated and said that they did not have enough to go forward. Weakland dd not inform the Vatican for at least 15 yrs I believe.

    I do agree with you about the attacks on the Church being more of a financial nature but really isnt this about moral relativism , actually? You are correct Obama is not that powerful. I could play it safe here and just put up pc stuff. I wont.

    I did put a disclaimer under the article but my comments are based on connections I have both in DC and Chicago. It is true about Axelrod,Emmanuel and NYTimes. The inside skinny on that is well documented on K St. Look, this is bigger than Obama, but you must admit that his wooing of “Catholics” was how he got elected. The numbers are there.

    His long association with the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Alinsky movement within it are well known and he admits his involvement (whether good or bad is up to the reader) happily with the Catholic Church from his community organizing days.

    Benedict is human and makes mistakes, assuredly, but even he deserves the same Due Process and presumption of innocence until proven guilty that we have given to Polanski and these 47 child molestors that surround my home?

    Yes, this was edgy and perhaps not to everyone’s taste but let the chips fall where they may…

    BTW, I love your name. Ava Gardner was such a terrific actress, chk her out on TCM sometime. Also, the “tuck your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye” was a terrific line and well taken.

    Please understand we must take responsibility for all our actions, both within the Church and in Society.

    In fact, my favorite author, Jane Austen wrote in Mansfield Park, :”It will, I believe, be everywhere found, that as the clergy are, or are not what they ought to be, so are the rest of the nation.”

    I think, Ava, we can agree with Jane on that.

    God Love you and keep reading for goodness sake–keep commenting!!

    Sophia Guerra

  2. This is gossipy. Embarrassing. If Obama is that powerful, tuck your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye. Gossip. Rumors. Failure to accept responsibility for protecting children. Church members worldwide being told to hate our president. The Catholic Church does not have an exclusive on pedophiles, homosexuals, sickos. All churches,all religions mirror that behavior. I just had always hoped we were better than most rather than the same. The attacks on the church may be financial rather than political.

  3. This may be an interesting connection because where did all this come from against Pope Benedict so fast and furiously.

    • Dear Charlene,

      We thought this very interesting. It is not so far-fetched particularly as you say, “…where did sll this come from against Pope Benedict so fast and furiously?”

      Indeed, where?

      Fueled by the NYTimes a leading cheerleader for the Obama campaign and close friends with the Administration’s lead men, Emmanuel and Axelrod.

      Sounds like old school “strong-arm” politics to me. Pope Benedict is the last wall that Secular Progressives need to eliminate to make their God-less agenda fit into place.

      We must pray for our Holy Father like never before!! the ironic thing is, it’s Holy Week and he is being persecuted just like Our Lord. He is standing firm and says very little, just like Our Lord with Pontious Pilate. Hmmm…

      Thanks for your comment,



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