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Memorial Day 2016: So That We May Always Live Free…

30 May 2016

Thank you to

Andrew Marmouget (@oldgrandman on Twitter) who sent me this video.)

A Blessed Memorial Day: “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends”Jn15:13

26 May 2014

Posted by Pvt Sarah Campbell, WIARNG
Memorial Day 2014


Emma’s Story…Our best  intern at Always Catholic:

I never met my grandfather, my mother’s father. He gave his life for his country and for freedom at the end of WWII. My grandmother was home with two young boys and an infant, my mother.

Yes, I am young and people always wonder how I had a grandfather in WWII. I am adopted. I was chosen by my Dad and Mom late in life. My birth mother wanted to abort me,  but a woman praying the Rosary outside of Planned Parenthood convinced her not to have an abortion. That woman became my Mom.

My birth mother said, “Ok, so if you don’t want me to have an abortion, you adopt my baby.” My Mom said, “Yes, I will.” From that day my Mom let my birth mother live with her and my Dad and my soon-to be brothers and sisters. I came into the world wanted and loved. My birth mother grew to love me I am told and wanted to stay with the family. My Mom and Dad said yes. I grew up until 4 years old with Mom and Dad and my birth mother.

At four years old my birth mother died in a car accident.I have never been sad because I learned that she chose to live her life as a good Catholic those last few years. I know she is probably in Purgatory experiencing the preparation for Heaven. We pray for her everyday.

She died at the hospital after receiving Extreme Unction with my Mom and Dad at her side. None of her blood family and relatives would come. I was the only one. I remember, even though I was so young at the look of love in her eyes when she looked at Mom and Dad.

She gave her life for me. She knew her family would turn their back on her but she chose life. She was going to pick me up that day from pre-school when a drunk driver went through a red light and crashed into her.

I am not sad. I know she will go to Heaven one day because she chose life and then lived as a good Catholic, changing her life. The greatest memory my Mom and Dad have of her is the day she held me in my Baptismal gown as my godmother. She had given up her parental rights to my Mom and Dad so they could adopt me. She then could be my godmother. What a blessing my life has been!

I know it seems I am off the track with this story but not really. My grandfather died in WWII for all of us to have the freedom to be the best we can be in order to serve God and to serve our blessed nation. Without his sacrifice, we would not be free. Similarly, without my mother’s sacrifice of letting Mom and Dad adopt me, I would not be alive to be free as our Declaration of Independence and Constitution guarantee all citizens of the greatest country in the world.

Thank you to all those in the Armed Forces from the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan who have died for our freedom. I pray I can be the best I can be to show the gratitude for your ultimate sacrifice.

“Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them.”

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