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SPECIAL REPORT: Time to SHUT 'EM DOWN! Catholic Campaign for Human Development Ignores Renewal Guidelines

20 November 2010

It’s over…

For better than a decade now I have been researching and watching the Catholic Campaign for Human Development reach its’ evil tentacles into the Roman Catholic Church in America through the USCCB (U.S.Catholic Conference of Bishops).

Upon first confirming details of our Catholic dollars reaching the pockets of abortion support groups, pro homosexual marriage and lifestyle groups, the now famous ACORN and the numerous Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” type priests and even Bishops who have aided
in heresy in the Church here in America. AlwaysCatholicBlog has made a decision to support two groups that we feel go hand in hand. First, RCN- REFORM CCHD NOW and REAL CATHOLIC TV. Both of these organizations have the heart and soul of the Church as their mission: the Truth–UNVARNISHED.

Please consider donating to local organizations that care for the poor directly instead of contributing to the CCHD collection on Sunday. Even parish priests that are faithful to Rome feel the pressure to take part in this heinous attempt to use our money for immoral purposes that are in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to Church Teaching.

Sooo…IT’S TIME TO SHUT DOWN CCHD! Donate directly to local agencies that help the poor instead of putting $$ IN THIS SUNDAYS collection! Tell Bishops why: PH:202-541-3210 Fax: 202-541-3329 email: DO THE RIGHT THING! TIME TO STAND UP FOR OUR FAITH!

We are giving the floor on this as she has done the work of a dozen people on this issue. We are publishing the following links so that you may have instant access to read about this scandal before placing your money in that collection basket this weekend. Please consider that the Bishop(s) who are so willing to do all this specific detailed reform were insulting well-meaning good Catholics who merely questioned what CCHD was doing with Catholic dollars last year at this time.


This is the opinion of Sofia Guerra, Editor of AlwaysCatholicBlog. I am publishing Lisa Graas’ work as a research tool only and please ask the reader to understand that this is my opinion and my opinion alone concerning this travesty in our Church.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam,

Sofia Guerra
Editor, Always Catholic Blog– Links for research on CCHD

Bishop Morin’s Statement on ‘Reform and Renewal’ of CCHD

Is the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Experiencing a ‘Schism’ Over CCHD?

What I Don’t Understand About Rey Flores, the USCCB, Chicago CCHD, and even my friends

Catholic Campaign for Human Development Ignores Renewal Guidelines

Michael Voris and Me…..On Rebellion and Loss of Faith

Lisa Graas is a Catholic convert and mom of four who blogs on U.S./Kentucky politics and Catholic culture. Lisa is a pre-emminent Catholic blogger and we are so proud to have her here on ACBlog. Lisa’s Blog is and is on Twitter @LisaGraas and on Facebook. Lisa also is a regular blogger at David Horowitz’s News Real Blog.

Lisa Graas, A Roman Catholic heroine…

3 August 2010

Does anyone want to disagree with Sofia? I think not.

I was priviledged one night while horsing around on Twitter with a dear friend (names left out to protect the innocent-not hers- all of you out there! LOL!) of mine and Lisa Graas came on and joined the fun. Unknowing to me (duh!) this LisaGraas was a follower of mine and I of hers and her tweets were real Roman Catholic & I thought she was very cool. Well, she is, but what i didn’t know and should have was how accomplished Lisa is as a writer and how well-published. Funny thing, you can read someone on a high-profile blog and then someone with the same name follows you and you don’t put 2 and four together to make 6!

I have done it before with the great Betty Kilbride, the amazing accomplished Patriot who I also admire…Hi Betty!!! Now after doing this once, you would think I would kinda get it, Noooooooo. I plod along in Sofia’s world, snapping and fussing (particularly at heterodox bishops and priests and/or politicians) thinking that all the world is atwitter & that no one that follows me could really be like, an accomplished famous person. So I treat everyone the same…like I am proverbially 12 years old. Not kidding here…12 is about right. I once recently had a family friend ask me about a new friend that is now very dear to me. The friend asked, “Does this person know about you?” I looked over and said, “What does that mean?” My friend said, “You know that you are really 12”. I laughed and laughed and my friend said, “Oh, Im not kidding and smiled.” Well, you will be happy to know that my new friend knows and loves that about me the best.

Ok, so I digress and enough about me. Had to draw the pic so you get my intro here. Lisa Graas is a gracious lady and became a friend one day after I wrote a blistering piece about Cardinal George. She very kindly acknowledged myopinion and then proceeded to admonish the sinner with such kindness and charity I actually felt better afterward. that was the day I realized that there are true Roman Catholic heroes out there. Lisa didn’t know me from a can of paint, other than I wrote on Always Catholic and twittered under the same name. She knew I had alot to learn but was patient and loving as we should be as Catholic Christians.

Lisa Graas now is willing to allow Always Catholic to post her works. This, in itself is an act of charity. She does not need the publicity. She is associated with a very high-profile blogger in David Horowitz. Yep, that David Horowitz. He’s very good and as I see open to all opinions conservative. I always felt a strong kinship to him whenever I saw him on tv or heard him on the radio. Now I know why…he has great taste in all things Roman Catholic. In particular a Roman Catholic heroine named Lisa Graas. So happy to have you with us Lisa. Please make sure if I stray you keep me in line!

In the piece below, Lisa takes on with courage the NUMBER ONE COMPLAINT I HAVE HAD WITH THE ” CATHOLIC” BISHOPS FOR YEARS…. This is why Lisa Graas is a true Roman Catholic heroine to me.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam,


Catholic Bishops Cite Vatican II in Response to Charges

of Marxism

On July 24, I wrote here at NRB about Bishop Olmsted and CCHD funding opposition to the Arizona Immigration Law and posted the link to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Facebook page. For four full days, while it remained on the page, this story prompted quite a lot of civil discussion and debate between conservatives and progressives identifying themselves as Catholics. On July 25, in the midst of the discussion, I offered a link to a second article: Obama Kool-Aid Courtesy of America’s Catholic Bishops. The conversation turned to Marxism and whether or not it is being funded by the Catholic Church in America through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). It was in the midst of that discussion that I and another faithful Catholic, Bryan Shaver, were banned yesterday, July 29, from the USCCB Facebook page with a quote from Vatican II as the only reasoning offered.

Several USCCB Facebook visitors who are supporters of Barack Obama (all of whom were not banned and are still free to post defenses of the Obama agenda on the page as I write today) had been challenging me on my contention that much of the community organizing funded by the CCHD is Marxist in nature. During our debate, I was asked at one point to define Marxism and show how it applies to community organizing and Barack Obama. When I provided a point by point (but brief and civil) explanation with examples, and quoted paragraph 2425 of the catechism in full, I was banned from the USCCB Facebook page along with Bryan Shaver who had also shared concerns about activities of the USCCB that are in contradiction to clear Catholic teaching. Following is the message the USCCB posted immediately after banning me and Mr. Shaver. As I write, this message remains on the USCCB Facebook page while my comments have all been deleted.

pope john xxiii

That’s a quote from Pope John XXIII – Address at the Opening of Vatican Council II – 11 October 1962. It reads:

In the daily exercise of Our pastoral office, it sometimes happens that We hear certain opinions which disturb Us—opinions expressed by people who, though fired with a commendable zeal for religion, are lacking in sufficient prudence and judgment in their evaluation of events. They can see nothing but calamity and disaster in the present state of the world. They say over and over that this modern age of ours, in comparison with past ages, is definitely deteriorating. One would think from their attitude that history, that great teacher of life, had taught them nothing. They seem to imagine that in the days of the earlier councils everything was as it should be so far as doctrine and morality and the Church’s rightful liberty were concerned. We feel that We must disagree with these prophets of doom, who are always forecasting worse disasters, as though the end of the world were at hand.


Lisa Graas is a Catholic convert and mom of four who blogs on U.S./Kentucky politics and Catholic culture. Lisa is a pre-emminent Catholic blogger and we are so proud to have her here on ACBlog. Lisa’s Blog is and is on Twitter @LisaGraas and on Facebook. Lisa also is a regular blogger at David Horowitz’s News Real Blog.


3 June 2010

Report: Almost 50 CCHD-funded organizations linked to activities opposed to Catholic teaching …

Almost 50 organizations funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development “remain involved in activities directly opposed to Catholic moral and social teachings,” according to a June 1 statement by Reform CCHD Now. The coalition announced that a detailed report documenting these activities has been mailed to every bishop and diocesan pro-life director in the United States.

“Good things have started to happen with the CCHD, and there appears to be momentum toward real reform,” said Robert Gasper, president of Bellarmine Veritas Ministry. “It has become clear that the problems can’t be solved merely by defunding individual groups that have been identified as opposing Church teaching. This is why we continue to respectfully call for a complete reform of the CCHD.”

Source(s): these links will take you to other sites, in a new window.

* Reports of CCHD Grantee Malfeasance Sent Directly to Bishops Ahead of Upcoming Meeting (Reform CCHD Now)
* American Life League Report on CCHD
* Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Editor’s Note: First, thanks to for a great job as usual! Now, THE RANT…

This has been going on for years in the Bishop’s Conference. They know it, they allowed it. They turned and looked away. For two years I have been researching this problem directly from the USCCB webpage itself!! The information on every organization that applies for money from CCHD can be found on the website with some digging. Then, the hard work is to track down what each organization supports. In two years I have found many more than 50…

When Acorn was busted for the scam that it is, the Bishops scurriedto disassociate themselves from Acorn just weeks before the big CCHD collection before Thanksgiving. They were worried that the innocent pewsitters wouldn’t keep giving to this debacle.

SHAME on the Bishops!! You knew you allowed it, you will answer for it!! This is a grievous scandal to the Roman Catholic Church in America.PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ONE PENNY TO THIS COLLECTION UNTIL EVERY SINGLE GROUP IS INVESTIGATED. Your money has been going to groups that support abortion and the pro-homosexual agenda and now the only way it will stop is if the collection basket for CCHD remains empty. Basta!

I ask for patience, Lord…


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