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Happy Birthday @Commonpatriot! Oorah!

15 May 2015

15 May 2015 Anno Domini
by Sofia Guerra and PFC Sarah Campbell USMC

This is the day which the Lord hath made: let us be glad and rejoice therein. Psalms 117:24

Today our friend and extended family member, Sean Norris (the beloved @Commonpatriot on Twitter)is celebrating his birthday. Sean is someone who truly believes that you leave no one behind. He has been a faithful friend who made it possible for me to come to Wisconsin to get the medical care I desperately needed. In addition, he also made it possible along with Sarah’s Dad for Sarah (@CatholicMarine) to be here with me before joining the Marines.usmcAs a former Marine himself, Sean wanted Sarah to learn all about the Corps from someone who truly loves it.

He has been a true brother in Christ to me and an “Uncle” to Sarah. His support as extended family made it a feasible move for me to even consider moving to Wisconsin. His support and protection at all costs makes him truly my brother in Christ and an uncle to Sarah. For this gift, I can never repay him. What I can do is ask all of you to pray for his intentions as some of his days are tough as he endures health issues which bring on much pain.

He never complains and offers it all up for the poor souls in purgatory. He is devout to the Church and to the Traditional Latin Mass as he always loves to promote the beauty of our Holy Mother Church. He is a true Prayer Warrior and spends many sleepless nights in prayer for those in need…

He is a patriot like no other. He fights hard to protect our constitutional rights as Americans and of course as Roman Catholics. Please follow him on Twitter @Commonpatriot and go wish him a happy birthday. You will be glad you did.

Happy Birthday Sean Patrick Norris! Today 47 years ago you first saw the light of the world after 9 months of life protected in your mother’s womb. Hey, that makes you 47 and 3/4!!!

God love you,

Sofia and Sarah

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