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@CatholicLisa and Her “Come to Jesus Moment” (in a good way hah!)

11 February 2016

Ash Wednesday: The Anniversary of my Conversion to Christ
by Lisa Graas at her blog,

holy mass lisaToday is Ash Wednesday, a very special day for all Catholics but even more special for me personally because it is the anniversary of my conversion to Christ. It was on this day in 1991 that I came to know that Jesus Christ truly is God, the Son of God the Father, conceived in the womb of Mary by the Holy Spirit. It was this day, in short, that everything suddenly made sense to me.

For some people, the Bible is just a collection of stories that may or may not be true. That is what it meant to me for the first two decades of my life. Though my parents were devout Christians who believed in Sola Scriptura, I was not so sure. I wanted to believe, but contrary to what some people think, wanting to believe is not nearly enough. True belief comes only with conviction, and this conviction was sorely lacking in me in my early years. I wanted to believe…but I didn’t. I remained unconvinced.

Because I wanted to believe, I read my Bible a great deal. My parents had assured me that if I read it enough, belief would come. I trusted them and gave it everything that I had, but there was one thing that was a stumbling block to me. That was in the sixth chapter of John.

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Best Post on “Laudato Si”: A Catholic Primer

24 June 2015

Editor’s Note: As usual, we go to Lisa Graas to teach when the Teaching is confusing. Lisa puts “Laudato Si” into perspective for Catholics in the pews. As only Lisa can do.

Laudato Si: Catholics not bound to papal remarks on science and politics

Posted by Lisa Graas. at her blog, Lisa

globe with dove

Are you looking for a summary of Laudato Si? Look no further than Michael Voris’ explanation on why Catholics are in no way bound to points which appeal to “science” and politics rather than faith and morals. Because Laudato Si is primarily a political document that relies on flawed science, it is not a binding document.

Voris rightly asks for prayers for Pope Francis who has apparently surrounded himself with bad advisors.

WATCH NOW via Church Militant.

Mind you, some will say this is a cynical take on Pope Francis. It is an important reality of Catholicism that it has ever been so (and always will be so) that no Catholic is bound to anything a pope says that is outside the area of faith and morals. Scientific “facts” delivered by any pope are never required for belief among the faithful. Neither is any political “solution” bound on the faithful. Papal infallibility never covers science or politics. It only covers faith and morals.


To finish reading Lisa’s post and then to view Church Militant’s Video please go to Lisa’s Blog by clicking HERE!

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Suffering is NEVER Without Consolation

19 May 2015

Redemptive Suffering: The role suffering plays in our relationship with God

Posted by Lisa Graas at her blog,

crucifix-e1431608702103Various religions have differing views on the meaning of human suffering. In a nutshell, the Catholic view is that when Jesus Christ (Who is God) humbled himself to become a member of mankind, He elevated the dignity of all mankind. Being one with us in His Flesh, as a member of mankind, He elevated the value of all that we sacrifice, for others and for His sake, in our flesh whenever it is offered in union with His sacrifice on the Cross.

And whosoever doth not carry his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:27

Below are some Catholic articles on redemptive suffering that I recommend.

Fisheaters – Redemptive Suffering: Offering It Up

Catholic Bridge – Why are Catholics so into suffering? Isn’t Jesus about healing?

Religious Vocation – “To Love and To Suffer” – The Science of the Saints

Passionist Nuns – Love Beyond All Telling

Along with the physical pain, the emotional pain of the type of sorrow experienced by our Blessed Mother at the foot of the Cross, for the sake of lost souls, is also redemptive.

Now to get to those links and to finish reading this post you will have to CLICK HERE and go visit Lisa’s Blog!

What Does It Mean To Be “Always Catholic”? From the Archives for our 5th Anniversary

19 March 2015

I try not to go on Twitter, FB or post on Sundays. Once in awhile I schedule autoposts for each Social Media outlets for Sundays, so please don’t come back saying…Sofia, we see you on [Twitter, FB, blog] Sundays…??? Laughing, readers, just teasing you!

Given that, I didn’t go on yesterday. I just read Lisa Graas’ post early this afternoon (Mon 10/3) called “What Does It Mean To Be Always Catholic?”

I am so humbled by her post but I must respond to her kindness. I want to share this with you, my readers, because it is because of you and people like her that I have the strength to survive everyday trying to be “Always Catholic”.

monxstranceLisa Graas is one of those people who is “Always Catholic”. It is the lens which she looks through everyday as she lives for Christ. Those who have gone on the brutal attack on her recently, have actually done her a favor. She drew upon her Catholic Faith (the Faith to which she converted),her Catholic sisters and brothers on earth and in Heaven for the support to come back to the blogosphere even better than before. Lisa has come out of this stronger and more spiritual than ever. She is sharing with us the Passionist theology which so closely fits with my favorite…the Carmelite spirituality. If this is what God wanted her to do, she is doing it and with joy!

I guess those “Catholics” (several of them certainly not orthodox as I observed their opinions about Church teaching by their responses to Lisa) choose what they believe about being Catholic as if they were choosing what to put on their pizza this week.

I think that perhaps if we are to call ourselves Catholic bloggers then we have a moral duty to uphold Church teachings without giving in to the demon of self-importance. If you disagree with Church teaching, then do I daresay you are not living it and therefore no longer Catholic?

There are times when one may question a teaching, as many of the Saints did throughout Holy Mother Church’s history. That is when reason must meet faith as Saint Augustine says. Our reason is that gift of God given to us to freely choose to love Him or not to love Him. That is true free will. When we choose to love Him, it logically follows that we must be a part of His holy Church here on earth. When we question, it is to understad Truth, not to feel that we know better and that we can claim to be Catholic and hold beliefs directly in opposition to Church teaching.

The Pope recently spoke on fraternal correction and the importance of it to Christian life. The ridiculous notion that we cannot judge someone’s actions because we would be guilty of being judgemental is a ploy by imitation Christians and non-believers to stop this “fraternal correction” which is true Christian love.

If I stand by and never say a word to a friend who continues to defy God’s laws and Church teaching resulting in a life of sin then I would be guilty of the sin also. Fraternal correction would lead me to approach this person out of love for the salvation of their soul. I would tell them, I do not judge since I am a sinner also, but together let us pray that in OUR weaknesses we are strong together.

In the Catholic blogoshpere we come in many shapes and sizes, however; there is one thing we must be however, is truly Catholic, not just in name only…

I know, I used to be one of those “Catholics’ until Christ spoke through a priest in Confession to me. The priest told me why come to Confession if you refuse to honor the teachings of the Church completely? He did not absolve me. I left the confessional having nowhere to go.

Finally, after much prayer, many mistakes, and much hubris, I submitted in obedience. It freed me to do His Will and to honor the Church He left on earth. I fell in love with Christ and His Church because of becoming obedient… My happiness is not in my opinion about what is Truth. My joy is about being part of the Truth.

Today on the pre-1962 Traditional Calendar is the Feast of the Little Flower, Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face. Ironic, isn’t it? She has been such a gift to us that when the calendar was redone she has two feast days, two days apart…one of the few like that on the calendar.

What was Saint Therese’s claim to fame, so to speak? She knew that becoming “little” was the answer. Her “Little Way” a spiritual giant of a work, was the foundation for her becoming a Doctor of the Church. Her “Little Way’ was that of offering small sacrifices throughout the day as prayer…well, I pray we all learn that “Little Way” so that as we deal with each other on the Catholic Blogosphere we become “Always Catholic” instead of “Cino’s”. A “CINO” you say?? Catholics in name only… Just sayin…

Now, from

“What Does It Mean To Be “Always Catholic”?

Posted on October 2, 2011 by LisaGraas

I said that I was back up on my horse, but I am in love with Jesus and can’t think about politics at the moment….so I will tell you about Sofia’s blog.

My friend Sofia Guerra is a lovely soul who ever encourages me. Sometimes when I read what she writes about me, I blush. I never thought much about the name of her blog: “Always Catholic“. In her sidebar she explains what this means.

One day while reading a colleague’s blog, I was moved by his “raison d’etre”The quote from Thomas Storck, [The Catholic Milieu] struck a resonant chord within me. I have forever reasoned that all we do in life must be“Always Catholic” and here, finally was the succinct explanation. Finally, because of that, AlwaysCatholicBlog came to be. Here’s the quote, enjoy the site!

“Our entire daily lives cannot be occupied with purely religious practices;all of us have to eat, and most of us have and want to do many other activities besides. So though we cannot always be religious in this sense, we can always be Catholic, that is, the round of our daily activities can be conducted in such a way as to express and be in harmony with our Faith. And [this] can involve more than avoiding sin and exercising virtue.”

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton said: “We must pray literally without ceasing—without ceasing—in every occurrence and employment of our lives . . . that prayer of the heart which is independent of place or situation, or which is rather a habit of lifting up the heart to God as in a constant communication with Him.”

I’d like to share the rest of this beautiful post from my sister in Christ, Lisa Graas but this is all I have as ISIS hackers wiped out her posts some months back. This much however, is a beautiful tribute from a beautiful soul.
You may find Lisa Graas at her Catholic blog, Lisa Graas, on Twitter @CatholicLisa and on Facebook here.

“…God Gave Us Music That We Might Pray Without Words.”

5 September 2013

5 September 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sofia Guerra

“Bach gave us God’s Word. Mozart gave us God’s laughter. Beethoven gave us God’s fire. God gave us Music that we might pray without words.” – quote from outside an old opera house

Being a lifelong musician and student of music, I pretty much cannot live without it. I loved this quote when I found it years ago.

It truly sums up how important the God-given gift of music truly is.

Now I am going to ask you, my readers to help keep the music going.

My sweet, darling sister in Christ, Lisa Graas, has given us so much with her Catholic blog. She has taken it on the chin from self-serving opportunists all over the blogosphere who think she can be the scapecoat for their lack of humility.

Through this, she continues to give us the Truth everyday without fear, raise her children according to the Catholic faith and love her kids more than a Wisconsin cow has milk.

Lisa’s daughter Teresa is in need of some very special help. It is a need very dear to my heart. Please take a moment to read this and decide.

Teresa’s Music Fund
Posted by Lisa Graas at her site,

My daughter Teresa is an accomplished singer. At the tender age of 14 she is the cantor at our parish, St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church in Grayson Springs, Ky. Teresa has an old electronic keyboard and has learned to play many songs by ear, but she is in need of piano lessons and a piano. The piano lessons are something that we can handle but I cannot afford a piano for her. We are currently trying to raise money to purchase a used piano for her. Hayes Piano and Music Store has a wide variety of used pianos for sale for $600 each. We thought it might be a good idea to ask my readers if they would like to donate “piano keys.” There are 88 keys on a piano. Every donation of $6.82 will purchase one key. If 88 people donate $6.82 we will have enough money to buy the piano!

Teresa desires to give her gift back to the Church provided that she can develop her talent. If we raise more than $600, we will use the money to help with lessons, gas to take her to chorus class (daily), nice dresses to wear to church where she is singing, etc.

Thank you all so much for your help!

Please read her mother’s post from her site, Lisa Graas , Teresa’s Music Fund.

Always Catholic Blog has donated a “key”. Can we ask our readers to come up with the other 87? I have been blessed with so many readers, I KNOW there are 87 of you out there who would do this. My readers are also great lovers of music, particularly sacred.

Teresa Graas loves the sacred also.Below is a video of Teresa singing soprano in the 2013 Kentucky All-State Jr. High Chorus. She is now singing at the HS level.You can’t see her face, but her voice is there!

This is an easy one. For those who can, one key is do-able. For those who cannot, a prayer to help the cause is priceless.

PLEASE click HERE to donate a key. Please leave a comment for a note of encouragement and that you are praying for Teresa by clicking HERE.

Thank you and God love you,


Identity in Christ is the Answer, Mr. Gershom

25 June 2013

We support Lisa Graas in her mission of mercy to teach all of us about our identity. Particularly those struggling with same-sex attraction, that identifying yourself as a homosexual is not Truth. Our identity is in Christ, not in our sexuality. Lisa teaches us in charity this basic Truth. We, here at Always Catholic support Lisa, unconditionally. She is teaching the Truth of Christ and His Holy Church.


An Appeal to Steve Gershom

by Lisa Graas at her blog,
25 June 2013 A.D.

Note: I admit that I am, at the moment, ill. I do not have my usual capabilities of reason. Please know that as you read, and make up your own mind about what the truth is.

Steve Gershom has two articles on line that contradict each other on a major point: whether or not it is okay to identify yourself as “gay.” I ask him to remove one of them, to ask everyone who has published it to remove it, because it is a critical point in Catholic spirituality and his two articles are contradictory. He should decide which of the two points is the wrong one and which is the right one and he should remove the one he thinks is wrong.

The first article is “Gay, Catholic and Doing Fine” which is published at Little Catholic Bubble, LifeTeen, and other places. In this article, he identifies as “gay.” You can find it if you search the internet for the title.

The second article, written later, is at Our Sunday Visitor and, perhaps, other places, too. It is “After the desert: A faithful Catholic’s reflection on same-sex attraction.”

In the second article, he begins:

What would I know about vocation? I’m 28, a faithful Catholic and gay. A little explanation of that last part: It would be more accurate to say that I have same-sex attraction than that I’m gay.

Later in the same article, he writes this:

In the middle of my desert I encountered a different set of premises, from a variety of sources: mostly my spiritual director, Father T, but also from good books (“Growth Into Manhood,” by Alan Medinger), good organizations (People Can Change), good experiences (three months in Peru), and good friends (you know who you are). Up until that point I had believed that the statement “I am gay” is the same sort of statement as “I am male” or “I am human.” Homosexuality was supposed to be an essential, rather than an accidental, part of me, just as deep as gender or species, or deeper.

This idea comes from the gay rights movement, but an awful lot of Christians believe it too. It is utter poison. If gay is what I am (or “who I am,” as the saying goes), then Catholicism really does require a mode of existence in direct contradiction to the deepest parts of me. That didn’t make sense to me, because I had always understood the Christian life as the only thing that could fulfill the deepest parts of me. But I was still trying to believe both things. No wonder I was lost.

If, on the other hand, my homosexuality is a part of me, rather than being my nature — something I have, rather than something I am — then things are different. It became apparent that I could change. I don’t mean stop liking men and start liking women. I mean everything else: my self-imposed vocation of suffering, my self-pity, my self-isolation, my chronic fear and regret and loneliness. Next to those things, a little celibacy isn’t too bad.

The rest of the post can be found HERE. I ask you please to go to read the rest of the post at CatholicBandita as it is very important to support Lisa in the mission. It is our souls at stake here readers.

@CatholicLisa knocks it out the park! Read on!

13 May 2013

Cleveland Kidnap Victim Wants to Reunite With Son Conceived in Gang Rape

by Lisa Graas at her blog,
13 May 2013 Anno Domini

As I write, my article at Live Action on Cleveland kidnap victim Michelle Knight has been picked up by LifeNews and has been shared almost 10,000 times on Facebook. Thanks, everyone, for sharing.

Read the article at LifeNews or at Live Action.


Please click on one of the links above to read this truly profound story by Lisa Graas. Being ProLife comes is many, many ways...

“God ALWAYS gives us what we need…”

27 April 2013

27 April 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sofia Guerra

I have been living in Wisconsin since May of 2011. I love it. I love the cold and the snow. Most people on the East and West Coast would complain and certainly those not used to the cold and snow. We went way over our average for snow this year but did not break the record. The farmers are happy since it will help ease the drought problem and that’s a good thing. It was however, a long winter this year extending into April up until yesterday.

Yes, yesterday. We actually had snow a couple of times that was enough to cover everything twice this month, freezing rain and way below average temperatures for April. Yesterday though, Spring said to Winter, “It’s my turn buddy, move over”.

Sarah (@CatholicTeen) on the lifeguard stand, Olbrich Beach on Lake Monona, Madison, WI

It was a gorgeous day, in the mid to upper 60’s (yes warm for here) with a beautiful sun, puffy clouds and just a bit of wind…well more than a bit of wind but we Wisconsinites call it a breeze. Finally, time for outside fun and fresh air!

I have been struggling lately with a spiritual dryness and sadness that I was allowing to really get to me. Normally if I have a bout with spiritual dryness Jesus fixes it (with my help-ha ha) right away. This time no way. It was accompanied by a deep sadness which was leading me to just put my head down on my desk and cry. I spoke with my spiritual director/confessor and he welcomed me into the real life of someone striving for holiness. He gave me great advice but for some reason when I tried, it made it worse. Then, as always in my life, Divine Providence prevails.

I reached out to my friend Lisa Graas and filled her Twitter DM box with tons of messages. I knew she could help me. I felt it in my gut. She did. She read my messages and gave me some honest, simple words of encouragement. She pledged her prayers (which would have been enough, believe me) but then she simply told me to take some time off and assured me she understood what I was going through was hard but she kept thinking about Pope John Paul II saying…”Be not afraid…” A final message was to get outside as she does with her children on a regular basis. Boy is she smart. Lisa has a wisdom which only is given to those who embrace the Cross. Bless her Passionist little heart! I love you Lisa Graas! Mille grazie mia sorella!

A young Wisconsin couple in love enjoying the lifeguard stand and the view on a Friday

So as I got up early yesterday to the sound of a chorus of chubby, noisy little birds… and sun! Sarah and myself packed a picnic, found a park near the lake and called Olbrich Beach, (yes a beach!) and down the street was Olbrich Botanical Gardens. A double find! The

"The walking path at Olbrich Botanical Gardens with the very beginning of the flowering plants"

botanical gardens has been selected as one of the top ten most inspiring gardens in country by Horticulture magazine. Who knew? the trip was short-4.1 miles and since it was a Friday and early, no traffic. Pretty much almost around the corner from where we live.

When we got there our mouths dropped open! Lake Monona with a little beach and a grassy park area with tennis, basketball, beach volleyball and much more open to the public. On our way to the beach park we passed the Botanical Gardens only a few blocks away so we decided to check that out after the day at the beach.

What I can tell you that it was just what I needed. God knew that so He gave me what I needed because I was willing to meet Him halfway. I stopped crying and wondering why and simply prayed and went outside to enjoy His Creation. He gives us everything we need as long as we are willing to believe it and to act upon His Will. How much do I love Him? Infinitely.

"Our new friend Teri, Sarah and &Texan"

What extra gift does He ALWAYS give me when I listen to Him? I always, without exception meet a person along the way which He wants me to meet. Yesterday was no exception. He sent Teri, a woman with the sparkling eyes of a child, the smile of an angel, a mind sharp as a tack and a soul she gives to God in gratitude. And if that wasn’t enough she came along with “Texan” a loveable labrador/poodle mix

Teri calls Texan the "ChocoDoodle"

with the personality we all want in a dog. almost always the person I am supposed to meet comes along with a dog. I haven’t figured out why yet but perhaps those who understand why God gives us stewardship over animals really understand the intricacies of God’s love for His Creation – all of it!

Sarah and I will be at Olbrich Beach now weekly and we will walk the outside gardens at Olbrich Botanical Gardens because it’s all part of His outside perfection. We will also be there because of Teri. Our time with her was so special, it had to be something “touched by an angel” or a wink from God Himself. Our time with Teri touched Sarah and myself in a way that can only give oneself hope. The kind of hope which Jesus gives us in His complete act of love on the Cross.

My self-inflicted misery of spiritual dryness was a self-centered act, I realize that now. All it took was leaving the house and not staying on the hamster wheel, frustrated that it never stops. Resting in God’s Creation and taking the time to “Be not afraid” and to offer a prayer of Thanksgiving for His love.

End of the day at Olbrich Beach, Lake Monona, Madison, WIBy the way, I am still on vacation. Sarah will be continuing to post articles and will be on Twitter and FB as I need a little more time off. Lisa Graas is always right when I don’t know the answer. She makes a heck of a spiritual director my spiritual director says because she knows it’s all about the Cross and all about Jesus…

God love you,


PS See you Teri next week and let Texan know we put the Charlee Bear treats in the car already!

Here’s a photo gallery of our day out: (Sorry about the duplication of photos, trying to learn WordPress all the time!

For those who would like to see and read more about Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin please click HERE

@CatholicLisa: Can People With Same-Sex Attraction Become Saints?

4 April 2013

This post by @CatholicLisa (Lisa Graas) is one of a continuing series on the important topic of same sex attraction and identity. Lisa has been attacked every time she writes on the subject. Unfortunately, most of those attacking her have been fellow “Catholics”. Obviously the secular response has been a plethora of vicious hate-filled personal attacks, but that is to be expected. The “Catholic” response from some, “so-called” CATHOLIC bloggers has been shameful and scary.

I say scary because by blogging to the public in error about Church Teaching they put their souls in danger just as the rest of us do when we choose sin over the love of God. Fraternal correction ( as Pope Benedict explains it to us here) is an act of charity which we should all strive to receive and to give in charity.
the salvation of our souls is at stake and those like Lisa Graas are willing to be insulted and attacked not to miss helping one soul. What I admire about Lisa is that she truly will try to help each and everyone of us without thought to herself and the suffering it will ensue.

So the next time you read that someone (particular those “Catholic” bloggers commit calumny against her), please come to her defense. Please pray if you afraid to go public with your defense and if not, never be afraid of our duty of fraternal correction. It’s our responsibility towards one another.

I want to add one last thing. As long as Lisa posts on this subject I will repost it. I will support Church Teaching and support her in the defense of that Teaching. Funny thing, in the beginning, I got lots of hate mail, a few tried on Twitter and FB to go after me. I have a hot temper and fought back. Certainly not charitable but no one bothers me anymore. I guess I have to go back to being charitable. I am not suffering enough for sure.
God love you Lisa Graas, keep going, never, ever give up!

4 April 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Lisa Graas at her blog,
Catholic Bandita

I’ve just been doing some reading from Catholic blogs wherein “homophobia” is decried. By “homophobia,” I am referring to the term used to demean those of us who say (as the Church herself says) that homosexual inclination is objectively disordered and that we should discourage people from identifying as “gay.” I grow weary of this misinformation being peddled. Very weary. I have a question for those who refer to Church teaching on this as “homophobia” but especially for Catholic bloggers who claim it. Can people with same-sex attraction become saints, without having to suffer the pangs of purgatory for their attraction? The answer is that if they stop listening to you and start listening to the Church, they can, but not until then. To be sure, I have said many times that if you can look upon another naked human being the same way that a three-year-old does, you will be a saint, but not until then. We are all called to become saints, and we have a long way to go in this discussion before that can happen on the level that it should be happening because so many are spreading misinformation.

At Etheldreda’s Place is a basic overview explaining what objective disorder and intrinsic disorder actually are. Confusion on this topic is rampant, and understanding it is critical to helping people become saints. Those of us who understand this find it difficult to explain, just as it is difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t understand that it is wrong to kick a dog exactly why it is wrong to kick a dog, especially when the person you are trying to convince has been taught for years that it’s fine to kick dogs. It should be common knowledge, but instead it has become a deep subject, even when talking with the Catholic faithful who are out there blogging on the topic.

A primary part of this discussion is the importance of the terms, especially “intrinsic,” “objective” and “disorder.”

Supertradmum writes:

Intrinsic means that something has a quality or state of being by nature, by being part of the essential human being.

The catechism refers to homosexual acts as being “intrinsically disordered.” This does not mean that same-sex attraction is not disordered. The reason homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered” is that opposite-sex attraction is “intrinsic” to human beings. Because opposite-sex attraction is “intrinsic” to human beings, homosexuality is “disordered,” whether in the form of attraction or in the completion of a homosexual act. I say again, both same-sex attraction and commission of a homosexual act are “disordered” because opposite-sex attraction is intrinsic to all human beings. It is, in other words, a basic part of human nature to be attracted to someone of the opposite sex, but it is not a part of human nature to be attracted to someone of the same sex. Something has gone terribly awry in one’s life for one to be attracted to someone of the same sex.

Having said that, when one commits a homosexual act, one has demonstrated a clear act of free will that is, as the catechism says, “intrinsically disordered.” Though same-sex attraction is not “intrinsically disordered,” it is “disordered,” still, and the Church uses the term “objective disorder” to describe it for good reason.


For the rest of this very important post, please click HERE

URGENT REQUEST 2.0 : 4 More Reasons I love being Catholic @FatherZ @CatholicLisa @GVogt4 & YOU

26 February 2013

26 February 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sofia Guerra

Yesterday I was startled with the news that our dear sister in Christ, Lisa Graas (@CatholicLisa and the Catholic Bandita Blog) had to move immediately out of her home. I watched as several people on FB basically accused her of relying on others for help and that it would be okay with them if she and her family starved.

After the initial tough news that Lisa and her family’s well-being was at stake, I couldn’t believe she had to be on FB defending herself. As usual I had to make a snotty remark in the comments but then I realized how much time I was wasting with these foolish people and that Lisa and family needed help NOW!

Of course, prayers were first and foremost. then material needs kicked in. She had to get affordable housing for her children and herself. Not an easy task in this day and age. Also, money was an issue as it is with most of us.I jumped on Twitter and ‘spoke’ with a Catholic gentleman George Vogt (@GVogt4) who immediately wrote up a post. I crossposted and then I got on my email and contacted several BIG bloggers.

Immediately and I mean immediately (5 mins after receiving my email) Father John Zuhlsdorf (@FatherZ) posted a piece on his blog in aid of Lisa and her family. Father Z probably won’t be happy that I’m posting this because when it comes to helping people he likes to do it quietly. Mea culpa Father, people need to know.

The ironic thing is that the link to Lisa’s blog was not working and I had to email him again to fix it. By the time I hit send to the email and reloaded his page, he had fixed it. Do you know Father Z gets a minimum of 500 emails a day and more during times like this..(Conclave)? Hmmmm…

During this, George Vogt was in constant contact with me as he obviously has responsibilities in his life but he kept checking in and posting on Twitter and FB throughout the day and this morning.

As for Lisa Graas, as she spends all her time trying to find housing for her family, she is getting on Twitter and FB to thank us and to let us know that they were PRAYING FOR US! When they need the most prayer, when they don;t know what tomorrow will be like, they trust in Christ and they pray for us…. Oh and Lisa put up a post about today;s Mass Readings to continue her blog ministry and loving us with her Passionist heart.

It;s a funny thing, when I have not felt well, I will disappear from the blogoshpere having others help me…Not Lisa…even in this more dire situation, she is there helping us as always…

These are 4 more of the gazillion reasons I LOVE BEING ROMAN CATHOLIC…

Now to the next and 4th reason I love being Roman Catholic. YOU! All of you who have responded immeditately with prayers and donations to help this family. Isn’t it Divine Providence that Lisa’s struggle comes during Lent when we are called to mortification and to almsgiving? Here is an opportunity to use our mortification and to give alms to this family in need. It is also a time to show charity to those who have helped in this cause.

I am giving all of you a little job today. Your Lenten practice today could include the following: PLEASE!

  • First, pray! I want you to keep Lisa Graas and her family lifted in prayer during Lent & beyond. In addition, pray for FatherZ for being FatherZ. Pray for George Vogt as he rose to the occasion immediately without worrying about what he felt like doing at that time.
  • Second, PLEASE GO TO Lisa’s blog, Catholic Bandita by clicking HERE to help out this wonderful family. Even if it is a $1 or 2. As George Vogt says, we can give up a cup of coffee or another pleasure to help out a family in need this Lent. I understand we have hardships. I live on a small income. I tithe to my parish & I try to help others even if it a couple of dollars. The Lord has never let me be without anything. I am not saying that;s why. I am saying that He provides so I can share. Please, please do the same. It was @CatholicTeen who really taught me this.she taught me that giving all to Christ in trust will enable us to help others when the time comes. I didn’t want to to share what I am doing but I know many of you are in the same boat, so rest assured, those singles add up! Please join FatherZ, George Vogt and the countless others trying to help in whatever way we can.If you cannot give but you are on Twitter, FB or have a blog please give by RtT’ing our tweets or crossposting our blogposts. And of course, PRAYER is the best way you can give. Our Corporal works of Mercy of the Church are there to be WORKED! We can do this. Always Catholic readers are the best, for sure! Loyal and kind, you always rise to the occasion.
  • Third, please go to vote in the Reader’s Choice Awards for 2012 and vote for both FatherZ and for Lisa Graas. Please click HEREto vote for Father John Zuhlsdorf for Best Catholic Blog on a daily basis. It can be a way of thanking Father for his hard work and for his kindness and generosity towards Lisa and her family. then click over HERE to vote daily for Lisa in the Best Catholic to Follow on Twitter Category. Lisa (@CatholicLisa) is now running second only to Pope Benedict in this category. Then….

Go to Christ and tell Him you love Him. He will be pleased even though He already knows because His Mother told Him so…


Please be sure to visit Father Zuhlsdorf’s Blog, What Does the Prayer Really Say? and George Vogt’s Blog, A Talking Donkey

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