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Rome, American Style

25 June 2015

Editor’s Note: Lately we are trying to stay out of the fray in the Church by posting prayers, homilies and authentic sources of Catholic Teaching. The divisiveness swirling around social media and even at some parishes has gotten to much to bear.
However,sometimes someone with courage comes forward to speak truth.

Whether or not you like Michael Voris is not the question. That shouldn’t even be a consideration when viewing videos from Is Voris truthful? Is he reporting and not just part of the pundit problem?

We are taking a bold move her and want to come out on the record as we support Michael Voris in his quest to shine the light on what Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI described as,”the filth in the Vatican”. If you don’t agree with him because you don’t like his personality or you think you are an orthodox Catholic and things are just fine, I guess you won’t be reading our blog anymore.

Things are NOT fine and even though we know the end of the story and that the Church prevails, sitting by thinking it’s okay to let evil flourish is wrong. Just plain wrong.

So here goes one of Voris’ toughest critiques of the situation in the Church today. Sadly, he is correct.

Whether you like it or not.

How do we solve a problem like Maria? (oops!) Dolan?

27 November 2010

A few months back I was watching one of my beloved movies from childhood, “The Sound of Music”. I loved the part when the nuns sing “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” Maria, of course, is the main character who is as much as a handful as you can get in a monastery full of strict nuns. Her personality, as the Mother Superior realizes, was made and loved by God Himself. It was that very personality that found her true vocation.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan seems to be a more complete version of Maria von Trapp. Where Maria leaves the Religious life to answer her true vocation, Archbishop Dolan clearly knows where his vocation is. However, Dolan is like Maria in one way…His personality is larger than life and full of joy.

Believe me this is not a bad thing. To the contrary, a loving, fun, exciting personality is a joyous thing in a vocation to the priesthood and Religious Life. Only one problem (spoken from experience) there is a time for joy and laughter but there is also a time for reverence and awe.

In the movie, Maria shows her true awe and reverence at her Nuptial Mass. Ironic, since she was already living the Religious Life and had access to the Mass everyday. It took just the right place in life for Maria to understand decorum , awe and reverence.

Now given that analogy, here is my opinion : (yeah I know that and $5 will buy you a cup of coffee) when this election took place EVERYBODY on the Catholic Blogosphere was
soooo excited and I published Lisa Graas piece because she was the most sensible.Her post follows my comments)

I like Archbishop Dolan BUT (and there always is a but) I was not impressed with the very,very informal way he handled himself in the sanctuary and at the Mass. I appreciate his demeanor and it is necessary to have people like him and many like ourselves with outgoing personalities to get this orthodox Catholic thing going…

But…in the sanctuary there are no room for personalities…I prefer the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass because the ONLY place a priests personality comes through is at the homily. He worships facing east with us as he offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and it is not about him… Well, enough ranting about that…

I was pleased that Bishop Kincanas didn’t get it (Deo Gratias) although I still had reservations about Archbishop Dolan. Now, we will see… I hope I don’t have to come back again soon and say I told you so.



Michael Voris and Me…On ‘What is Archbishop Dolan Thinking?’

by Lisa Graas
November 26, 2010

Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV (of which I am a premium subscriber) brings up a comment made by Archbishop Timothy Dolan on Fox and Friends. I was not tuning in to the show and so I am hearing about it now for the first time in the video excerpt Mr. Voris provides.

I have to agree with Mr. Voris on this one wholeheartedly. Failing to say that you believe Jesus is God because you’re afraid it will offend someone is inexcusable in that we cannot refrain from strongly objecting.

Read the rest here…

Lisa Graas is a pre-emminent Catholic blogger and we are so proud to have her here on ACBlog.Lisa’s Blog is
and is on Twitter @LisaGraas and on Facebook. Lisa also is a regular blogger at David Horowitz’s News Real Blog.

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