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The Best ” #WhyIStayCatholic ” Post

8 June 2015

Why I Am Catholic: The Faithful Traveler Edition

June 8, 2015 by Diana von Glahn

Last month, the Pew Research Center released a study that concluded that a lot of people have left and are leaving the Catholic Church. (You can read the study here.)

Since then, Catholics around the blogosphere have been writing about why they are and plan to stay Catholic. Elizabeth Scalia has been keeping track on Twitter, and she posts an awesome list here, which I’ve replicated below, and which grows every day.

I’ve hesitated writing my own #WhyIStayCatholic story, partly because I am busy, but also because I feel I don’t have the words to communicate it, and because I think, everyone has already said what I would say anyway.

Then I visited St Louis this weekend to hang out with my dear friend, Denise Bossert (you can read her #WhyIStayCatholic story here) and to scout out the Rome of the West for a possible The Faithful Traveler series. One thing I love about Denise, who–through the grace of God–has been in the Holy Land with me twice, is that we can experience the exact same thing and get two very different takeaways from it. I love how God makes us the same and yet different.

As I toured the amazing churches of the Archdiocese of St Louis and saw many amazing things, the answer slowly came to me. So, I present to you, my #WhyIStayCatholic story, in pictures.

1. Jesus


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