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Jersey Girl reflects on becoming a Packers Fan – Yes, the Catholic Faith is the reason!

18 January 2015


After many a senseless debacle for the Packers at the hands of referees, (who are neither experienced enough for the NFL or are rooting personally for a team) I decided that the pain I was feeling is the true pain of a Packer fan. My newly acquired (at that time) Green and Gold blood needed to remember why I love football so much.

This post is special to me and I hope you will read it for the first time or AGAIN and let me know if indeed I am just a silly Jersey Girl or I have grown up now since I made the big move to Wisconsin. Enjoy and please comment (yes, you can vent in the combox about the ridiculous scenario the NFL has gotten itself into with this officiating nonsense.)

Having been born and bred on the Jersey Shore there was never a question which football team one would root for. The NY Football Giants (as they are affectionately known by locals; not to be confused with the long-defunct NY Baseball Giants now residing in San Fran) were the first kids on the block with the Jets coming along later for the younger set.

My Dad took me to Yankee Stadium to see my first Giant game (nope, not telling the year!) and I was hooked by Big Blue.

Now, I must say there were many lean years of being a long-suffering Giant fan, but we were finally rewarded with Lawrence Taylor, Phil Sims and a Super Bowl. Four years ago, defeating the hated Patriots and Tom “I’m too good for myself” Brady in one of the most exciting Super Bowl game’s ever made me proud to have hung in there for so many years.

I do have a confession to make though… I have been a secret Green Bay Packers fan the whole time. Whenever the Giants played the Pack I would root unethusiastically for the Giants. My Dad, even though he was a de facto Giants fan always talked about the great Vince Lombardi and Lambeau Field. He loved the Packers so much that the one and only time he came with us to the beach (thank goodness it was only once!) he built us a sand castle rendition of Lambeau Field! Some Giants fan.

One fall day when we were raking leaves before kickoff time I asked my Dad why he loved the Packers if he was a Giant fan. He told me about Vince Lombardi, how humble the Packer organization is and in particular how great the people of Wisconsin are.

He told me he heard Lombardi interviewed once years ago when he was the Defensive Coach of the NY Giants (before becoming the Packer coach) and that Lombardi had said when he asked where he got his philosophy and strength. Lombardi said, “I derived my strength from daily Mass and Communion.”

That was it for my Dad and for me. He knew this was the guy and he would love the team that this guy worked for. So, Lombardi started out with the Giants (ahem) and then went to Green Bay and the rest is history. Please read a bio of Vince Lombardi and some of his inspiring quotes here: This is a webpage sponsored by the family of Vince Lombardi.

Interesting thing: Half of my family is buried in a Catholic cemetery in Middletown, NJ. Lombardi is buried there with his wife and other family even though he was from Brooklyn. When my Dad went to the cemetery to make his visits, he said he always had to stop and see his friend Vince. Until I wrote this post I never knew the “Vince” he spoke about was the great Lombardi. Now, I really get it.

Last year when the Packers marched to the Super Bowl I was truly happy. My Dad was still talking about the great Lombardi and Aaron Rodgers was a quarterback all of football found classy. I still rooted for the Giants but I was relieved when it was evident they weren’t going anywhere. I was free to root for the Pack! So this Jersey girl was a cheesehead in her last days living on the Jersey Shore.

Then, Divine Providence opened a door for me and I was moving to Wisconsin!!! Long story, saving that for another post! Anyway, here I was going to the land of the Packers, great cheese and cold! Well, it’s really a terrific place, everybody in America should visit WI…the people, well…here’s the post I’m reprinting and it will tell why the Packers are so beloved and why the Wisconsin people are so special…


“Maybe the Only Truly Romantic Thing Left in American Sports: The Green Bay Packers”

(This article was in The Desert News, the Salt Lake City newspaper.)

Seriously, America, what’s not to like about the Green Bay Packers? What’s not to like about a small-town team that is not only surviving, but thriving in the billion-dollar business of professional football?

There is nothing like them in professional sports. Think about what an oddity they are. Teams have come and gone in the NFL in a continuous game of musical chairs–the Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis, the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore, the Oakland Raiders to L.A. and back to Oakland, the Cardinals from Chicago to St. Louis to Phoenix, the Los Angeles Rams to St. Louis …

But the Packers have stayed in tiny Green Bay, Wisconsin, since their birth in 1919. America ‘s second biggest city, Los Angeles, with a population of 4 million, doesn’t even have a franchise, but Green Bay , with a population of 101,000, does. It’s like plunking down a team in the middle of Sandy , Utah . They are the smallest market in pro sports. Green Bay ‘s metro area–if you stretch the definition of “metro”–is 283,000. Buffalo, the next smallest in sports, has 1.1 million. New York City has 8.5 million in the city limits alone, 19 million in the metro area.

What’s not to like about a team that was dreamed up during a street-corner conversation one day? Curly Lambeau, a former Green Bay prep star and Notre Dame football player, hatched the idea and convinced his employer, the Indian Packing Company, to buy uniforms and provide a practice field. In turn, the team called itself the Packers. Lambeau was the team’s first star player (for 11 years) and its first coach (for 30 years) and–you’ve got to like this–he pioneered the forward pass in the NFL.

What’s not to like about the last small-town survivor of the National Football League? In the early ’20s, the fledgling NFL consisted almost entirely of small-town teams like Green Bay–the Decatur Staleys, Akron Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Muncie Flyers, Rochester Jeffersons, Rock Island Independents. But as the league turned fully to professionalism, those teams either folded or moved to big cities for bigger profits. Green Bay found a way to keep the Packers–the community bought them.

What’s not to like about a team that is owned by its fans? The Packers are the only publicly owned team in professional sports… There’s no Jerry Jones, George Steinbrenner, or Daniel Snyder in Green Bay . The other teams have one very rich, often reviled, owner; the Packers have 112,000 shareholders–or 112,000 Monday-morning quarterbacks who are legally entitled to kibbutz. They’ve rescued the team from financial hardship four times–in 1923, ’35, ’50 and ’97. Without them, the team simply would not exist.

What’s not to like about this team? Apparently, not much. Despite their small-town roots–or perhaps because of it–they have courted a world-wide following. According to a 2010 Harris poll, the Packers are still the third most popular team in the country, 40 years after their glory years. Someone once asked the late, former, NFL commissioner, Pete Rozelle, to name the best football city in America … “Green Bay,” he replied. “A small town. People owning their own football team. Rabid supporters.”

The Packers have one of the longest waiting lists for season tickets in pro sports, some 80,000 deep (Lambeau Field seats only 78,000). The average wait for season tickets is estimated to be 30 years, but if you added your name to the list now you probably wouldn’t get tickets in your lifetime. Packer fans are known to leave season tickets in their wills or to place newborn babies on the waiting list. Packer games have been sold out since 1960

“I’m a ‘green and gold’ season ticket holder and have some voting stock in the team,” explains Walt Mehr, a Utah resident who grew up in Eagle River, WI, just north of Green Bay. “It took me 23 years to get season tickets. We have a big shareholders meeting in July and vote. We were involved with remodeling of the stadium. As season-ticket holders, we had to put up money for that – $5,000. My tickets are in my will.”

It’s every fan’s dream–they get to help run the team… You’ve got to like that.

The rest of the post is at Kate the Right’s blog, “From the Right of Center”. Please click HERE

Oh boy, ONLY in Sheboygan! #TallestUSFlag

26 July 2014

Proud to live in Wisconsin!

Lately a handful of crazies have made the news in Wisconsin. That’s NOT what Wisconsin is like. We are a God-loving, hardworking, patriotic and fun loving people. Here is a story about the REAL Wisconsin. Check it out!


Standing 400 feet tall, the new Acuity Insurance Flagpole is the tallest flagpole in North America (#tallestUSflag). Located on the Acuity Insurance headquarters campus in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, along Interstate 43 between Milwaukee and Green Bay, the pole supports a 60-foot-wide by 120-foot-long American flag. Located at the base of the flagpole is a brick paver patio featuring the names of Sheboygan County residents killed in active duty from the Civil War to the present.

Flagpole Facts:

400-foot flagpole weighs approximately 420,000 pounds
There are two versions of the 60- by 120-foot flag:
– 220 pound flag is flown during normal conditions
– 350 pound flag is flown during harsher weather
Each star is 3 feet high and each stripe is 4 1/2 feet wide
680 cubic yards of concrete used in foundation
Over 500 gallons of paint cover the pole
11-foot diameter at base tapers to 5 1/2-foot diameter at top
Three pendulum-style tuned mass dampers reduce movement and vibration
Designed to withstand a low temperature of -42°F

For more videos, images, and information visit the Acuity Flagpole project page.

Thank you to Acuity Insurance proving corporations are made up of people…Patriotic and wonderful people. Thank you also to Milton Campbell who sent me the video. Milton loves our flag more than anyone I know and never fails to keep me abreast of stories about Old Glory. Deo gratias!

Meet Ben Yanke: An Extraordinary Young Man with a Truly Catholic Blog

20 February 2014

Posted by Ben Yanke at his blog,
From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Free EXORCISED Holy Water and Blessed Salt!

14_01_06_epiphany-1-300x225A few months ago, Fr Zuhlsdorf blessed and exorcised a whole load of holy water and blessed salt (about 30 gallons of holy water, 20-30 containers of kitchen salt), as he posted about here. Best of all, he used the special blessing and exorcism formula that is only used on epiphany. Yes, holy water is holy water, but these prayers have power. Exorcisms especially, have a great spiritual power, and I would really encourage you to read more at WDTPRS above about these exorcisms.

CLICK HERE for your free holy water and blessed salt

These things have POWER. Take advantage of them.

Ben YankeNow we have given you just a taste of Ben’s blog. It’s full of unique posts about things Catholic (Traditional and orthodox) and other interests of Ben, a very interesting young man who blogs from the great state of Wisconsin.

Now CLICK HERE for another of Ben’s very interesting and unique posts. Enjoy, we do! Hint: What do My Little Pony and the Mass have in common? Go there to read the answer!

@FatherZ is CORRECT! Father Heilman is a WAY COOL Priest

24 June 2013

24  June 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sofia Guerra

A week ago I had the honor and the privilege of meeting a very holy priest. This priest loves his vocation and shows it in every way. Father Rick Heilman from St Mary’s of Pine Bluff, WI is one of those priests who immediately draws you in with his boyish personality (that’s a big compliment, believe me) but don’t get me wrong, this is a very intelligent priest who “gets it”.

I attended a funeral at St. Mary’s for a nun who was friends with my dear friend Mary here in Wisconsin. Her husband Stanley (the funniest man ever!) accompanied us along with Sarah (@CatholicTeen). All of us agree that Father Heilman truly loves his vocation. It was the holiest and most reverent OF Funeral I have ever witnessed. Ever…

Father Heilman now offers all OF Masses Ad Orienten, thanks be to God. When he offered the prayers before and after the Consecration (the Eucharistic Prayers which I have a hard time saying for whatever reason) the whole Church was enraptured praying with him. I was, truthfully, moved to tears. Here was a witness of what our Benedict was trying to teach us with Summorum Pontificum. The EF WILL lift up the reverence of the OF. Those who pigeonhole the EF for Rad Trads, you don’t get it yet. The EF is the Mass which the Saints who were priests offered. Would you say to St Ignacio de Loyola that he wasn’t holy enough because he wore silk vestments, lace and plenty of incense? This is what I read on the Catholic blogosphere and it is ridiculous. Those traditionalists who went after Pope Francis on the EF, equally ridiculous.

Here comes Father Heilman, the type of priest who can calm the ridiculous. Thank you Lord. Here in Wisconsin…in the Diocese of Madison whose Bishop, His Excellency Robert Morlino is truly a shepherd and teacher. Bishop Morlino is truly a priest with a backbone. Truly committed to being a Bishop who loves Christ, His Church and His priests. How blessed are we!

Now, here is a piece from our Internet pastor, Father John Zuhlsdorf about Father Heilman. It is a VERY COOL POST about a VERY COOL PRIEST. Yup, cool and very very holy. Read on!

(Quick update before publishing! Father Heilman will be learning the EF Mass from ours truly, FatherZ! Will keep all posted as I go to St. Mary’s often to offer any help to this wonderful priest!)



posted by Father John Zuhlsdorf at his blog,
Father Z’x Blog (WDTPRS)
10 June 2013

Yes, this one got me a little excited.

In the past I have posted about a very cool priest, Fr. Richard Heilman, pastor of glorious Pine Bluff, WI. You may recall that he founded a group called the Knights of Divine Mercy and that some months ago he switched to celebrating Mass ad orientem exclusively.

Fr. Heilman just celebrated his 25th anniversary, btw!

When they hauled the versus populum altar out of the church and into the rectory, I posted this:

Months later, here is an update.

I went to a celebration at the parish for Father’s 25th anniversary. He wanted to show me what he did with that altar they hauled out of the church to the rectory.

As you step into the front door of the rectory, there is a small vestibule with three doors. To the center, you enter the house. I’ll get to the left in a moment.

To the right, you find this!  —>

The Blessed Sacrament is present with the permission of the local bishop.

He put clear appliques on the windows.

There are a couple chairs and kneelers.

“But Father! But Father!” you might be chirruping. ”What behind the door to the left!”

Father Heilman’s office.

But with a difference.

Click HERE to read the rest of the post. You will rejoice at the rest. Father Heilman gets it.

“God ALWAYS gives us what we need…”

27 April 2013

27 April 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sofia Guerra

I have been living in Wisconsin since May of 2011. I love it. I love the cold and the snow. Most people on the East and West Coast would complain and certainly those not used to the cold and snow. We went way over our average for snow this year but did not break the record. The farmers are happy since it will help ease the drought problem and that’s a good thing. It was however, a long winter this year extending into April up until yesterday.

Yes, yesterday. We actually had snow a couple of times that was enough to cover everything twice this month, freezing rain and way below average temperatures for April. Yesterday though, Spring said to Winter, “It’s my turn buddy, move over”.

Sarah (@CatholicTeen) on the lifeguard stand, Olbrich Beach on Lake Monona, Madison, WI

It was a gorgeous day, in the mid to upper 60’s (yes warm for here) with a beautiful sun, puffy clouds and just a bit of wind…well more than a bit of wind but we Wisconsinites call it a breeze. Finally, time for outside fun and fresh air!

I have been struggling lately with a spiritual dryness and sadness that I was allowing to really get to me. Normally if I have a bout with spiritual dryness Jesus fixes it (with my help-ha ha) right away. This time no way. It was accompanied by a deep sadness which was leading me to just put my head down on my desk and cry. I spoke with my spiritual director/confessor and he welcomed me into the real life of someone striving for holiness. He gave me great advice but for some reason when I tried, it made it worse. Then, as always in my life, Divine Providence prevails.

I reached out to my friend Lisa Graas and filled her Twitter DM box with tons of messages. I knew she could help me. I felt it in my gut. She did. She read my messages and gave me some honest, simple words of encouragement. She pledged her prayers (which would have been enough, believe me) but then she simply told me to take some time off and assured me she understood what I was going through was hard but she kept thinking about Pope John Paul II saying…”Be not afraid…” A final message was to get outside as she does with her children on a regular basis. Boy is she smart. Lisa has a wisdom which only is given to those who embrace the Cross. Bless her Passionist little heart! I love you Lisa Graas! Mille grazie mia sorella!

A young Wisconsin couple in love enjoying the lifeguard stand and the view on a Friday

So as I got up early yesterday to the sound of a chorus of chubby, noisy little birds… and sun! Sarah and myself packed a picnic, found a park near the lake and called Olbrich Beach, (yes a beach!) and down the street was Olbrich Botanical Gardens. A double find! The

"The walking path at Olbrich Botanical Gardens with the very beginning of the flowering plants"

botanical gardens has been selected as one of the top ten most inspiring gardens in country by Horticulture magazine. Who knew? the trip was short-4.1 miles and since it was a Friday and early, no traffic. Pretty much almost around the corner from where we live.

When we got there our mouths dropped open! Lake Monona with a little beach and a grassy park area with tennis, basketball, beach volleyball and much more open to the public. On our way to the beach park we passed the Botanical Gardens only a few blocks away so we decided to check that out after the day at the beach.

What I can tell you that it was just what I needed. God knew that so He gave me what I needed because I was willing to meet Him halfway. I stopped crying and wondering why and simply prayed and went outside to enjoy His Creation. He gives us everything we need as long as we are willing to believe it and to act upon His Will. How much do I love Him? Infinitely.

"Our new friend Teri, Sarah and &Texan"

What extra gift does He ALWAYS give me when I listen to Him? I always, without exception meet a person along the way which He wants me to meet. Yesterday was no exception. He sent Teri, a woman with the sparkling eyes of a child, the smile of an angel, a mind sharp as a tack and a soul she gives to God in gratitude. And if that wasn’t enough she came along with “Texan” a loveable labrador/poodle mix

Teri calls Texan the "ChocoDoodle"

with the personality we all want in a dog. almost always the person I am supposed to meet comes along with a dog. I haven’t figured out why yet but perhaps those who understand why God gives us stewardship over animals really understand the intricacies of God’s love for His Creation – all of it!

Sarah and I will be at Olbrich Beach now weekly and we will walk the outside gardens at Olbrich Botanical Gardens because it’s all part of His outside perfection. We will also be there because of Teri. Our time with her was so special, it had to be something “touched by an angel” or a wink from God Himself. Our time with Teri touched Sarah and myself in a way that can only give oneself hope. The kind of hope which Jesus gives us in His complete act of love on the Cross.

My self-inflicted misery of spiritual dryness was a self-centered act, I realize that now. All it took was leaving the house and not staying on the hamster wheel, frustrated that it never stops. Resting in God’s Creation and taking the time to “Be not afraid” and to offer a prayer of Thanksgiving for His love.

End of the day at Olbrich Beach, Lake Monona, Madison, WIBy the way, I am still on vacation. Sarah will be continuing to post articles and will be on Twitter and FB as I need a little more time off. Lisa Graas is always right when I don’t know the answer. She makes a heck of a spiritual director my spiritual director says because she knows it’s all about the Cross and all about Jesus…

God love you,


PS See you Teri next week and let Texan know we put the Charlee Bear treats in the car already!

Here’s a photo gallery of our day out: (Sorry about the duplication of photos, trying to learn WordPress all the time!

For those who would like to see and read more about Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin please click HERE

#Wisconsin: Man Threatens to Kill Woman After She Refuses Abortion via LifeNews

7 March 2013

by Sarah Terzo | Madison, WI |

A man has been charged with stalking his pregnant ex-partner and threatening to kill her and the baby.

Authorities say 46 year old True Xiong found out that the woman was pregnant in July. He insisted she undergo an abortion, and she refused.

In the following months, Xiong continued to threaten and stalk the woman. He called her two or three times a day, harassing her with threats and commands to abort. Xiong is married to another woman, and this may relate to his desire to see the child killed.


For the rest of the post please visit by clicking HERE

It’s Ryan! Wisconsin’s got it going on!

11 August 2012

August 11, 2012

Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) is Governor Mitt Romney’s choice for VP. Today Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard will be having the celebration party to end all parties inside the Beltway. Here in Wisconsin we will celebrating at the Wisconsin State Fair eating cheese curds and cream puffs and celebrating our local guy making good!

Here in Wisconsin it’s all about character. coming from NJ this is something that is sometimes a hard thing to find. Paul Ryan has character. He is a True Catholic not a “Catholic In Name Only” (CINO) like many of the so-called “Catholic” politicians in Washington. He’s solidly Pro-Life and today here at ACBlog we officially are supporting Romney/Ryan 2012.

The addition of Ryan will give credibility to this ticket. Now, Mr. Obama, bring on that Chicago machine cuz Mr Ryan is packing his bags to move to the Naval Observatory as Veep and Governor Romney to 16th and Pennsylvania NW!

Paul Ryan: ‘Together, we will unite America and get this done’
Romney running mate speaks aboard the USS Wisconsin

The “Silent Majority” Finally Gets Loud

21 January 2012

Thousands Rally To Support Gov. Walker Amid Recall Fight

from Tammy our friend at AlwaysCatholicBlog (@tamale102280 on Twitter) pics and the WISN link to a video from the Rally. Tammy’s the one right in front with the purple hat and BEAUTIFUL multi-colored woven scarf (handmade by her) in front…check it out!

Pics from the super successful turnout! 3,000 PLUS!

Former Governor Tommy Thompson, Lt.Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, Citizens of the great state of Wisconsin and Tammy, our buddy on the scene… Thanks Tammy for fighting the good fight and for the pics from this call to action for our Guv! BTW, you look great on the WISN vid…Go gurl!

Young Wisconsin Catholics Cheer Bishop Morlino for Welcoming Orthodox Priests

25 June 2010

Bishop Morlino: One of the most outspoken advocates for unborn among the U.S. Catholic hierarchy

By Kathleen Gilbert

MADISON, Wisconsin, June 23, 2010 ( – Catholics in the diocese of Madison, WI are hitting back at negative media coverage of their bishop after he welcomed priests with the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest, a group renowned for their traditionalist liturgy and fidelity to orthodox Catholic teaching. Supporters note that, contrary to the picture painted by dissenting voices in the media, Morlino’s focus on orthodoxy is increasingly popular with Catholic youth – even in the liberal stronghold of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Madison Bishop Robert Morlino, one of the most outspoken advocates for the unborn among the U.S. Catholic hierarchy, has defended the priests against criticism that the move represented a “step backward” and that the priests’ approach is, in the words of one parishioner, “quite different than we have become accustomed to.” Morlino heard parishioners from St. Mary’s Parish in Platteville at an occasionally-heated meeting on Monday.

Despite media coverage focusing on dissenting voices, many were eager to voice support for their bishop – especially among pro-life Catholics.

Peggy Hamill, director of Pro-Life Wisconsin (PLW), indicated that Morlino’s fidelity to Catholic orthodoxy matched his reputation as “a man of integrity, and consistency.”

“Pro-life Wisconsin knows him to have a deep respect for the sacredness of human life which he expects his priests to reflect,” said Hamill. “Bishop Morlino’s selection of new priests for the diocese of Madison is simply consistent with his fostering appreciation for the sacred.”

PLW board member Greg Wagner agreed that “there’s lots of positive” in the diocese’s reaction to Morlino, despite the consistently negative news coverage.

Morlino has been subject to scathing criticism for his adherence to orthodox Catholicism in the past: he met with a strident outcry from liberal Catholics after sacking a pastoral associate who refused to recant her thesis questioning the masculinity of God as well as the authority of male Church hierarchy.

“There’s quite a bit of support here in the Madison diocese, it certainly isn’t all negative,” said Wagner.

In addition, Wagner pointed to the “just phenomenal” Catholic spiritual life at the University of Wisconsin Madison’s St. Paul University Catholic Center, saying that the “youth are getting behind Bishop Morlino.” More…

Thanks to for such an encouraging story in times of relentless attacks on the Faith and the Church.

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